Friday, September 22, 2006

Holy crap!! Where did this week go??

When Sebastian bounded out of bed this morning and announced that it was Friday, I did a double take. I can't believe this week is over. Usually it just kind of drags by but for some reason this one went really quick.

Last night was the first episode of The Office for the season. But if you've been around my blog this week, you not only knew that, but you're sick of hearing about it. It was a hoot, and thanks to the joys of the new cable box, we were able to rewind and replay all the funny scenes at least ten times a piece. Until we both cried, hehe. :)

So I guess this isn't going to come as a major shock to everyone when I say that I've started another Clapotis. This time it's in the Koigu kpppm and so far it's knitting up totally different than my first one did. It's a lot stretchier feeling and I think that maybe that's what's making me nervous...but I'm just going to plow ahead because the worst thing that could happen is that I hate it, and if that's the case then I can just frog it and find something new to make the yarn into.

So, remember the treadmill movie I posted the link to a couple days ago?

Well look what someone did. Can you imagine having the time and patience to put this little thing together? It must have taken forever.

So I sent a check to school with Sebastian today. Prepare yourself for this....I've joined the PTA.


If someone had told me ten years ago that I'd be joining the PTA, I would have fallen over with laughter. The only thing missing now is the minivan with the "I'm a Proud Soccer Mom" bumper sticker on the back, and if you think for one minute that I would trade my cute little convertible bug in for one of those, you're sorely mistaken. Ain't happening. Ever. I could still squeeze one more kid in the back seat if we're lucky enough to ever have another one, and if something really bizarre happens and we were to have more, I'd strap the little buggers to the roof. ;)

Short entry today. I have a lot of things I want to get done before the weekend starts. Tomorrow I have some baking I want to do, and then on Sunday, Andrea is having her Housewarming/Seahawk game party, which should be a blast.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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