Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October!!

It's truly a relieving feeling when I realize that the internet is a wondrous place filled with people who are just as clueless as myself.

Just now, I was on the phone with my mom, sifting through my stats for this blog, and we were talking about all the people from all over who visit here, when I happened to stumble upon some poor soul who managed to get here via a Google search. Their search parameters were: "Unclogging dishwasher with Draino."

Whoa. Attention Dishwasher Dude /Dudette: DON"T DO IT!!! OMG!!!

Ok so a couple months ago I wrote about how my dishwasher was clogged. I hope that this fellow distressed dishwasher owner actually READ the entry, so they didn't fill their kitchen up with Draino bubbles.

And yah, I felt kind of dumb when I discovered that Draino to fix a dishwasher is kind of a dumbshit move, but it could always be worse. I once lived with a boyfriend who actually put Dawn dishwashing liquid into our dishwasher to clean the dishes. Now THAT was a mess. Bubbles all the way up to the counter tops.

Hey, he was cute, not Einstein. ;)

So it's no new news to anyone around here that I'm a total dork when it comes to online video games. I love them. Starting way back before Sebastian was born we played Everquest, then I left EQ to beta test Dark Age of Camelot (which is still by far, my favorite game ever).

For a nice change of pace though, I've started a new version of Lorrixah- a big-boobed villain in the game "City of Villains". It's weird to start a toon at level 1 again in a totally different game, because Lorrixah, my reaver in DAoC is RR 10 + and well established, but the good thing is that the whole feel or atmosphere of CoV is different. DAoC for me really centers around the RvR (Realm versus Realm, where you're out killing player enemies) but I think this game for me will be primarily time spent doing the quests, which I've found so far to be pretty fun.

My little villain is only level 10, but I've enjoyed flying around with her and robbing banks and doing favors for the bad guys. I think when I log in next, I'm going to check in to doing a costume change for her though. Heheh.
Clapotis 2.0 is coming along kind of slow. I've actually been pretty busy this past week, so I've been doing a row here and there when I get a chance, but I'd love a good marathon knitting session, where I can just sit down and knit without being distracted. I have jewelry shows booked for the next two Saturdays, and I think I'd like to see about maybe setting up a couple more, so I'm not sure if the poor Clap is going to see much progress in the next couple weeks. This is kind of frightening, because folks, there are less than 3 months of knitting days left before Christmas, and I haven't knit a darned thing that I'm willing to part with!!!

I already have my next 3 projects planned...that miniature sock on the sockblocker keychain will be my first project when I'm done with the Clap Craze, but then I'm also going to work on a lap blanket. The lap blanket is going to be done in a Log Cabin pattern which I've always wanted to do, and I think working on it on a small scale basis is the exact way to do it.
Here's a fairly crappy picture of Sebastian on a hay ride this weekend. I forgot my camera and was stuck with the camera phone, so there goes my Mother of the Year Award. Again.

We had these big plans with Annie, her husband and their kids to go to this pumpkin patch and corn maze this weekend. We headed out there, only to find that they were having a private event for Boeing employees (even though their sign said they were open starting on October 1st and well, it was the first! /rude) So the kids were all disappointed, but I think maybe Annie and I were even more bummed out. We went back to their house, did some digging and came up with another place. So we hit Dairy Queen for a late lunch, and then went to "The Farm". No lie, that's what it's called.

Turns out that it was a really cool place. They had the hay ride, which was cool, but they also had a corn maze which was shaped like the state of Washington, and inside (and outside) they had signs designating different land marks, like cities and state borders, mountains and ships etc. which I thought was pretty cool.

They had this big field full of pumpkins, but we decided to wait to get one until we went back there. They had a mini golf course and a big area with a play gym for the kids to play. There was even a petting zoo, where Annie and I contemplated trying to find a way to either steal or stealth shear the sheep for wool to spin, and a whole litter? zerg? of little piglets that I wanted to bring home, but Phil suggested that if I did that I might have to live somewhere else, so they stayed.

They also have a pig there that does tricks, so he does shows, but we unfortunately missed that...we'll have to catch it next time we go.

Then there was a big ole barn filled with a hay stack maze. We followed the maze through, climbed up to the top level of the barn, which is where there was a slide for the kids to go down, and all the kids decided that this was about the greatest thing they'd ever seen.

They had a bakery too, and a gift shop where they sold cider that they made there, and honey that they made, as well as candles and a whole bunch of antique stuff that Annie and I ooh'ed and aahhhed over.

The whole place was just beautiful-not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it before.

Well, I'm off. Heroes is on tonight, and it's 8:30 already and Phil isn't home from work yet-he finished his own work a few hours ago, but someone at work had their truck break down, and the last time I called him, he was helping the guy finish his route.

Such a long day. :/

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lkmanitou said...

Add rust stain remover stuff (like CLR) to the list of things that should never go into a dishwasher. Yeah, bubbles that took over the kitchen and the basement.

Hope you have fun with CoV!