Monday, June 15, 2009

Homework Avoidance

I have a big paper that's due today on evaluating the planning function of management. I've done all of my research for it, but that's all I've done so far. I should be writing it right now, but I just can't seem to get my brain there yet.

I changed my schedule at school again. I originally planned to take a month off after my current block to take a break and hang with the kids, but then I decided against it and called my advisor to change it back. Part of me really wants a break, but then there's the other part of me that knows that it would put me a month behind. That and I know that I'm only allowed to take a certain amount of time off during the academic year and knock on wood, should I take that time off and then suddenly find myself in a position where I would really NEED that time off, I'd be in deep dog doo.

So there will be no one month period of bliss where my house is clean and I'll have time to knit without worrying about an assignment that's due. Maybe in a few years, but definitely not right now.

We took the kids to the petting farm at Forest Park this weekend. Sebastian was not excited about this at all. Apparently he is already at the age where there are just some things that are NOT cool to do. Which seems to be everything that involves hanging with mom and dad, anymore. However, I'm pretty sure that he enjoyed himself.

The goats were the big hit. They were such sweet little things, I almost decided that I needed to have one. Then I realized that I needed a farm, first. Then I remembered that if someday, I were fortunate enough to have a farm, that I'd be getting fiber yielding critters before I'd get a goat. But they were adorable! And Clara had the time of her life. To her, these guys were like over sized cats that didn't run away from her. We saw the chicks, looked for the baby pigs (who were asleep in their barn) and pet some bunnies, too. The weather was actually perfect for it-not too hot and not too cool-just right. It was a nice little outing that I'd like to make a part of our summer routine. That is, as long as Sebastian is willing to be seen in public with us...

In other exciting news, I am now officially 9 pounds away from my goal weight. A lot of women have their babies and instantly jump into superwoman action as they work to get into shape. For me though, it was different because I was exclusively breast feeding Clara, and felt that jumping into losing my baby weight would interfere with my ability to provide her with the nutrition she needed. Now though, she's over a year old (14 months today!) and while she still likes to nurse, she is also eating everything we put in front of her. So now I feel okay about getting myself back into shape...and I've done really well. It's amazing what can be done by just being aware of my diet.

I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and now use Splenda. If I drink soda, it's diet soda. I have finally gotten my car trained to not automatically stop at every Starbucks that I pass. (Turns out that the 600 calories and 96 carbs in my favorite frappuccino don't look so good on my ass) and I've drastically reduced the amount of carbs I take in each day, which is not easy to do when I live off of pasta and bread. I still eat all of the time, I'm just more concious of what I'm eating.

I picked up the new EA exercise game for the Wii, which I didn't think would be very effective until the morning after my second workout when I was laying in bed wondering what ran me over in my sleep. Ouch. The bummer is that it's really hard to find the time to do it, because if I were to workout while Clara was awake I'd probably run her over. And, I usually reserve her nap times for getting school work done. Any time I can squeeze it in though, it's good.

This is the last week of school for Sebastian. The last day of school is Wednesday, but I think I'm going to be wanting to drop him back off at school by Friday, hehe.

Well, I really have to get that paper written now. Thanks for being my Homework Avoidance accomplices!

Here's to a good week!



Free Blog Makeovers by Louise said...

Awwwwww tose goats look so sweet - I always thought goats were grumpy....all the ones I ever saw were. Maybe its just British goats LOL

Nicole said...

They were super sweet-and gentle...they just followed my daughter around and stood there while she attempted to poke their eyeballs out. She'd lay on them and they actually enjoyed it. They clearly enjoyed being scratched, too.

They've clearly been raised so far with a lot of attention by a lot of different people!