Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm in a real funk, today.

First of all, I went to Target today in hopes of replacing my well loved (but torn to shit) sock monkey slippers. Not only did they NOT have the slippers, but it looks like they're having a "how ugly can our slippers possibly be" contest. I guess I just picked the wrong time to go looking for slippers. I'm possibly the only person that likes to wear slippers regardless of what season it is. Bugger.

Then, I'm tired today. Not just physically tired, but tired like my brain hurts tired. My plans of sleeping in this morning were dashed when the dog decided he needed to totally break his normal schedule and have to go out at 7:30 am. Rat bastard.

And maybe part of the reason I'm drained is the fact that I'm naive and stupid about people. Especially those I go out on a limb for, try to help, protect and guide, who then lie about me, put words in my mouth, lie to me when confronted, and then tell someone it was because they don't like being confronted.

Here's my thing. If you're going to open your mouth and say something, then you should be prepared and have the ability to stand by what you say. If you can't do this, then you're going to be confronted, particularly when I'm not going to put up with it. I'm not the person I was 15 years ago...then I would have thought "ahh, they're going through a tough time, they're vulnerable, they're over emotional, they're not really thinking straight...." and maybe let it slide.

Now though, I don't put up with it. See, I have my daily limit of drama intake, and that's pretty much limited to the one hour I get from watching Days of our Lives. There are no excuses for manipulating and lying to and about someone whose had your back.

I just don't get it, and I find the whole thing incredibly disappointing, surprising and kind of alarming. I suppose I should just know better.

In other news, I've tried three times to clean the toys up from the living room floor today. Clara's new trick is to follow me around and un-do everything I do. Toy goes into the toy box, she pulls three out. Toys go into her room, she drags the whole box out. Sometimes I feel like a goldfish that's swimming in circles with this girl!

First day of summer vacation for Sebastian, and we have pretty crappy weather. I guess it could be worse, I mean, it's not raining...but the sun failed to make an appearance which does not help my case when I try to convince him to go out and get some fresh air and play. When I was a kid, I would get up in the morning, head out to play, come home long enough for lunch, and head back out to play until my mom came outside and screamed for us to come in. He has no interest in this at all. Not that I'm wanting him to leave in the morning and stay gone all day, but some exercise, fort building, adventure having fun isn't too much to expect for him, I don't think?

Well, I'm off. Have school work to do and maybe a nap somewhere in there. Have a great day!

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