Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's December....

Man. I just can't get with it today. I don't know why, but I've been having the worst time with sleep. I can't remember the last time I had such a horrible time sleeping, but this week, I've just not been able to catch a break from my tossing and turning. Talk about annoying!

We have a lot going on this week!!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, and she's actually going to be here day after tomorrow. We're all so excited to see them and spend time with them. Sebastian has been counting the days, and to make the week even better, his birthday is on Sunday.

Then, Phil has his birthday tomorrow!!

It's going to be a short entry today--Sebastian gets out of school in just 15 minutes and I promised him that he could go with me today to pick out his birthday cake. I would rather it have been a suprise, but in the past, Grandma has always done the cake, so I think that he's afraid that I don't have Grandma's cake picking skills. :)

Then sometime this week, I want to hit the dollar store and get streamers and decorations for Sunday-we'll have grandparents and friends over so it should be a good time, I just want to make it festive.

Andrea came by today, we went to Starbucks and came back and watched our soap together. It had been ages since she was last here, so it was her first time meeting Clyde. Poor boy barked, growled and ran away from her, and then right before she left he decided she probably wasn't so bad after all and let her pet him.

I know that I need to be patient with him and give him time and experience, but it's so upsetting to me and even frustrating to see him so afraid of people. Really though, he's still warming up to us, so I don't know what I'm expecting...he was clearly abused in his past and that weighs heavily on how he responds to everything around him.

He adores me, he even let me dress him up in a Santa hat and a sign today to take pictures, and he was a perfect gentleman about it. When I let him out in the morning after dropping Seb off, he's so excited and happy to see me and be with me, and he never leaves my side all day. I hope that, with time, he'll be like this with everyone else in the family, and maybe with some positive experiences that don't involve anger or punishment, he'll realize that he's okay. He's such a good boy, the only time he's ever gotten in trouble was when he swiped banana bread off the counter, and even then I was careful with how I dealt with it.

Sebastian has been doing really well with him. He very rarely runs from Sebastian now, and doesn't mind Sebastian sitting with him...in fact, it's pretty obvious that he likes the attention he gets from Seb, but it's like, he's afraid to enjoy it--like he's going to get in trouble for hanging out with Sebastian.
My first clue that he likes Sebastian though was when he would go through Sebastian's room to steal things that smelled like Sebastian. This morning, I pulled a couple of Sebastian's socks out of Clyde's crate, and he hadn't taken them in there to rip or destroy---he was sleeping with them.

So this is a short day...I'm off to get Sebastian and hit the store. Hope you all are having a great week!!

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lkmanitou said...

Awwwww...such a cutie puppy! I'd say Clyde is very happy with you and your fam :)