Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So tired!

See this picture of my lovely daughter? I kind of feel like that, this week. Only without the macaroni stuck in my hair. I don't know why, really. I think it's just a little bit of everything stacked up on top of itself and there's just not enough coffee to keep me going! What I really need is about ten more hours in the day. There's just not enough time for me to get all my reading for the week done, get my ChaCha goals met, and keep up with the kids and the house. It's just totally an off week, for me. You know it's an off week when I text my husband and tell him we're having fast food for dinner because I'm not going to have time to get out of the house today...and for the most part, fast food is a pretty rare thing for us to do...but Sebastian is going to do the happy dance for sure!

Tomorrow though, is Clara's 15 month birthday. I can't believe it's been 15 months already, but then there's another part of me that can't remember what it was like before I had two kids. She's just rounded out my world perfectly. And she's a completely different experience than Sebastian was at his age. He was almost born cautious...was not much of an adventure baby. Probably more like me than Phil. Clara on the other hand, is the exact opposite. If it can be climbed, she has attempted it. Crawled into? Oh, we've done that. Jumped from? She's tried that as well. I come close to having a heart attack approximately 5 times per day due to her adventurous nature.

She's started hitting. Hitting me, hitting the dog, hitting other children when they piss her off by taking her toys...pretty much anyone who gets in her way of having a good time. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. Raising my voice to her when she does this is not accomplishing anything but amusing her. The word "NO" apparently means to smile or laugh and do it again. I'm really hoping this is a phase but I'd really like to nip it in the bud now, because I have friends with kids who are much older who hit, and it's just not acceptable to me. When Sebastian did this, I yelled "no" at him and gently smacked his hand once, and that was the last time he ever did it. However, when I tried this with Clara, she thought this was funny, so it's not going to be a tactic to use for her either, because I think that instead of discouraging the behavior, she interprets it as a green light.

She will eat anything I put in front of her. How cool is that! Sebastian was the same way. Now though, he has started being picky about what he eats. Things he has eaten his entire life are now yucky. If it's not pasta, pizza or hot dogs, he will sit at the table staring at his food, willing it to walk away from his plate. How does this happen? For ten years, he loved everything. Just in the past three months, that's all changed.

Hrm. It appears that my distraction from my school reading has turned into a rant about my children! Hah. I suppose I better get back to it.

Have a good day, everyone.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Grades are in!


Yay for an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice way to start the weekend!!!

Happy 4th of July!

Ahh, what a week it's been. My finals for my last block in school were due on Monday, and I got them in. Never mind the fact that I waited until the very last day to write one of them. I just had a really hard time deciding what to write about, and while writing is something that is usually easy for me to do, sometimes I have projects that I have to think about for a couple days before I actually sit down to write. I haven't gotten my grades back but I think I should do well. As long as my class grade doesn't go below a 94 I'll be set for an 'A'. If I go below that then it means I've done something really really bad. Fingers crossed! My GPA is sitting at a 3.82 right now, and it would be higher except for this dreadful nasty thing called...algebra. So, I'm trying to keep my grades high to bring my GPA back up to make up for the C+ I got in algebra. And I should be able to do it...just in time for my next algebra class in December. Sigh. Oh, and I know it's silly for me to worry about my GPA. I totally know that when I go to apply for a job, they're not likely to ask what my GPA was. And thankfully, there's almost no chance that they will ask me what I got in algebra. It's just a personal goal for me. I figure if I'm going to go back to school, then I want to do the best I can. And it hopefully will pay off in some way, particularly now when I'm having a harder time paying the tuition that my loans won't cover, maybe someone will actually give me a scholarship if I maintain my grades.

I finished those finals on Monday and Tuesday I immediately began my next block. This is the same day I came down with some funky stomach crap that my son gave me. Is it wrong that sometimes I think he's trying to kill me? I seriously felt like someone had run me over with a big truck. And then backed over me, and ran me over again. Like 5 times. Fortunately it was only a 24 hour thing, because it SUCKED!!
In very happy news, my Blog is officially updated. I am so happy with it. I could have never done this myself. I just don't have the know how to...trust me, I wish I did. However, just by sheer luck I stumbled upon Louise's blog, and even though I gave her very basic information about what I wanted, it was like she crawled into my mind and read my imagination because I couldn't have done a better job, even if I had the abilities she does. It's so...me. I then went and registered my blog name as a domain, so if you are hitting this site through the lorrix.blogspot.com address, please update your bookmark to reflect the new address, which is http://www.MidolAddictedKnitting.com because if anything, it will be easier to remember!

Clara will be turning 15 months old, this month. I can't believe it. She's such a character! She walked for a short period of time and then immediately went to running. She's outgoing, will wave and smile at anyone, and is very bold-if it can be climbed, she will climb it. If it can be crawled into, she'll get in there. She knows quite clearly what she can and cannot touch. She prefers to touch the things she's not supposed to touch, because it's so much more fun. Her favorite toy is a ball, and we can't go through any toy isle with a ball in it without her having a fit over it. And she LOVES loves LOVES her books! She's coming up with quite a vocabulary too, these days, but her favorite word seems to be "sip" and her favorite phrase is "what's that?" She's a smart little cookie, and never ceases to amaze me!

Well I'm off to the neverending circle of school work, ChaCha, laundry and trying to keep up with the mound of toys littered across my living room floor that, no matter how many times I try to clean it up, seems to only multiply.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!