Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They say the bright thing in the sky is the sun...

We've already had some killer weather here! We even have the pool set up already...and school isn't even out for the kids, yet! Of course, now that I've said that, we'll be hit by torrential rain and thunderstorms for the next week.

Sebastian started soccer camp this week-it's at the high school at the stadium and there are just gobs of kids running around on the field, and there he is, towering well above everyone else. I think he's going to be super tall-he's ten years old and just a few inches shorter than I am, already. At least he's easy to spot on the field! :)

Clara is getting big, too. Of course, she probably doesn't look very big, but she sure seems big to me! She's gone from walking to running and she's already fiercely independent and knows exactly what she wants. Something tells me I'm already in trouble!

Phil's back to work, he's working 4 day work weeks right now with Wednesdays off. It's kind of a nice break in the week to have Wednesday off and I think he kind of likes it too because it gives him a day home with the kids. Today we had Clara in her sandbox, then blew up her little baby pool....which Phil filled with WARM water for her, hehe. She spent a good hour in it too, waterlogging her diaper until it got so big it just busted off of her, and then spent the rest of the time diaper-free, splashing around and tossing her toys around. Needless to say I picked up a bag of the little swimmer's diapers when I was out, today.

In my third block of this current program and I like most everything about it except for the learning team part of it, which is 30 percent of my grade. Basically we're divided up into learning teams and do projects together- papers, powerpoint projects, etc. But, if someone in my team doesn't do their portion of the work, the rest of the team is required to make up for their work. It's just frustrating that I'm the one who is paying for my education, and I shouldn't be dependent on someone else to do their work in order to maintain my high GPA. Pretty lame, actually.

Anyway, I'm off. It smells like the burgers are going to be done soon. Phil and Sebastian are outside flipping burgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, and I'm starving!

Cheers, everyone!

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