Sunday, August 09, 2009

Busy doing nothing!

I've been really busy lately, but when I think back to make a list of all of the things I've done, it really doesn't seem like I've been up to much of anything!

Summer is in full swing around here. We had a major heat wave and beat heat records for our area. Let me just say that sometimes beating records is cool. This was NOT cool. We baked. I think that it reached 120 degrees in the house at some points, and there was not an air conditioner to be found on this side of the mountains. We did a lot of barbecuing so we didn't have the oven on, and spent a bit of time in the pool with the kids to keep everyone cool. Clara loves the pool-enjoys kicking, splashing and being hauled around in her floater. It was nice to have the pool during those days because a hot family is a cranky family.

My Dad got married a couple weeks ago. Finally! I wasn't sure that I would ever see that day come but sure enough, it did. It was a nice ceremony and everything went well. The rest of the pictures from this entry are from the of Phil, the kids and I and the happy couple after their ceremony. They really couldn't have asked for better weather to have was beautiful out!

I probably didn't do myself a favor by wearing a sweater-type dress with the weather the way it was, but I had absolutely nothing to wear that fit because of all of the weight I've dropped recently. It seemed like a good idea the day I bought it, especially since it was really the only one within my cheap budget that I liked. It seems like all of the dresses out now have the high empire waists that I really don't like-they remind me of maternity clothes, which I have donated to charity and will be very happy to not ever see again.

I got my grade today from my most recent class and got an A. A is anything over 94 and I got a 96.65, so I squeaked by. Honestly I was expecting an A- but I'm totally relieved it worked out the way it did. I'm trying to keep my grade point up as high as I can so later on, when I get crappy grades in math it doesn't TOTALLY ruin my average. You see, this is all about planning ahead.

I ended up having to get 3 stitches the week before last due to my lousy knife handling skills. It turns out that I will never be Julia Childs in the kitchen. That's what I get for being careless with a knife that Phil is so good about sharpening on a regular basis. Fortunately, I'm literally right down the road from the walk in clinic, and even better, there was no one in line before me as the clinic was getting ready to close when I arrived. And, it turns out that there were 8 other idiots before me that day who decided to cut themselves and get stitches, so I wasn't alone, heh.

Clara is about to turn 16 months old. She is a doll. She is a bubbly beam of personality, always into some sort of mischief, and is smart as a whip. She's talking up a storm, terrified of the doctors office regardless of whose turn it is to visit, loves her books, and is the sole reason we have to avoid any aisle in any store that has balls. Soccer balls, bouncy balls, baseballs, basketballs, if it's round and bounces or rolls she pitches a fit for it. Her favorite game is "This little piggy" and she's getting the hang of "Ring around the Rosie" as well. Her favorite person is no longer me, it's her Daddy. When he's home the poor man does not get a minute of peace from her as she will follow him around, grab him by the hand and drag him off to her room to play, and scream her head off when he goes to bed.

She also loves her big brother. I am still amazed at how well Sebastian has stepped into the big brother role. He adores Clara, and is attentive to her and seems to actually enjoy playing with her. He's actually kind of like a little mother hen with her, and despite the age difference, they already manage to get into big trouble together.

Sebastian is enjoying his summer vacation while it lasts. School is set to start soon and we're working on getting all of his multiplication tables memorized before he goes back. We already picked out his backpack for school--this is the most important thing to him, and we had to get him one while the good ones were still there and before everyone came in and bought them all! He loves the backpacks that have wheels and handles on them so we had to search for one but managed to get the "perfect" one. Hey, I remember the days when I'd hunt high and low for the perfect bag but back then it was when the Esprit bags were huge and I had to have the pink one. This will be his last year in elementary school and then he'll be off to start middle school. I can't believe that I'm going to be old enough to have a kid in middle school. How did that happen?

Well, I'm off. Clara is teething. Like, 6 teeth at once. She's going to have some Tylenol and I'm going to search for something for me with alcohol in it. Okay, scratch the alcohol, I'd just settle for some sleep! :)

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