Wednesday, December 20, 2006

...And we're back....

Thank you to those who have sent me e-mails making sure that I'm still alive. I've been a bad blogger the last couple weeks, but I assure you, not blogging does not mean I am not breathing.

We've had a really busy couple weeks...Phil's parents were in to visit from New Jersey. It was their first time in Seattle so we had a lot of ground to cover! I have lots of pictures, too, so what I'm going to do is try to do it all in chronological order, from the beginning of the trip on, and hopefully, with any luck, we'll get all caught up.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, know that it's a tradition for Grandma to come to Sebastian's class to read his favorite book, Liberty's Journey . Unfortunately for Grandma, this now involves an extra long trip to get to Sebastian's school, but never fear, she was up for the task!! hehe.

The picture above is of the class settled in, reading the story.

Here's a great picture of Sebastian

It was really nice for them to be able to see where Sebastian is going to school. It's one thing to hear about it, but to be able to walk in and see his classroom and meet the teacher makes things a lot different. It makes me feel good knowing that they like his classroom and thought highly of his teacher. I think his teacher is just a really neat lady, but it makes me feel better to have them say the same thing, because they have so much background in teaching.

Here's a picture of Sebastian and his teacher. He really likes her a lot, and she is really just down to earth and genuine. She really "gets" the kids, and Sebastian has blossomed a lot since being in her class. My shy, quiet kid actually gets in trouble now for talking too much in class. In fact, the day we came in, he had to stay inside from recess for a couple minutes because he'd been too busy talking to hear the instructions. Most parents might be upset about this, but I was kind of happy about it because it is a sign that he's adjusting well, and that he's making friends...and that's just fine with me!
Since his birthday was on that Sunday, I figured that I'd bring cupcakes in for the class to celebrate. This picture was taken mere seconds after Sebastian managed to cram half a cupcake into his mouth. Hey, it could have been worse...he could have smiled for this picture!! lol.

It was a good day...heck, it was a great week! In the next day or so, I'll be cramming a lot of pictures from their visit here. It's been really quiet since they left. It was so cool to get up every morning and know that we were going to see them, and then once they left we were all a little depressed.

Well, I'm off. I'll try to post more later, since there are tons of pictures and things we did.

Have a good afternoon, guys. :)

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Jeff said...

I see you haven't written in your blog for a while. Hope everything is AOK.