Monday, September 18, 2006

Blogging is a great method of avoidance...

There are many reasons I enjoy keeping up with this blog.

One is just having the ability to babble and post my goofy pictures. I never really expected that people would find any of my stuff even remotely interesting, but I was suprised to check my stats on this blog and see that there are a lot of people who actually visit here on a regular basis. (Hi, whoever you are!)

The other good thing about blogging is that I can use it as a great excuse as to why I shouldn't risk my life by entering my sons room in an attempt to make a path through it. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how it can be clean one minute, and then look like a bomb went off the next, and he does this all by himself. When I tell him to clean his room, he goes in and organizes things into little piles and calls it a day. These little piles end up spreading back out in no time flat. Sometimes the best thing I can do is close the door and ignore it, and hope that I can find him in the morning, but today he's missing his watch, and we're pretty sure that it's THERE!!! I've been the sorry sucker elected to go in after it. And I will....after I blog. :)

This weekend was my open house for Cookie Lee. We had a great time and it was really a good learning experience for me because I wasn't really sure what to expect and was a bit anxious about the whole thing. Turns out it was all for nothing because the jewelry pretty much sells itself. After the open house, Phil picked up Andrea's hubby and then we all went out to Ixtapa for dinner and these blue margaritas that Andrea ordered us (wtf were those called, Andi?) and then Annie and her hubby showed up so we got to pretty much take over an entire section in the restaraunt and annoy everyone there.

I love Mexican food, but the best part about those places is the chips and salsa that they bring out before you order. Yum.

I'm making great progress on the Clapotis I'm knitting. I've just started the decrease section and I'm absolutely thrilled with how well it's turning out. I'm excited to get it finished, because the whole time I've been knitting this one, I've been thinking about what colors I want to do the next one in. I think it's one of those projects where something as simple as a color choice will change the whole feel of the project.

This should be a good tv week-the premier of "The Office" starts and I've just been dying to see what happens on that show. I think ER starts this week too, and a bunch of new shows that I probably shouldn't watch so I don't end up getting sucked into them.

Well, I'm off to thaw something out for dinner. Maybe I'll clean out the fridge too. Oh ya. .. Sebastian's room. /cries.


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