Monday, October 30, 2006

Starting to be a little Halloweenie round here...

Yesterday we kind of had a "trial run" with Sebastian's costume for Halloween. Of course, we've done this costume before (shh, you're not supposed to remember that he was the same thing last year, we're in a new state so that doesn't count!!) so it was just a matter of finding all the pieces to it since he tried it on in his room when it arrived last week, and we all know what happens to things when they enter his room, sometimes you just don't ever see them again...

Sebastian really digs the vampire costume...he really gets into the role and enjoys posing with his cloak (which is different than the cloak that came with last years costume!) Phil and I have a blast taking pictures of Seb in his costume though because he's so dang cute. You can see Phil in the background of the top picture, and he's probably having more fun than Sebastian, hehe.

So anyway, Sebastian was invited to his very first Halloween party, courtesy of Zack. Zack is Andrea's nephew. His parents, Mandy and Fred, well, I practically grew up with all of them, so they're kind of like family. Sebastian was so excited/nervous for this party that all the way there he talked about how his stomach felt funny. Butterflies, hehe.

Andrea and I quickly snagged chairs at the table where we decorated cookies like the kids. Of course, our cookies rocked. Andrea decorated a bat, and I made an evil George-cat cookie. Look at us. We're so freaking adorable.

Not as adorable as these guys, though. How can you top them? Here's Sebastian, Colby and Zack, all dressed up for the party. They had a great time, too. They decorated (and ate) Halloween cookies, painted Halloween decorations, played ball outside, and they all played nicely together inside too. It's nice for Sebastian to have friends to play with outside of school. He's really pretty shy still, so he really does well playing in a small group situations I think.

After the party, we decided that we were starving. Despite being on a budget (Holiday's are coming, people!!), we decided to go out to Denny's to grab something to eat, because none of us wanted to wait to drive all the way home and then wait again to cook something.

They were pretty short staffed there, and they forgot our silverware, our napkins and the sugar, and then brought our appetizer with our dinner but managed to not even put Phil's order in to the kitchen, so by the time it was all done, our entire meal (and a special vampire dessert for Sebastian) was free. So while it sucked, it still fit into our budget, lol.

And speaking of dinner, ours is currently on the stove, so I'm off. Halloween is tomorrow, and we're going trick-or-treating tomorrow. And I've added a new broom and hat to my daily wear just for the occasion. ;)

Have a good night.

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