Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's almost that time!

The tree is up, the kids are on winter break (including me!), the gifts are wrapped (well, most of them) and the big day is fast approaching. Clara seems to understand that Santa is coming, but seems to be under the impression that he is stopping by so we can give HIM gifts and cookies.

We spent Sunday night decorating the cookies. I made sugar cookies shaped like angels, trees, stars, snowflakes and snowmen along with assorted gingerbread cookies. The gingerbread cookies are Clara's favorites. She doesn't eat them though, she moved them into her dollhouse to live with Barbie and her Weebles. Things were going great until the dog ate them as a snack, and then Clara had a meltdown. Fortunately there are plenty left so I'm sure a new gingerbread family will move in soon.

I finally finished my marketing class. I like marketing but did not care for this class. Most of my issues were with the team we had. It was the largest team I've been in so far. Two team members were gals I'd grouped with my entire program...we always request each other. The other people were awful...they never read the team forum, never signed up for portions until the last minute and always turned their portions in late. Ugh. Unfortunately it was the last class I am to have with my friends but on the other hand the class itself was a miserable experience. Now I'm on winter break, and then I have to take another algebra class. FML.

Hope to update again before the holidays arrive but just in case I can't, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

What Clara Wants for Christmas....

So overnight, Clara figured out the whole concept of toys and Christmas. For a month now, I've been going out of my mind with every toy commercial that comes on TV because of course, Clara wants it. I tried telling her to ask Santa, but doing that for every commercial gets a little old.

There is a bit of humor in the whole thing though. And that is that someday I'll be able to show this video to her boyfriends and even her children. So Target has a toy garbage truck called Stinky. It talks, it eats cars, it makes disgusting noises...and Clara is over the moon over this thing. So keep in mind that in this video, she really is trying to say that she wants a "Stinky Truck".

Not a Stinky F*ck.