Monday, August 24, 2009

The joys of blackmail.....

I thought I'd take a minute and share a couple photos that are going into Clara's blackmail album. You know, the pictures you show everyone when they reach their dating years that embarrass them and can potentially scare the evil away that is known as boys. These two pictures are of Clara's encounter with chocolate cake at a BBQ we had the other weekend at Annie's. And it was good cake! It must have been, because as she shoveled it into her face, she kept saying "YUM!"

She is now 16 months old. She enjoys the cats, the dogs, balls, balloons, and her most recent discovery: books. She is the busiest little kid I've ever met-more so than Sebastian ever was, but when it's time to read she will sit and listen and help turn pages and point things out, and she will not get down until the book has been read at least 14 times...and then she's off to bring another book. She will be an early reader for sure. I've already started to work with her on identifying letters of the alphabet and working on recognizing short words like "cat" and "zap" visually. I'd forgotten how much fun it is!

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and with that comes the task of getting Sebastian ready for school. He's good to go, I think. We have all of his school supplies, his back pack and the worst chore of It turns out that finding shoes for this child is a miserable feat. First of all, he has to like how they look. Once the shoes pass this test, we have to make sure that they have them in his size. Unfortunately, the shoes he REALLY wanted are not made in his size. The Skecher's apparently stop at size 6, and Sebastian has grown into a size 7 shoe. This caused major drama in the shoe store. MAJOR drama. Then we tried on Heelies...the shoes with the wheels in them. He did not like how they felt-said he could feel something in the heel. In the end I'm not sure which brand we ended up settling on, but if this is a sign of things to come as far as other clothing goes, I'm in big trouble. Oh-and we haven't even really approached the subject of a hair cut, which no doubt will result in more drama, tears and arguing.

This week we will stop by the school and find out who his teacher will be. It turns out that his school did not meet standards for the second year in the row and they gave us an option to put him into a different school, but we decided against it. First of all, it's Sebastian's last year in elementary school. Also, knowing that the school has to work towards meeting standards, I believe that Sebastian can only stand to benefit from the efforts and programs that are used to accomplish this. I still believe that the school Sebastian is in is far better than the one he was in last year. Finally, the biggest area that the school is going to work on is math, which is Sebastian's hardest subject, so perhaps new programs and their extended efforts will help him, in the long run.

Well, I have two papers due today. They're done for the most part but require a little extra love prior to being submitted to the instructor, so I'm off to get them finished.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knitting Goodness: The Evolution of a Sock

My absolute favorite things to knit are socks. I don't know why, really. Maybe it's because it's a nice portable project- I can take it anywhere and pull it out to work on whenever I want. Maybe it's because I love the different colors that sock yarn offers, and the anticipation of discovering what pattern the yarn is going to turn into as the sock progresses. Most of all though, I think it's the actual wearing of the socks...knowing that no one else has a pair of socks JUST like the ones on my feet!

Anyway, I thought it would be kind of cool to post pictures of a sock I made recently, from beginning to end. I think it's fun to see each step of knitting a sock. So, here goes!

This is a picture of all of the stitches cast on to the needle. Kind of hard to imagine that THIS thing is going to be on someone's foot, huh?

Here is the completed cuff!

Here is the cuff and the completed leg. Next stop? The heel!

Completed Heel!

Here is a picture of the heel after it's been turned.

Here is the sock back on the needles for the gusset, and the decreases begin!

Here's a side view!

The gusset is done, now we're on to the foot!

The foot is done, next we're going to decrease for the toes!

Voila. Finished sock. The trick is to finish both socks before the recipient outgrows them. Which sadly, did not happen in this case, as my son decided to go through a massive growth spurt while the suckers were being made.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ashes, ashes, we all fall........

Sebastian and Clara in the car, showing off. Just a disclaimer, I wasn't driving and shooting a movie at the same time. Just so you know, hehe.

Click on the arrow to play!

Clara, the Smarty Pants

This is my first time uploading videos to blogger this way. Let's just see if it works, shall we?

This is a video of Clara showing off just a couple of the body parts she has already learned.

Click on the arrow to play!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Busy doing nothing!

I've been really busy lately, but when I think back to make a list of all of the things I've done, it really doesn't seem like I've been up to much of anything!

Summer is in full swing around here. We had a major heat wave and beat heat records for our area. Let me just say that sometimes beating records is cool. This was NOT cool. We baked. I think that it reached 120 degrees in the house at some points, and there was not an air conditioner to be found on this side of the mountains. We did a lot of barbecuing so we didn't have the oven on, and spent a bit of time in the pool with the kids to keep everyone cool. Clara loves the pool-enjoys kicking, splashing and being hauled around in her floater. It was nice to have the pool during those days because a hot family is a cranky family.

My Dad got married a couple weeks ago. Finally! I wasn't sure that I would ever see that day come but sure enough, it did. It was a nice ceremony and everything went well. The rest of the pictures from this entry are from the of Phil, the kids and I and the happy couple after their ceremony. They really couldn't have asked for better weather to have was beautiful out!

I probably didn't do myself a favor by wearing a sweater-type dress with the weather the way it was, but I had absolutely nothing to wear that fit because of all of the weight I've dropped recently. It seemed like a good idea the day I bought it, especially since it was really the only one within my cheap budget that I liked. It seems like all of the dresses out now have the high empire waists that I really don't like-they remind me of maternity clothes, which I have donated to charity and will be very happy to not ever see again.

I got my grade today from my most recent class and got an A. A is anything over 94 and I got a 96.65, so I squeaked by. Honestly I was expecting an A- but I'm totally relieved it worked out the way it did. I'm trying to keep my grade point up as high as I can so later on, when I get crappy grades in math it doesn't TOTALLY ruin my average. You see, this is all about planning ahead.

I ended up having to get 3 stitches the week before last due to my lousy knife handling skills. It turns out that I will never be Julia Childs in the kitchen. That's what I get for being careless with a knife that Phil is so good about sharpening on a regular basis. Fortunately, I'm literally right down the road from the walk in clinic, and even better, there was no one in line before me as the clinic was getting ready to close when I arrived. And, it turns out that there were 8 other idiots before me that day who decided to cut themselves and get stitches, so I wasn't alone, heh.

Clara is about to turn 16 months old. She is a doll. She is a bubbly beam of personality, always into some sort of mischief, and is smart as a whip. She's talking up a storm, terrified of the doctors office regardless of whose turn it is to visit, loves her books, and is the sole reason we have to avoid any aisle in any store that has balls. Soccer balls, bouncy balls, baseballs, basketballs, if it's round and bounces or rolls she pitches a fit for it. Her favorite game is "This little piggy" and she's getting the hang of "Ring around the Rosie" as well. Her favorite person is no longer me, it's her Daddy. When he's home the poor man does not get a minute of peace from her as she will follow him around, grab him by the hand and drag him off to her room to play, and scream her head off when he goes to bed.

She also loves her big brother. I am still amazed at how well Sebastian has stepped into the big brother role. He adores Clara, and is attentive to her and seems to actually enjoy playing with her. He's actually kind of like a little mother hen with her, and despite the age difference, they already manage to get into big trouble together.

Sebastian is enjoying his summer vacation while it lasts. School is set to start soon and we're working on getting all of his multiplication tables memorized before he goes back. We already picked out his backpack for school--this is the most important thing to him, and we had to get him one while the good ones were still there and before everyone came in and bought them all! He loves the backpacks that have wheels and handles on them so we had to search for one but managed to get the "perfect" one. Hey, I remember the days when I'd hunt high and low for the perfect bag but back then it was when the Esprit bags were huge and I had to have the pink one. This will be his last year in elementary school and then he'll be off to start middle school. I can't believe that I'm going to be old enough to have a kid in middle school. How did that happen?

Well, I'm off. Clara is teething. Like, 6 teeth at once. She's going to have some Tylenol and I'm going to search for something for me with alcohol in it. Okay, scratch the alcohol, I'd just settle for some sleep! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So tired!

See this picture of my lovely daughter? I kind of feel like that, this week. Only without the macaroni stuck in my hair. I don't know why, really. I think it's just a little bit of everything stacked up on top of itself and there's just not enough coffee to keep me going! What I really need is about ten more hours in the day. There's just not enough time for me to get all my reading for the week done, get my ChaCha goals met, and keep up with the kids and the house. It's just totally an off week, for me. You know it's an off week when I text my husband and tell him we're having fast food for dinner because I'm not going to have time to get out of the house today...and for the most part, fast food is a pretty rare thing for us to do...but Sebastian is going to do the happy dance for sure!

Tomorrow though, is Clara's 15 month birthday. I can't believe it's been 15 months already, but then there's another part of me that can't remember what it was like before I had two kids. She's just rounded out my world perfectly. And she's a completely different experience than Sebastian was at his age. He was almost born cautious...was not much of an adventure baby. Probably more like me than Phil. Clara on the other hand, is the exact opposite. If it can be climbed, she has attempted it. Crawled into? Oh, we've done that. Jumped from? She's tried that as well. I come close to having a heart attack approximately 5 times per day due to her adventurous nature.

She's started hitting. Hitting me, hitting the dog, hitting other children when they piss her off by taking her toys...pretty much anyone who gets in her way of having a good time. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. Raising my voice to her when she does this is not accomplishing anything but amusing her. The word "NO" apparently means to smile or laugh and do it again. I'm really hoping this is a phase but I'd really like to nip it in the bud now, because I have friends with kids who are much older who hit, and it's just not acceptable to me. When Sebastian did this, I yelled "no" at him and gently smacked his hand once, and that was the last time he ever did it. However, when I tried this with Clara, she thought this was funny, so it's not going to be a tactic to use for her either, because I think that instead of discouraging the behavior, she interprets it as a green light.

She will eat anything I put in front of her. How cool is that! Sebastian was the same way. Now though, he has started being picky about what he eats. Things he has eaten his entire life are now yucky. If it's not pasta, pizza or hot dogs, he will sit at the table staring at his food, willing it to walk away from his plate. How does this happen? For ten years, he loved everything. Just in the past three months, that's all changed.

Hrm. It appears that my distraction from my school reading has turned into a rant about my children! Hah. I suppose I better get back to it.

Have a good day, everyone.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Grades are in!


Yay for an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice way to start the weekend!!!

Happy 4th of July!

Ahh, what a week it's been. My finals for my last block in school were due on Monday, and I got them in. Never mind the fact that I waited until the very last day to write one of them. I just had a really hard time deciding what to write about, and while writing is something that is usually easy for me to do, sometimes I have projects that I have to think about for a couple days before I actually sit down to write. I haven't gotten my grades back but I think I should do well. As long as my class grade doesn't go below a 94 I'll be set for an 'A'. If I go below that then it means I've done something really really bad. Fingers crossed! My GPA is sitting at a 3.82 right now, and it would be higher except for this dreadful nasty thing called...algebra. So, I'm trying to keep my grades high to bring my GPA back up to make up for the C+ I got in algebra. And I should be able to do it...just in time for my next algebra class in December. Sigh. Oh, and I know it's silly for me to worry about my GPA. I totally know that when I go to apply for a job, they're not likely to ask what my GPA was. And thankfully, there's almost no chance that they will ask me what I got in algebra. It's just a personal goal for me. I figure if I'm going to go back to school, then I want to do the best I can. And it hopefully will pay off in some way, particularly now when I'm having a harder time paying the tuition that my loans won't cover, maybe someone will actually give me a scholarship if I maintain my grades.

I finished those finals on Monday and Tuesday I immediately began my next block. This is the same day I came down with some funky stomach crap that my son gave me. Is it wrong that sometimes I think he's trying to kill me? I seriously felt like someone had run me over with a big truck. And then backed over me, and ran me over again. Like 5 times. Fortunately it was only a 24 hour thing, because it SUCKED!!
In very happy news, my Blog is officially updated. I am so happy with it. I could have never done this myself. I just don't have the know how me, I wish I did. However, just by sheer luck I stumbled upon Louise's blog, and even though I gave her very basic information about what I wanted, it was like she crawled into my mind and read my imagination because I couldn't have done a better job, even if I had the abilities she does. It's I then went and registered my blog name as a domain, so if you are hitting this site through the address, please update your bookmark to reflect the new address, which is because if anything, it will be easier to remember!

Clara will be turning 15 months old, this month. I can't believe it. She's such a character! She walked for a short period of time and then immediately went to running. She's outgoing, will wave and smile at anyone, and is very bold-if it can be climbed, she will climb it. If it can be crawled into, she'll get in there. She knows quite clearly what she can and cannot touch. She prefers to touch the things she's not supposed to touch, because it's so much more fun. Her favorite toy is a ball, and we can't go through any toy isle with a ball in it without her having a fit over it. And she LOVES loves LOVES her books! She's coming up with quite a vocabulary too, these days, but her favorite word seems to be "sip" and her favorite phrase is "what's that?" She's a smart little cookie, and never ceases to amaze me!

Well I'm off to the neverending circle of school work, ChaCha, laundry and trying to keep up with the mound of toys littered across my living room floor that, no matter how many times I try to clean it up, seems to only multiply.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"What happens if you snort a bunch of Midol?"

Your nasal passages would feel like they're on fire. And after all of that, you won't get high and then you'll feel really stupid. Try shoving it up your ass, it might be more effective that way! Jeez. Don't people grow pot anymore?

This answer is to the handful of people this week who actually typed that question into Google and found my blog. /waves! Ahh the joys of the keyword analysis. I guess I should check it out more often, because some of the things people type into search engines that bring them here, to my boring blog, make me laugh. It truly takes all sorts to run the world. I guess if everyone were the same, this world would be one boring place.

I'm having kind of a lazy, unmotivated week. Yes, there's plenty that needs to be going on, and yes, I have a lot of work to do for class which I *am* getting done, but I don't really want to do it. Honestly, although I really enjoy my instructor this block and the information is somewhat interesting, I'm pretty burned out and I'm anxious to start a new class. As much as I want to keep up with my class there is a small part of me that regrets changing my schedule to get rid of the break I had originally planned. Maybe a break would do me some good. Maybe though I just need to push through this burn out I'm facing, suck it up and go on. Perhaps the new block I start next week will help motivate me.

It feels like all of my friends are experiencing extremely rough patches in life, and all at the same time. It's like there is something in the drinking water and it's very frustrating for me because there's really nothing I can do to make anything better for them. I like to fix things, and to me, just "being there" for someone when they need to talk just doesn't seem effective enough during times like this. It's hard to sit back and watch people go through hard things and not have a brilliant idea or solution that will help. It sucks. I think about them though, I wish good things for them, and hope that eventually everything will work out for the best. And with the friends who are going through hard times is the friend who showed their true colors and turned out to be capable of things I never expected, especially at this point in life. Which is okay in the end, I guess. I'm just glad that communication with other people helped everyone understand what was really going on, because I think in the end it prevented things from being worse.

And, for every bad thing there are good things that come from the situation, as I've met new people, reconnected with friends from my past and I'm getting to know people I've hung out with that I didn't really get a chance to know before, so that's pretty dang cool too. The first picture up top is from a BBQ this weekend with friends. My hubby and I hung out with my friend Annie, who I've known for 21 years. In the back with the hat is Daniul, whom I've known for about 23 years and even dated back in high school, and Thomas is a new friend that I've totally clicked with The second picture is Thomas (in Dan's hat), me, and Dan (with the middle finger that has a mind of its own). Made for a really nice day and I hope that we all get the chance to do it again soon.

In other news, my blog is finally getting a much needed face-lift. I think I've been at this blog for over 4 years now without ever having the ability to personalize it and put a bit of me on it aside from my words and photographs. Everything has always been somewhat generic and I've not really had a sense of true "ownership", but thanks to a new internet friend, that will be changing here in the next week or so. If you're interested in seeking help with sprucing up your own blog, feel free to contact her-you can find her link here on my blog as my follower, and in tomorrow's post I will put up a link and maybe snag a button from her site for people to visit if there's one available.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week--remember...tomorrow is Friday!!!

:) Nicole

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm in a real funk, today.

First of all, I went to Target today in hopes of replacing my well loved (but torn to shit) sock monkey slippers. Not only did they NOT have the slippers, but it looks like they're having a "how ugly can our slippers possibly be" contest. I guess I just picked the wrong time to go looking for slippers. I'm possibly the only person that likes to wear slippers regardless of what season it is. Bugger.

Then, I'm tired today. Not just physically tired, but tired like my brain hurts tired. My plans of sleeping in this morning were dashed when the dog decided he needed to totally break his normal schedule and have to go out at 7:30 am. Rat bastard.

And maybe part of the reason I'm drained is the fact that I'm naive and stupid about people. Especially those I go out on a limb for, try to help, protect and guide, who then lie about me, put words in my mouth, lie to me when confronted, and then tell someone it was because they don't like being confronted.

Here's my thing. If you're going to open your mouth and say something, then you should be prepared and have the ability to stand by what you say. If you can't do this, then you're going to be confronted, particularly when I'm not going to put up with it. I'm not the person I was 15 years ago...then I would have thought "ahh, they're going through a tough time, they're vulnerable, they're over emotional, they're not really thinking straight...." and maybe let it slide.

Now though, I don't put up with it. See, I have my daily limit of drama intake, and that's pretty much limited to the one hour I get from watching Days of our Lives. There are no excuses for manipulating and lying to and about someone whose had your back.

I just don't get it, and I find the whole thing incredibly disappointing, surprising and kind of alarming. I suppose I should just know better.

In other news, I've tried three times to clean the toys up from the living room floor today. Clara's new trick is to follow me around and un-do everything I do. Toy goes into the toy box, she pulls three out. Toys go into her room, she drags the whole box out. Sometimes I feel like a goldfish that's swimming in circles with this girl!

First day of summer vacation for Sebastian, and we have pretty crappy weather. I guess it could be worse, I mean, it's not raining...but the sun failed to make an appearance which does not help my case when I try to convince him to go out and get some fresh air and play. When I was a kid, I would get up in the morning, head out to play, come home long enough for lunch, and head back out to play until my mom came outside and screamed for us to come in. He has no interest in this at all. Not that I'm wanting him to leave in the morning and stay gone all day, but some exercise, fort building, adventure having fun isn't too much to expect for him, I don't think?

Well, I'm off. Have school work to do and maybe a nap somewhere in there. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, Ffffffalkenberg!

So, I've had this kit for like, 3 years now. It's a Hanne Falkenberg I managed to pick up at a fairly reasonable price along with the Ballerina kit. To be honest, even the fairly reasonable price made me cringe but I scrimped and saved and bit the bullet and picked them up and then stashed them in the closet.

I don't know why, but I was (and still am a bit) intimidated to get this thing on the needles. I think it's because I've never invested so much money into a knitting kit that maybe there's a part of me that feels guilty for even having it. That, and I'm worried I'm going to mess it up.

A few weeks ago I ran across the scarf shown above, called the Lascala. Oh man I love this thing. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the pattern, the colors are beautiful and the detail, which isn't so clear on this picture, is spectacular. So I got it into my pea brain that I was going to knit this sucker up and have it ready to proudly wear for the winter. How I thought I was going to have time to do that with the kids, my crazy projects for school and everything else, I dunno...but dang it, I was gonna knit it.

So I pulled it out, took inventory of the yarn, and then opened the instructions so I could grab the proper needles. And this is what I saw:

What? What is this? omg? The pattern was in Danish? Oh dear. Panic set in. Was this how they were supposed to be? Shouldn't I have figured out that I needed to speak another language in order to knit this thing up? What do I do now that I have had the stupid kit for over three years? I went into panic mode. Started Googling. Posted on the Ravelry forums. omg, what was I going to do?

Fortunately the folks on Ravelry were kind enough to help. By the time it was done I had sent an e-mail to Hanne Falkenberg's company and had someone willing to translate for me. Oh yay. About a week later I heard back from my e-mail and they were mailing me new English! Yay!

Now. Who wants to come over to babysit Clara so I can knit a bit?

Today was the last day of school for Sebastian. Instead of getting my daily "What's for dinner?" text after school, I got a text that simply said "It's all over!" He brought home an awesome report card too. Well, awesome except for math. We're still having problems with multiplication tables and I'm on the hunt for a computer program or an online site that will help drill the facts into his head. Anyone know of any good places? I don't mind paying for software or for use...but need something that focuses primarily on multiplication.

Anyway, I'm turning my alarm off and I'm going to sleep in tomorrow! I really shouldn't...I have research to do for a pretty big and important project for class, but if Miss Clara will let me sleep in, I think the extra rest will actually help a bit.

On a sad note, my favorite slippers have died. I'm hoping that Target still sells them...they're sock monkey slippers with button eyes, they were awesome and they were comfy and now they're just plain old worn out. RIP, monkey slippers. :(

I'm off, have a lot of work to do and reading to get done.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Homework Avoidance

I have a big paper that's due today on evaluating the planning function of management. I've done all of my research for it, but that's all I've done so far. I should be writing it right now, but I just can't seem to get my brain there yet.

I changed my schedule at school again. I originally planned to take a month off after my current block to take a break and hang with the kids, but then I decided against it and called my advisor to change it back. Part of me really wants a break, but then there's the other part of me that knows that it would put me a month behind. That and I know that I'm only allowed to take a certain amount of time off during the academic year and knock on wood, should I take that time off and then suddenly find myself in a position where I would really NEED that time off, I'd be in deep dog doo.

So there will be no one month period of bliss where my house is clean and I'll have time to knit without worrying about an assignment that's due. Maybe in a few years, but definitely not right now.

We took the kids to the petting farm at Forest Park this weekend. Sebastian was not excited about this at all. Apparently he is already at the age where there are just some things that are NOT cool to do. Which seems to be everything that involves hanging with mom and dad, anymore. However, I'm pretty sure that he enjoyed himself.

The goats were the big hit. They were such sweet little things, I almost decided that I needed to have one. Then I realized that I needed a farm, first. Then I remembered that if someday, I were fortunate enough to have a farm, that I'd be getting fiber yielding critters before I'd get a goat. But they were adorable! And Clara had the time of her life. To her, these guys were like over sized cats that didn't run away from her. We saw the chicks, looked for the baby pigs (who were asleep in their barn) and pet some bunnies, too. The weather was actually perfect for it-not too hot and not too cool-just right. It was a nice little outing that I'd like to make a part of our summer routine. That is, as long as Sebastian is willing to be seen in public with us...

In other exciting news, I am now officially 9 pounds away from my goal weight. A lot of women have their babies and instantly jump into superwoman action as they work to get into shape. For me though, it was different because I was exclusively breast feeding Clara, and felt that jumping into losing my baby weight would interfere with my ability to provide her with the nutrition she needed. Now though, she's over a year old (14 months today!) and while she still likes to nurse, she is also eating everything we put in front of her. So now I feel okay about getting myself back into shape...and I've done really well. It's amazing what can be done by just being aware of my diet.

I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and now use Splenda. If I drink soda, it's diet soda. I have finally gotten my car trained to not automatically stop at every Starbucks that I pass. (Turns out that the 600 calories and 96 carbs in my favorite frappuccino don't look so good on my ass) and I've drastically reduced the amount of carbs I take in each day, which is not easy to do when I live off of pasta and bread. I still eat all of the time, I'm just more concious of what I'm eating.

I picked up the new EA exercise game for the Wii, which I didn't think would be very effective until the morning after my second workout when I was laying in bed wondering what ran me over in my sleep. Ouch. The bummer is that it's really hard to find the time to do it, because if I were to workout while Clara was awake I'd probably run her over. And, I usually reserve her nap times for getting school work done. Any time I can squeeze it in though, it's good.

This is the last week of school for Sebastian. The last day of school is Wednesday, but I think I'm going to be wanting to drop him back off at school by Friday, hehe.

Well, I really have to get that paper written now. Thanks for being my Homework Avoidance accomplices!

Here's to a good week!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Internet: We Know Drama!!!

The internet is a goofy place. Sometimes, it reminds me of high school. There are the cool people. The social networking sites which are kinda like the cafeteria in school. And then there is the drama.

Like this week, when a good chunk of the blogging community was caught off guard when they found out that the April Rose blog they've been following for months was all a lie. Yup. Someone actually made up this big woven story about how they were pregnant with a Trisomy baby (which is considered to be a condition that is not compatible with life) and ran with the story until the baby was supposedly born. Then people started to catch on, then the blog disappeared, and then all of these sites started popping up where people started showing up in droves to investigate matters and dig up more information. Clearly there was more than one person involved, and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if a couple of the people that most consider to be "innocent" parties show up as stinky dirty with their hand in the cookie jar. But that's just my opinion. If it walks like a duck....quack!

Anyway, more fascinating than the fact that this whole hoax took place and that people sent money and purchased t-shirts that were supposedly going to benefit a pregnancy center, is the involvement of the blogging community as they put their heads together to play deputy dog and get to the bottom of it. Where is this woman (or whomever was involved) now? Why did they do this? Are they reading comments as they're being typed? Are one or all of the people leaving comments actually this woman in disguise? Did someone attempt suicide or end up in the loony bin?

And more important than anything else: What is good dipped in Nutella?

See, it's like an episode of Days of our Lives. Or some odd Lifetime movie. You're glad you're not in the cast. You're kind of amazed that some people have figured out the players and the plot and others are still in denial. And you know that you're not going to get anything from the end of the movie, but you still can't bring yourself to change the channel, because you want to see what bullshit is going to be said next, who is going to believe it, and how people are going to react.

And then, by next week, there will be new drama, some new tragedy or hoax that people have moved on to, and real sick kids being talked about on the internet that should be benefiting from the time, attention and worry that has gone in to yet another ridiculous internet hoax that is only perpetuated because those involved think they need just a little more attention.

Ahh, well.

Isn't my baby girl beautiful? She's real, you know. Like, she exists and stuff. I didn't have to make her up!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They say the bright thing in the sky is the sun...

We've already had some killer weather here! We even have the pool set up already...and school isn't even out for the kids, yet! Of course, now that I've said that, we'll be hit by torrential rain and thunderstorms for the next week.

Sebastian started soccer camp this week-it's at the high school at the stadium and there are just gobs of kids running around on the field, and there he is, towering well above everyone else. I think he's going to be super tall-he's ten years old and just a few inches shorter than I am, already. At least he's easy to spot on the field! :)

Clara is getting big, too. Of course, she probably doesn't look very big, but she sure seems big to me! She's gone from walking to running and she's already fiercely independent and knows exactly what she wants. Something tells me I'm already in trouble!

Phil's back to work, he's working 4 day work weeks right now with Wednesdays off. It's kind of a nice break in the week to have Wednesday off and I think he kind of likes it too because it gives him a day home with the kids. Today we had Clara in her sandbox, then blew up her little baby pool....which Phil filled with WARM water for her, hehe. She spent a good hour in it too, waterlogging her diaper until it got so big it just busted off of her, and then spent the rest of the time diaper-free, splashing around and tossing her toys around. Needless to say I picked up a bag of the little swimmer's diapers when I was out, today.

In my third block of this current program and I like most everything about it except for the learning team part of it, which is 30 percent of my grade. Basically we're divided up into learning teams and do projects together- papers, powerpoint projects, etc. But, if someone in my team doesn't do their portion of the work, the rest of the team is required to make up for their work. It's just frustrating that I'm the one who is paying for my education, and I shouldn't be dependent on someone else to do their work in order to maintain my high GPA. Pretty lame, actually.

Anyway, I'm off. It smells like the burgers are going to be done soon. Phil and Sebastian are outside flipping burgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, and I'm starving!

Cheers, everyone!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well that's a very cool thing. I'm almost wondering if there's anything I can't do with this thing!
So it's been a crazy few months. Phil was laid off in February and just started back today. Yay for a crappy economy! It's been very frustrating but what is even worse is that out of all of our friends, he is once again the only one who is employed. Pretty lame, eh?

I finished my associates in March. It was a great feeling to get the diploma in the mail. I immediately began work on my BS and I am finding this to be more difficult this time around with Clara a bit older, busier and needing Mom all of the time. Should be a very interesting process!

Clara is now 1. I just can't believe it! She's walking, talking, getting in to everything and is quite stubborn! She's such a beautiful girl and makes me laugh every day!

I'm keeping this update short as I'm behind in some of the things I need to get done today but I'm very happy to have figured the mobile blogging out! Go me!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another early day...

Okay. I admit that I'm not one that usually gets into the whole political process. In fact, until yesterday, I don't think I have ever taken the time to watch an inauguration. That I can remember, anyway. However, I don't think anyone in this country could really escape the inauguration of President Obama yesterday. I don't think that anything captures the magnitude of the event as much as the above picture does. This is a satellite picture of the DC area during the inauguration, showing the sea of people who showed up to be there. Amazing stuff. Tell ya what, the job of President is not one that I'd be willing to take, especially right now with everything so messed up.

Just in case any of you were wondering, there are 338 knitting days left until Christmas. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I am taking a break from Clara's blanket for a couple days to get this scarf knit. I knew that if I waited too long to do it, I wouldn't have it done in time for what I need it for, so I figured that since it's such a quick knit, it would be best just to get it done and put it aside. I never know what my school and kid schedule is going to be from one day to the next so better to be safe than sorry. It's nice to do something a bit different for a few days, too.

Short and sweet entry, today. Lots to do! Before I end though, I wanted to post a picture I took of Sebastian and Snickers. It turned out so sweet that I had to share. Hope you all have a good week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ohhh, we're halfway there!

So I reached and passed the half way mark on Clara's blanket. It felt really good to reach that point, because right now what I'd really like to do is put the sucker down and knit a sock, or a dish cloth, or something that could give me quicker gratification.

So reaching the halfway mark on this sucker has given me some hope. I don't regret doubling the pattern at all because once it's blocked I think it will have a much longer usable life than it
would have at it's original size. I want something that she can keep around for a good long while and get plenty of use out of. I just can't wait until I can block the crap out of it, because once that's done, it's going to be quite pretty.

It's really the perfect thing to be knitting right now, I can put it down for a couple days and pick it right up without wondering where I am in the pattern, which is great for these days in particular when I'm writing papers and finishing assignments left and right and chasing my now very mobile daughter around the house. Not only is she crawling now, but she's also pulling herself up onto things, which makes things really interesting. I don't think she's far off from walking, really. Then I'll really be screwed!

Sebastian has a friend staying the night. I had them turn their video games off at midnight but I can still hear them in there giggling. He had a good day today. Phil took him out to see the Paul Blart Mall Cop movie, and while they were gone I set it up so Sebastian's friend could sleep over, so it was a nice surprise for Sebastian when they stopped to pick him up on the way home. While they were at the movies, Clara was a good girl and took a nice nap that lasted just long enough for me to finish a lengthy sociology paper.

Tomorrow we're going to head over to Annie's for the afternoon to hang out and with any luck, get some knitting done. Annie, Michelle and I have hardly seen each other since before Halloween, so I'm looking forward to having some girl time and getting caught up with them.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get some work done before heading to bed. Before I do that though, I thought I'd post a recent picture of Clara, since the one I posted of her with the yarn is from quite a while ago, and she just officially turned 9 months old this week.

Have a good week!

Friday, January 09, 2009

I love you, coffee!

Last week I came down with a pretty nasty sinus infection that also turned into a lovely case of bronchitis. It's that time of the year where I usually catch something like this. It's a pain but really it's nothing that some antibiotics and a crap load of Kleenex doesn't fix. To be honest, I'm still going through a ton of Kleenex but at least I'm feeling a bit better. Anyway, Clara managed to get sick as well, and somehow in the midst of this, our sleeping schedule managed to get screwed up. This means that last night, she slept from about 11 pm until about 3 am, which I think to her was just a nice long nap. So, we've been up since then, got to wave bye bye to Daddy as he headed out to work at 4:30, and we're going to have a rough day of resetting her, limiting her to a couple minimal naps and hoping that it's enough to get her back on track. With any luck, Phil will have a reasonable day time-wise, so I can take a nap when he gets home.

So for now, I'm lovingly clutching my coffee cup. Sebastian has to be up for school in a couple hours so I'm going to finish this post, chase Clara around for a bit and then get started on the day.

I'm posting a picture of my current knitting project...Clara's Big Bad Baby Blanket It feels like the never ending knit although in reality it really is a quick project, it's just that my time to knit without having little hands trying to help me or having to chase my now mobile child is pretty scarce. I've taken the original pattern from the Stitch N Bitch book, and essentially doubled it so it's going to be a bit bigger when I block the ever living crap out of it. I liked the original pattern but I wanted something that was going to be a bit bigger for her, hopefully resulting in longer use. I love the colors and unfortunately this is the only picture that came close to the colors of the yarn. I think you can get a better idea of the colors based on the last picture I posted with Clara and the yarn before it was wound. It's a feminine color way but not overly so, and it's rich and well suited for the pattern, I think. Anyway, I have about three more inches before I can officially say that I'm halfway through, and I can't wait to reach that point because I think then I will truly feel that I'm getting somewhere with it.

My first graduation date is slated for March 1st, assuming I pass both of my current classes which should be no problem. I'm really excited about this...this is not a day that I ever thought I would see but always wanted to accomplish. Sometimes we intend or want to do things but the flow of life just carries us right along it's current and we find ourselves doing things in a more round about way than we originally intended. For me, this is one of those things. I'm taking sociology and environmental science and while I'm only a couple weeks into each class I'm enjoying them so it would take something pretty serious to prevent me from doing well in them. I'm hoping to take some time off after this, hopefully long enough to have the summer off with the kids, which would mean a nice span of time to just seems like I never have enough time to do it and it's quite depressing. I actually dream that I'm knitting in my sleep. If I could just knit for real in my sleep without harming anyone, I would be so happy! heh.

It seems like my state has been getting it's ass kicked by the weather lately. We had a nasty batch of snow storms just before Christmas, and while that wouldn't typically be unusual for us, it stayed cold enough to stick around for about two weeks. Most towns in Washington aren't prepared for major snow storms like they are on the east coast, so we never saw a plow on my road. Even Seattle was paralyzed for the most part. Towns ran out of gas, grocery store shelves went bare, and Phil missed about two weeks of work by the time it was done.

Now the snow has melted for the most part, but the timing couldn't be worse. Combine melting snow with massive rain accumulation, and the ending result is massive, record breaking flooding, mudslides and avalanches that are literally uprooting families and leaving them homeless and with absolutely nothing. Fortunately our town has minimal flooding...we have some roads that are closed but we've been mostly unaffected by the whole thing, however the highway that Phil takes to and from work was flooded last night and he had to find an alternate way home along with everyone else trying to get home. His trip, which usually takes 20 minutes, was a 2 hour trip home.

I'm just hopeful that we can catch a break, and get a nice long period of dry weather so the rivers can recede and people can get back to putting their lives back together. A long period of no snow would be quite helpful too. Like, a full year of no snow...

This weekend I'm going to have to break down and pick up a baby gate for our hallway, I think. Clara is not only crawling, but she is super fast now, and I'm thinking that it would be easier and a lot safer to contain her into her bedroom and the hallway, away from non-kid friendly things that we can't baby proof. She is into everything and mostly enjoys attempting to get to things that are not hers. We've put foam pipe covers on the edges of the shelves that the big screen is on but I've not been able to figure out how to cover the glass edges of the coffee table which she seems to gravitate towards constantly. The coffee table has glass on the top section and then tiles for the bottom shelf which would mean big owies should she bang her head on it, so I'd rather just remove the possibility out of the equation if I can. From this age on, all you need to do is blink and things happen, and although I hover over her and we have a dog that follows her around because he's convinced he's her personal nanny, shit happens...but I'd rather play it safe. I don't know if it's because I am a lot older now than when Sebastian was this age, but I swear I just don't remember him being as busy as this little girl is. If anyone is looking to shed some excess pounds for their New Year's resolution, I can rent her out for you to chase around!

Take care, everyone.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Long time no post...but I have good excuses...really!

I know. I'm a crappy blogger. You guys probably thought I was gone for good. But before you start grumbling about how I'm a worthless and lazy blogger, humor me by reading my long list of excuses!

First of all, meet Clara Rose. Clara was born on April 15th of last year...she's almost nine months old now. She was a bit of a surprise as our oldest is now 10, and we figured that if a second one hadn't shown up by now, it wasn't ever going to happen.

Surprise!!! This was not the kind of pregnancy that one thinks of when they think of the miracle of life, the glow of pregnancy, blah blah blah. First of all, my morning sickness never went away. By my ninth month I weighed considerably LESS than I had when I'd gone in for my first appointment. Then I had blood tests come back all funky indicating an alarmingly high chance of her having Downs Syndrome. Which led to an amnio to rule that out. Then she decided to turn breech and refuse to flip the right way, and after examining all our options we decided our best plan of action was to have a c-section. Very bizarre experience, especially after delivering Sebastian the "normal" way.

She's a doll. She just started crawling, knows who her daddy is by name...says "mama" too but don't think she's connected it to me just yet. To her, I'm just the lady with the boob that feeds her. She calls everything with fur a "kitty", regardless of whether you're a cat, a big dog, or Santa Claus. And, she LOVES yarn. Yup, she's definitely mine and I'm already wondering how long I have to wait before I can start teaching her to knit. The picture of her I posted is of her with all the Noro I got for the Big Bad Baby Blanket I'm making from the Stitch N Bitch book, although I've made some changes to it that will allow me to actually double the size of the original pattern. I'll post pictures of its progress in an upcoming post, but you're all going to have to be patient with me as I've quickly learned that knitting while breastfeeding or chasing a crawling baby pretty much sucks ass. I have a lot of things on my Ravelry list that I want to knit but it's taking a while.

It's not just the baby that's keeping me from my dream of full time knitting bliss...I'm about seven weeks from completing my associates degree in IT/Networking. My slated completion date is March 1st. Then my plan is to take a few months off, hopefully long enough to have summer with the kids (and obsessively knit), and then start in on a bachelors degree in human services/management. It's kind of weird, it seems like it's been forever but on the other hand, it doesn't seem like it's taken that long to get done.

Anyway, my new years resolution is to try to make time to do the things I love to do but have just not put aside time to get done, and that includes posting on my blog. I hope to have some time to give it a facelift and update it a bit more, and be a bit more regular about providing knitting and life updates.

Hugs to you all!!