Sunday, November 26, 2006


I woke up this morning to the phone ringing...Andrea's cheery voice on the other end saying "So are you going to Starbucks to get your coffee in the snow?"

Because I wasn't awake, not much really clicked. "Starbucks?" I mumbled.

Then she said, "Is it snowing there?"

"Snow?" I said. "I didn't know it was snowing."

And that's how the day started. At first, it was rain mixed with snow so I thought I'd cheat my way into a non-snow day. This was successful until late afternoon, when it really started coming down...and sticking.

Doesn't look like there's going to be any school tomorrow. Especially since they don't do much here in the ways of plowing or salting, etc. I'm not too sure that Phil is going to be able to work tomorrow, considering the trucks they use aren't likely the best in the snow.

Snow here is not as common as it was in NJ. There was barely a dusting on the ground and the kids down the road were lined up to try to sled down the hill. There are people who are trying (still) to get up that hill to get to the main roads, and they're not getting anywhere...and we're supposed to have another six inches fall over night.

Fortunately, this is a freak thing. I'm starting to feel like a big fat liar because before we moved here I would tell Phil not to worry because it doesn't rain here as much as everyone says...and what happened? Lots and lots of flooding. I mean lots. To top it off, I assured him that we barely get any snow...and see what happens?

Snow to our dog Cassie is old news. She hates it. I figured that this would be Clyde's first real snow (that he'd remember, anyway) So when it started to fall and I went to take him out, I grabbed the camera to make it a Kodak moment. (Yes, I know. I'm stupid over this dog. Shut up.)

We got outside and he absolutely freaked out. Not in a good way. There I was, standing in our side yard, with my camera in one hand and a leash in the other, attached to a dog that was desperately trying to get away from the falling snow. He's running around in circles, whining, and wrapping me up in the cable of his leash. We ended up inside pretty quick.

The next time I took him out, he was okay with it. I brought Cassie out with us at the same time to help calm him, and he was no longer fearful of the snow. Instead, he started jumping into the air and doing flips and gobbling up snow and rolling around in back and forth as far as his leash would allow, and he was running fast because he was jerking me around a bit with him. I thought this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen, because for the most part, although he's starting to relax a bit, he's a really scaredy uptight dog, so to see him bounding around and jumping and having fun was a riot.

I was able to get a great picture of him as he was trying to convince Cassie to play. She wanted nothing to do with it, she just wanted to go inside.

What a party pooper!

Fortunately, we hit the grocery store last night, so I have a nice big pot of sauce on the stove, which is really going to hit the spot.

Have a good night, everyone.

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Michelle said...

So I now know who to blame for all this interesting weather. Now tell Phil just the opposite so we can get back to normal. lol