Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well that's a very cool thing. I'm almost wondering if there's anything I can't do with this thing!
So it's been a crazy few months. Phil was laid off in February and just started back today. Yay for a crappy economy! It's been very frustrating but what is even worse is that out of all of our friends, he is once again the only one who is employed. Pretty lame, eh?

I finished my associates in March. It was a great feeling to get the diploma in the mail. I immediately began work on my BS and I am finding this to be more difficult this time around with Clara a bit older, busier and needing Mom all of the time. Should be a very interesting process!

Clara is now 1. I just can't believe it! She's walking, talking, getting in to everything and is quite stubborn! She's such a beautiful girl and makes me laugh every day!

I'm keeping this update short as I'm behind in some of the things I need to get done today but I'm very happy to have figured the mobile blogging out! Go me!
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Test post

Testing to see if I can create a post with pics from my Blackberry!
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