Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I freakin' rule.

It seems that everything around me is falling apart. A good example is my monitor, which is changing colors and doing funky things. I'm pretty sure that this is a sure sign that it's about to go tits up.

Then there's my laptop, which spit out a blue screen of death the night before last. Whatever happened to it is pretty bad, and I am not quite sure what box my recovery disks are in, or if they would even work. :(

Finally (knocks on wood) I got up yesterday, made my coffee, and went to unload the dishwasher like I do on most mornings, only yesterday I found a bunch of water sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher that hadn't drained. Stuff like this generally falls into the "oh shit" category, because when I try to fix things like this, they generally get even worse. The thing is, with Phil working 14+ hour days, the last thing I want is for him to come home and have to fix the dishwasher.

A couple interesting things I learned when I tried to fix this. First of all, did you know that draino will bubble up when you use it to try to unclog a dishwasher drain and then run a rinse cycle? Yah. I didn't either. But trust me. Bubbles. Lots of them. Which leads to my second revelation: wet/dry vacs rock. Not just for bubbles, but also for sucking clogs out of pipes. Yup. I undid pipes, and managed to vacuum out the clog, and then I got everything put back together, and there was no need for a professional plumber or an ambulance like there normally is when I attempt such things.

I freakin' rule.
We're slowly reaching the end of the boxes. Well, we still have quite a few of them, but we've managed to cram them into the computer room for now, which leaves a pretty normal rest of the house. Even our living room is done, for the most part. The extra furniture we had here from before our moving truck arrived has found a new home with Annie's sister, who just moved into her first apartment, and having it gone totally opened our house back up. My mom's been asking for pictures of our living room furniture, so I finally got around to taking a picture. And hey, look! You can see my son, strangling a cat. Definitely a Hallmark moment. Heh.
Speaking of cat strangling, I can think of one bird who would like to see the sudden demise of one particular cat. My Tonkinese Freya is absolutely fascinated with Darwin, our grey. Since she's started this climbing phase of hers, she's included the top of his cage in her list of stops she thinks she needs to take. This scares the crap out of Darwin, who immediately jumps to the bottom of his cage screaming "NO!!" "BAD!!" while our Macaw (who Freya knows better than to go visit like this) screams his head off, but since he hasn't learned Freya's name yet, he just yells using the name of our other cat, George. "George!! NONONO!!" Meanwhile, George is curled up in the corner looking at me with his typical blank "WTF?" look.

And just so you all know, I didn't leave Darwin like that to suffer. When I cleaned his cage after I took this picture, I moved his cage around to make it a lot more difficult for Freya to climb. I think she's moved on from wanting to cage climb, anyway. She's now working on climbing the screen door on our front door, where she then attempts to push the handle down to open the door. She's a very smart cat. If you knew my flame point George, you'd understand that this whole "intelligent cat" kind of thing is brand new to me. And to top it all off, she's stubborn as Hell.
I took a great picture of both of the youngsters the other day as they were hanging out at the front door. Oh. And my foot. Oddly enough, Loki (the black one) is 2 weeks older than Freya, but at least 3 times her size. This makes the high pitched squeaky voice that he meows at us with very odd sounding. Freya is really small and lanky and incredibly fast and agile, and he's pretty big and...well, he walks into walls from time to time, lol. But while Freya is friendly yet aloof, Loki is friendly and bumbly. When I'm in my bathroom getting ready to go, I always know he's coming to visit me because I can hear him purring before he even walks through the door. And then he plops himself on the floor, flat on his back in between my feet, and lays there and purrs at me. He's a total love.

The last kitten we had before these guys was Willy, our cat who lost her eyes. We really never had a chance to enjoy her as a kitten because it seemed like there was always something wrong or a surgery she had to have or recover from, etc. Then we also had Merlynn, who was a stray and didn't really thrive in a busy household with more than one person, so when she was a kitten, she just ran from everyone.

We're really enjoying these two.

Well, I'm off. It's like 5 am and I'm awake because I couldn't get back to sleep after Phil left for work, so I'm going to see if I can nap for another hour or two before I officially start the day. Right now I'm awake, but this is merely a test, to see how the day is going to go. ;) Then when I get up, I have to plan for my open house show and then also start plans for another jewelry show where I work out. Woo!

Have a good day

Monday, August 21, 2006

...And it's Monday...

Ever feel like you're just running and running, but not getting a darn thing done?

That's kind of how I've felt for the last few weeks.

Getting settled into a new place has turned out to be a miserable process. The computer room has turned into kind of a catch-all for the miscellaneous boxes I still have to go through, and our bedroom is still a disaster area. We still have a couple recliners, a coffee table and an end table that's kind of piled up by the door that's going to go to Annie's sisters new apartment, but until it goes, it just kind of sits there, driving me crazy like it has for weeks now.

Today Sebastian's school re-opened for registration, so I took him in with me to pick up the stack of forms I need to fill out. He acts as if he's excited for the new school, but he told me the other day that he's secretly very scared to go to a new school, so we're going to have to make sure that we go out of our way to show him what a cool place this new school is. Yesterday, Phil drove us by the school and through the parking lot, so Sebastian could see that the new playground is MUCH bigger than the one in his old school-and that there is even a softball field in the back.

There is not much in life that impresses our son, but a bitchin' playground is right up there with Tornados and famous structures. Oh. Can't forget Spiderman!

Today he got to go into the office with me, and he checked out the hallway which is filled with some really cool artwork, and he seems a bit more relaxed and even positive about the new school.

After we left the school, we hit the grocery store, and then we stopped at Starbucks where I treated him to a chocolate milk, and then we headed home, where I started the sauce for dinner and even baked a cake and did laundry. Go, me!

Tonight, Andrea and I have a Cookie Lee meeting to attend. That is, if she's not sick of me. She and her husband Steve were by last night to watch the Seahawks game, and we threw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill afterwards.

Well, I'm off. I'll try to be better about updating and taking pictures. I haven't taken many pictures in the last couple weeks, so you're all stuck with a picture of my new baby, Freya. She's a Tonkinese, (half siamese, half burmese) and I adore her. How can you look at that face and not love it?

Anyway, if any of you need a Cookie Lee catalog, shoot me a message and I'll get them out in the mail to you.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

The blog days of summer....

I haven't been good about updating lately. /hangs head in shame.

It's not that like there hasn't been anything going on, in fact, it's been quite the opposite-everyone has been busy.

I figured I would put a picture in here that Phil sent me on my cell phone yesterday. He and Sebastian were hard at work sanding our deck, and he snapped a picture of Seb sanding away. They got a lot done, too....they got the entire back side of the deck done and they're halfway through the portion of the deck that runs along the side of the house. Seb thought it was great stuff.

We've had some really nice weather here this summer. It's been nice to have it be warm, but without the humidity. The only bad thing is that our place really retains the heat, so when we had a pretty significant heatwave, we were strategically placing fans throughout the house to get some air to circulate.

The kids didn't mind, though. When Annie called me up and we were trying to brainstorm something to do that would A.) Keep the kids cool and B.) Keep them out of our hair for a while, we tossed a few ideas around, like the park or the lake etc, but in the end we just set up the pool and the slip and slide in our back yard and sent the sunblocked kids over to play, and then we parked our butts on the deck under some shade.

If you ask me, the kids had a blast. The slip and slide was a hit as you can see by the picture. That's Blake on the left, and Sebastian on the right. You always know which one is Sebastian, he's always in his Spiderman swim trunks. ;)

Even the pool was a hit, which was kind of a suprise, but I guess the fact that it wasn't a "baby" pool helped matters. I guess those plastic pools with the fish all over them aren't the "in" thing anymore. This particular weekend, WalMart and Target were out of everything warm weather related...no air conditioners, no fans, and no pools or pool toys. As luck would have it, this was a pool that we had bought in New Jersey and had never used, so we put it on the moving truck still in it's original box, so that worked out really well. The only thing we couldn't do was find little pool toys, but in the overall scheme of things, those didn't matter one little bit.

Annie and I signed up at Curves together last week, and yesterday was our 8th workout. I think that my body is in shock, because before this, my idea of exercise was to knit and to purl, or to walk into a Starbucks to order coffee three times a day. We've gone from that to a 5 day a week work-out routine, and hopefully by doing that and making some diet changes, I can work on getting rid of some of the weight that I have gained since I quit smoking. This also means that I have switched from my Venti Banana Mocha Frap at Starbucks to a fat free sugar free drink that's like a tongue twister to try to order. Poor Phil has to carry a notecard around with my drink order on it for when he's out and about and stops by to get me coffee.

Here's a picture of Annie and I, on the day we had the kids out in the pool and on the slip and slide. A really bad picture, actually. It was like 100 degrees out and even though there wasn't any humidity, it was still fairly miserable. Anyway, this is the picture that inspired me to sign up at a tanning place, and spend daily time with my Total Gym. ><

Incidentally, this is also the same day that she called me to tell me that she had cut off her hair--just as Andrea was on her way to my house armed with her scissors to cut off mine and color it. Poor Andrea has been by a couple times a week since then, always taking a little bit more off, because although I wanted it a lot shorter than it is in the picture above, I was taking the weenie way out by having it done in stages. She came by yesterday and cut it again, and now I think it's finally perfect. And Andrea is still speaking to me, lols.

Well, I'm off. Got laundry to do, and hopefully a little bit of knitting somewhere in there.