Friday, January 09, 2009

I love you, coffee!

Last week I came down with a pretty nasty sinus infection that also turned into a lovely case of bronchitis. It's that time of the year where I usually catch something like this. It's a pain but really it's nothing that some antibiotics and a crap load of Kleenex doesn't fix. To be honest, I'm still going through a ton of Kleenex but at least I'm feeling a bit better. Anyway, Clara managed to get sick as well, and somehow in the midst of this, our sleeping schedule managed to get screwed up. This means that last night, she slept from about 11 pm until about 3 am, which I think to her was just a nice long nap. So, we've been up since then, got to wave bye bye to Daddy as he headed out to work at 4:30, and we're going to have a rough day of resetting her, limiting her to a couple minimal naps and hoping that it's enough to get her back on track. With any luck, Phil will have a reasonable day time-wise, so I can take a nap when he gets home.

So for now, I'm lovingly clutching my coffee cup. Sebastian has to be up for school in a couple hours so I'm going to finish this post, chase Clara around for a bit and then get started on the day.

I'm posting a picture of my current knitting project...Clara's Big Bad Baby Blanket It feels like the never ending knit although in reality it really is a quick project, it's just that my time to knit without having little hands trying to help me or having to chase my now mobile child is pretty scarce. I've taken the original pattern from the Stitch N Bitch book, and essentially doubled it so it's going to be a bit bigger when I block the ever living crap out of it. I liked the original pattern but I wanted something that was going to be a bit bigger for her, hopefully resulting in longer use. I love the colors and unfortunately this is the only picture that came close to the colors of the yarn. I think you can get a better idea of the colors based on the last picture I posted with Clara and the yarn before it was wound. It's a feminine color way but not overly so, and it's rich and well suited for the pattern, I think. Anyway, I have about three more inches before I can officially say that I'm halfway through, and I can't wait to reach that point because I think then I will truly feel that I'm getting somewhere with it.

My first graduation date is slated for March 1st, assuming I pass both of my current classes which should be no problem. I'm really excited about this...this is not a day that I ever thought I would see but always wanted to accomplish. Sometimes we intend or want to do things but the flow of life just carries us right along it's current and we find ourselves doing things in a more round about way than we originally intended. For me, this is one of those things. I'm taking sociology and environmental science and while I'm only a couple weeks into each class I'm enjoying them so it would take something pretty serious to prevent me from doing well in them. I'm hoping to take some time off after this, hopefully long enough to have the summer off with the kids, which would mean a nice span of time to just seems like I never have enough time to do it and it's quite depressing. I actually dream that I'm knitting in my sleep. If I could just knit for real in my sleep without harming anyone, I would be so happy! heh.

It seems like my state has been getting it's ass kicked by the weather lately. We had a nasty batch of snow storms just before Christmas, and while that wouldn't typically be unusual for us, it stayed cold enough to stick around for about two weeks. Most towns in Washington aren't prepared for major snow storms like they are on the east coast, so we never saw a plow on my road. Even Seattle was paralyzed for the most part. Towns ran out of gas, grocery store shelves went bare, and Phil missed about two weeks of work by the time it was done.

Now the snow has melted for the most part, but the timing couldn't be worse. Combine melting snow with massive rain accumulation, and the ending result is massive, record breaking flooding, mudslides and avalanches that are literally uprooting families and leaving them homeless and with absolutely nothing. Fortunately our town has minimal flooding...we have some roads that are closed but we've been mostly unaffected by the whole thing, however the highway that Phil takes to and from work was flooded last night and he had to find an alternate way home along with everyone else trying to get home. His trip, which usually takes 20 minutes, was a 2 hour trip home.

I'm just hopeful that we can catch a break, and get a nice long period of dry weather so the rivers can recede and people can get back to putting their lives back together. A long period of no snow would be quite helpful too. Like, a full year of no snow...

This weekend I'm going to have to break down and pick up a baby gate for our hallway, I think. Clara is not only crawling, but she is super fast now, and I'm thinking that it would be easier and a lot safer to contain her into her bedroom and the hallway, away from non-kid friendly things that we can't baby proof. She is into everything and mostly enjoys attempting to get to things that are not hers. We've put foam pipe covers on the edges of the shelves that the big screen is on but I've not been able to figure out how to cover the glass edges of the coffee table which she seems to gravitate towards constantly. The coffee table has glass on the top section and then tiles for the bottom shelf which would mean big owies should she bang her head on it, so I'd rather just remove the possibility out of the equation if I can. From this age on, all you need to do is blink and things happen, and although I hover over her and we have a dog that follows her around because he's convinced he's her personal nanny, shit happens...but I'd rather play it safe. I don't know if it's because I am a lot older now than when Sebastian was this age, but I swear I just don't remember him being as busy as this little girl is. If anyone is looking to shed some excess pounds for their New Year's resolution, I can rent her out for you to chase around!

Take care, everyone.

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