Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's almost Turkey Day!!

It's been a weird week already. Yesterday, Sebastian woke up with a nasty cough, so I ended up keeping him home. Whenever he gets a cough with a cold, it almost always requires a trip to the doctor, and with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I opted to take him in right away instead of waiting a day or two to see how it played out.

The great thing is that the doctor's office is the next road up from us, so it makes it really convenient, and the even better thing is that they have pediatricians there which makes me really happy. Sebastian liked his doctor, so I think we'll continue to go there.

He still felt a bit cruddy today, was even running a fever, so I went ahead and kept him home this morning, and give him another day for the antibiotics to kick in. Not that he's complaining, heh.

So, if you're not much into video games, the above picture isn't going to make a bit of sense, but Sebastian's favorite games are the Katamari games. The basic idea is that he runs around rolling items up into a big ball, like cars, people, animals, buildings etc, and you're timed, I believe, so you have to make it as huge as you can before you run out of time.

Phil and I were sitting on the couch the other night, when Sebastian rolled down the hallway with his own home-made Katamari. He'd blown up a beach ball, and used every last bit of double sided tape to glue things to the ball. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Sometimes I'm so amazed at his creativity. Since this original Katamari, it's grown quite a bit, and I'm a tad dismayed to report that there's not one bit of scotch tape left in our entire house.

He's so much fun-he just cracks me up sometimes.

Clyde is getting a little bit more comfortable. My heart breaks sometimes when I look at him, though. He's still not too interested in playing with me, and he is still real fearful of most people. I figure an 11 month old dog, who is still a pup, should be getting into things, chewing things up, and getting into trouble, but he spends most of his time following me around from room to room, not letting me out of his sight. The most exciting thing he's done so far is chase the kitties from time to time, and he tried to chew up one of Sebastian's legos, but other than that, you'd think he was a senior dog instead of the pup that he is.

He's just the sweetest thing. I'd like to find whoever is responsible for him being this way, and personally kick them in the face.

I tried to take a picture of him and Cassie together, but as you can see, while Clyde has mastered the art of "sitting", Cassie has not, so unfortunately the camera clicked as Cassie was making a run for it.

It's funny to see them standing next to each other or laying down together just because of the size difference. Clyde really likes Cassie and wants to play with her, but Cassie doesn't care too much for him yet. The cats like to use his nose as a claw sharpener, and they'll only stick around him when there's something good to eat.

Pretty much how I expected it to be, so far.

The weather here has been absolutely craptastic. I know we get a bit of rain this time of year, but we've gotten so much that we're breaking records and such. My lovely back yard has turned into a swamp pit. I remember a month or so ago when I was so excited to see rain because it had been so long since we'd had it that our grass was dying, but now, it's well past the "back to green" point and it's looking like it's someplace more suitable for the Swamp Thing to reside in.

I finished a sock last night, and this morning I cast on for it's mate. Can't wait to finish these socks, so I can move on to the next pair...my sock of the month kit got here this month and I can't wait to start it.

I know. I'm a nerd.

Today I'm going to hit the store and get stuff to bake banana bread and a pumpkin pie (from scratch, rofl) so it should be an interesting couple days, hehe.

Happy Turkey day....


Annie said...

I am absolutely addicted to sock knitting lately. I'm just about done with my second sock and can't wait to cast on for the next pair! Woot!

lkmanitou said...

Our dog has a ball that looks exactly like a yellow bumpy Katamari. I like to rolling it after the dog singing "lalalalalalala Katamari Damacy!". :)

I've been hooked on sock knitting, too. Oh, and on increasing my sock yarn stash :)