Sunday, November 21, 2010

Preparing for a busy week...

I'm always looking for new ways to post on my blog- especially if it means that I don't have to be at my computer or even at home to do it. So be patient with me, as this post is being done via BlogPress. It's going to take a few posts before I work everything out, I think!

As promised in my last post, I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of my recent knitting projects. It may not seem very impressive since it's been a long time since I last posted knitting pics, but then again it's only been in the last month or so that I've even had time to knit.

The first pair is my new favorite pair. I just have to close up the toes on the second sock and they're good to go. They are going to look great in my clear Converse or in my clogs. I originally planned on gifting these but I'm not sure that the person I had planned on giving them to would really enjoy having such a violent color scheme on their feet. So, I'm keeping them. Bummer!

This second pic is of the sock that I'm currently working on. Well, when I have time to, anyway. It's a really simple lace pattern that I think would be great for solid and pattern colored yarn. I wish the picture came out better, but it really does look nice. It's also a quick knit with a pattern that is easy to remember. Wanna give them a shot? You can find the pattern right here!! I'll update with new pictures as I make progress.

I officially finished all of the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I think, anyway. I was kind of nervous about getting it finished up because the major grocery stores around here are not doing well in their union contract negotiations and it's looking like there's going to be a strike. And, since we're expecting family from NJ in this week to spend the holiday with us, it would kinda suck to have to take them to IHOP for dinner. :)

Along with Thanksgiving and family, I have two big assignments due in my class. I'm in Marketing right now, and not only do I have an individual paper, but a team assignment as well. I was kind of hoping that there would be a lighter week due to the holiday and all but this class turns out to have a really heavy workload.

After this class though, I'll only need to take 3 more classes and I'll be done. Assuming I pass algebra!!

I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful holiday with family and loved ones!

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