Sunday, November 14, 2010

I don't know why it is....

But I take a good amount of pictures of my daughter when she's asleep. Maybe because it's such a rare experience, witnessing her sleeping and enjoying the silence that comes with a nap. She sleeps like an angel though.
So Christmas is coming. Who's ready? I never am. I live most of the year in total denial that it's even coming until the very last month and then I have a heart attack. December is REALLY nuts because Phil's mom has a birthday on the 5th, Phil's is on the 6th, and Sebastian's is on the 10th. That's okay. There are a bunch of us born in March and April to get revenge.
I have no knitted items to give as gifts this year. In fact I've hardly knit a thing this year until the past month or so, and even then it's just been socks on the needles. Really great socks though-a pair of violently bright rainbow socks that are going to look absolutely awesome in my clear Converse and a more mellow colored pair of lace socks that I just started with a really simple pattern to follow but really great lace pattern that I think will be great for both solid and patterned socks. I'll update later in the week with a new post and pictures after I have more done on the lace sock so the pattern is more visible.
We're getting ready for a Thanksgiving visit from Phil's parents from New Jersey in less than 2 weeks. I already have a honker of a turkey stashed away on the big freezer and I've picked up a few odds and ends for dinner. In our area most of the big grocery stores have recently authorized a strike with overwhelming numbers. If they can't reach an agreement, we're going to be pretty limited as to where we can pick up what we need so I've made a plan to be prepared. The last time the grocery stores went on strike they were out for almost three months so without an agreement this could even carry through the New Year!
I'm off to make my list. Have a great week, everyone!

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