Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Too lazy to post from my computer so......

I think I may have found a decent way to update my blog from my phone and my iPad which would be great. I spend so much time on the computer with work that when I'm not working it's nice to still do things without being trapped at the computer.
Summer is here, but the weather is still deciding what to do most days. You usually know when it's my day off because it rains!
The kids are starting to get excited for school. Sebastian starts at the middle high school. We went to the orientation there and it's a huge school. I could probably fit every school I ever went to inside it. I tend to get lost easily so here's to hoping Sebastian has a better sense of direction and finds his way around.
Clara is excited for preschool. She went for a few months at the end of the year and really enjoyed it, so she's going back for the full year. It should be great preparation for kindergarten.
Work is keeping me incredibly busy but I really do enjoy the job which makes the day go by real quick. I'm not on the phones as much now because I do chat support and it's pretty fast paced. I like the people I work with too, which is always a plus!
Well, here's to hoping for a successful post!