Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow day!

Well, just as we anticipated, it was a snow day today. Not just for Sebastian, but for Phil, too.

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and Phil got up and went anyway, knowing that there was a large possibility that they weren't going to run, and sure enough by 5:30 he called to let me know that he was on his way home. I felt kind of bad for him knowing that he was fueled up on a big coffee he'd picked up somewhere, and the only place he had to go was home.

It wasn't so bad though. He got home and we laid in bed and watched the news, laughing at all the silly snow tricks people were attempting out there. No salt on the roads before the snowfall equals a lot of smooshed down snow over black ice, and no one here is used to that. My favorite was the guy who couldn't stop in his own drive-way and smashed in to his garage door. That's the kind of stuff that would happen to me.

There were some serious things too, though. A double jack-knife on the freeway in Centralia, a 14 car pile up, snow weighing trees down until they broke or fell over (remember, the ground is still soft from the rains and floods, so it doesn't take much to make a tree fall over) into roads and cars.

I know Phil was irritated about not working but I'm really relieved that he wasn't out there in a truck in the ice and on roads filled with people who don't know what they're doing. He went back out and just up the road when Starbucks opened, and got me a mocha, and then he stopped by Burger King and grabbed us breakfast. What a guy, huh? :) We let Sebastian sleep in, which was a great idea until he woke up around 10 am and came into our room in a panic because he was late for school. LOL.

He had breakfast and puttered around a bit before we finally bundled him up and set him loose in the back yard, to work on the snowman. This time, he promised that he won't destroy the snowman like he did last year. I think he learned that sometimes losing his temper and doing something stupid in the heat of the moment can lead to disastrous things. Like dead snowmen.

Afterwards, he came in for hot cocoa, because according to him, I'd be breaking the law if I didn't provide hot cocoa services for him when he comes in. I put some jumbo marshmallows in there for him, which he said was pretty cool. At least, that's what I think he said, but it's kind of hard to understand him with 4 jumbo marshmallows crammed into his mouth, hehe.

It's going to be a lazy day today. We have everything we need in the house, so we don't have to go anywhere and we don't have to do anything.

My kind of day. :)

Have a good day, everyone.

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Annie said...

We had exactly the same kind of day here too. Except that I had to get my own coffee and didn't get breakfast in bed. /cries