Monday, January 24, 2011

First post of the year!

I really did intend on posting long before now, I swear! But hey, it's STILL January, right?

We survived the holidays. The kids had a great time and Santa was good to everyone. I was really relieved to get rid of the tree and take the decorations down though. After a while, it all just sort of drives me crazy.

Unfortunately, when school started back up after the holiday break, I found myself in my last required math class. I have somewhat of a hard time in algebra so it's taking a big time investment to make sure I keep my head above water grade-wise. Two more weeks of this class. After this class, I'll have two more classes to complete and then I'll be done.

I'm going to start applying for scholarships. I'd really like to continue on and get my MBA but I already have a monstrous student loan debt that I have to pay back. Adding to that is just not something I can do. However, I am a good student with a 3.9 GPA, and I'm hoping that will help me gain a scholarship that will allow me to finish what I set out to do.

I've also been working on reorganizing things around the house to try to restore order to what has slowly turned into chaos. I've gotten rid of a lot of things I don't use anymore, given away a lot of clothes I don't wear etc and slowly it's beginning to pay off. Hopefully more organization will lead to a more productive year! It's already allowed me to set up an area for sewing. I can't wait to get back into sewing...I've not had a chance to sew since before we moved from New Jersey.

There are only 335 days until Christmas. I know. You probably went back and read that twice, convinced that I'm losing my mind, right? But in reality, this means that it's time to start thinking about things to knit for gifts. I really didn't make time last year to knit. School kept me busy, Clara kept me running, and I'll admit that sometimes when I sit down to knit or read, I feel guilty, like I should be doing something else. This year I'm going to make a point to knit more. I enjoy it, it relaxes me, and I love to see the end result of the time and work I put into something. I think though, I'm going to start out by focusing on some of the unfinished projects I have sitting around, and decide to either finish them or frog them, before moving on to something new. I'm not sure why, but running across some of these projects has kind of brought back the original motivation I felt when I started them. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to pick them up and figure out where I was without much confusion.

I hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start. I'm off to cuddle my daughter, who is a bit under the weather due to a fever! Bleh!