Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clapotis is finished!! And yummy yarn pics!!

Well today has been a good day. So far nothing has blown up, fallen apart, or been hacked. I call that a success. My bird is driving me nuts, and my hair is driving me crazy since I'm growing it out and I'm at that really irritating stage right now, but if that's the worse that happens today then I'll be a happy camper.

In fact, I spent the morning annoying the crap out of Kallisti (aka Andrew), a fellow gamer who lives in England, so I could get the guild website properly backed up, so next time something tragic happens to our site, he won't have to drop everything he's doing to patch things up for us like he usually does. It's good to have smart friends, hehe.

Clapotis is finished. And I think it's terrific. I will probably have to go out and buy a shirt JUST to wear with this thing. I decided against blocking it. I was going to originally, but once it was finished, I realized that the silk in the yarn gave it such a nice draping quality that I really didn't want to lose that.

So now that it's done, I'm left with a pile of this yummy stuff, and the need to decide exactly what I'm going to do with it. Is it sick of me to wonder how this would look dressed up as a Clapotis? Is there some kind of rehab that Phil can send me to when all I see when I look at yarn is another Clappy?

I love the colors, they kind of remind me of a flower garden in the spring.

Today was a good mail day, too. My sock of the month kit arrived, and so did my package from The Sampler. I love getting my sampler, because it's a great way to see what other craftsy kind of people are up to, what they're making, and what they're selling. I think the site in general is a great way to support people who still create hand made items to sell, because sometimes I see some of the things these people send out and I realize how underappreciated the art of making things on your own has become.

My Swat Team kitty kit from Crafty Alien arrived today, too. It's a felted kitty pattern that I stumbled across by accident, and ended up getting the siamese kit because it reminded me of my cat, Freya. She also sent some kitty magnets, which look great on my fridge. If you're in the market for some cute things, head on over and support her with some business-you won't be sorry.

Today Sebastian had a spelling test. He worked really hard to prepare for it, and I know he'll ace it, although he seemed a bit nervous about it this morning. He still really likes his new school, and that was the one thing that I was really concerned about with the move. I am amazed every day at how well he's adjusted to all of the changes and how he's welcomed the new experiences more than he's shied away from them. Today was the first day that he has given me grief, but it was only because he claims that he was having a great dream that I interrupted by waking him up. However, he can't remember a thing about it. How convenient!! Grrr.

Then today I got a phone call from my friend Stephanie. I don't think I had talked to her in over ten years, so that was REALLY cool. Hopefully we can get some plans together to go out for coffee or sit down with a bottle of wine so we can recap the last ten years or so. I love getting caught up with people. I'm fortunate enough to have friends that, no matter how long it's been, we can pick up the phone and it's like no time has ever passed. Everyone should be that lucky.

Tonight is the TV night that we've been waiting for. This is how you know that you're getting old...when all week we're excited for Thursday night. Fortunately we're not the only ones, because someone wrote "The Office Premiere" in my calendar when they were over, so whoever that was will prolly have their butts firmly planted on their couch tonight too at 8 pm, lol. Ha!!!

Well, I'm off to burn something exciting for dinner. Phil just called and he actually has an early day today (If you wanna call a 10 hour day early, sigh) and is on his way home, so I actually get him to myself all evening.

Have a good night, everyone.


lkmanitou said...

What a beautiful Clappy you've made! I say, go for the Koigu Clappy. Mine's quite a bit smaller than one out of worsted weight yarn, but the colors look fab with the dropped stitches.

Jeff said...

Nice work Nicole!