Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Second grade!!

Today is Sebastian's first day of school. I'm not quite sure who was more nervous, him or me. He's such a trooper, really. New school, new state, new kids, he looked positively terrified but he got on the bus anyway.

I don't think he slept a wink last night, even though I know he went to bed at a decent hour. His school starts about an hour later than his school in NJ did which makes him feel like he gets to sleep in...but that doesn't mean a thing when you're so nervous that you can't sleep.

Hopefully by next week, he'll be adjusted. Hopefully by next week, *I'll* be adjusted, because it's awful quiet around here, and he's only been gone an hour. I think I'm going to stick around home today, get some laundry done, work out a bit, and hopefully cast on for a new knitting project. It will make me feel better to be by the phone today, just so I know everything is okay for him.

We were pretty sad to hear that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, passed away this week. Sebastian has always really enjoyed his shows, and he was really upset about it, but true to his form, was mostly concerned about who was going to take care of the animals now, and was worried about their kids.

Well, I'm off to get some things done around here.

Have a good day.


lkmanitou said...

Hope Seb's first day of school went well, and that you both adjust to the new schedule soon. :)

qaulitee said...

Hello there Nicole. I see things are going well for you. It is funny to read your words. It is so like reliving the past. You have a way of speaking. Very unique.
Andy and myself were just reading your blog and goofing on how much you like to knit! Too funny!
I (Mike) soooooo remember when you first started that! good times.
I see also that you have finally given up on the "Wonderful" Garden State!! I use that loosley of course.
Anyhoo.... we just wanted to say hello.

Well so and here it goes
The end.
Andy Rhodes
Mike Quinzer