Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last night (Friday), we invited my dad and Barb over for dinner and for pumpkin carving. We raided Albertsons on Thursday night and loaded my bug up with a zerg of pumpkins, so there was plenty for everyone. The top picture as well as the one directly below are of the finished with the flash and one without, and the one without has Sebastian in the background attempting to impersonate a pumpkin.

Here's some other pics of the pumpkin carving process. As you can see, my dad came prepared with...power tools, which Sebastian thought was mighty impressive.

Sebastian is a pretty independent carver-someone just needs to cut the top off for him and after that, he's off. We usually get the pumpkin carving kit that comes with the little tools, but by the time we were done this year, we'd managed to break the little saws. :/ But not before Sebastian turned out a masterpiece.

Think we're just getting started here, we're mostly just drawing faces on at this point, and Sebastian is in the back starting to scrape the guts out of his little pumpkin.

This is a pretty cool picture of Sebastian and Phil as they plotted out the face.

Here's Sebastian, supervising Dad's carving, hehe.

Was a really good night, and since Sebastian has a Halloween party to go to tomorrow, today I just planned on doing some laundry and being a bum, but it appears that my CD rom for my computer has croaked, so we will probably have to go out to pick a new one up, because I have a ton of pictures on my hard drives that I want to back up, and even more crucial is the guild website that I have a copy of on my hard drive but need to copy on to CDs just for safe keeping.

So, more later :)

Have a good night.

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