Monday, July 10, 2006

We made it!! (And our stuff eventually did, too!)

Sebastian and my Dad at the beach in Mukilteo

Well, we made it.

It's been a long and bizarre month, but we're finally getting to where we're almost functional around here.

Our first week here was more like a "Camping-in-your-livingroom" adventure because our truck was a week late, and that kind of sucked ass. It's really disappointing to plan ahead, pack your stuff up, get it on a truck and sleep on a floor and live out of a suitcase three weeks before you move because you think it will be worth it because your stuff will be there waiting for you, only to actually get to the new house and have to wait another week, only for it to finally arrive, but at 11:30 at night, with only two guys unloading. Woo.

Those rat bastards.

Today we went out and about with my Dad. We were supposed to hit the new kids science museum in Everett but they close on Mondays, so instead we headed out to the Mukilteo beach, a place I used to basically live at during the summers as a kid. It was kind of weird seeing my own kid somewhere I used to be at his age, and before that, my dad spent his childhood there. We went to see the lighthouse, headed over to the ferry terminal, and then back to the beach where Sebastian gleefully caught and released jelly fish. Our apologies to the jelly fish family whose member might be coming home tonight with injuries. Our son didn't mean to poke a hole in him. :(

Anyway, he decided early on that the beach was a pretty cool place, and the best part is that it's not far away at all.

Sebastian hanging out on a log at the beach in Mukilteo.

We're all really enjoying our new place. It's the little things that make us happy. Like, no well water for example. One load of laundry convinced me that I needed to wash pretty much everything we owned, because the clothes came out softer and smelled nicer. My hair is loving not being washed in hard water. Our first night here, I ran the dishwasher just because I had one.

Sebastian really likes his new room. It was really the first room we made a point to get squared away...there's very little that needs to be done in there. His curtains need to be hung in place of the blinds that are there, and his closet doors need to be cut down (they don't fit because of the new carpeting) and re-hung. He has plenty of room now, and more privacy, and enjoys not having to go through our room to get anywhere. He's adjusting very well, he's making friends, and comments daily about how much he likes it here. He likes the yard, and he's completely enthralled by the mountains.

It's amazing how much of the beauty that I took for granted when I lived here. It's not until I came back after being gone for so long that I realized how beautiful it is here, and seeing my son enjoy these things for the first time really helped me see that.

Phil is adjusting well, too. I was kind of worried about that. One thing he constantly mentions is that everything seems to move slower out here. I suppose he's right...people do seem to be more relaxed out here and the pace out on the East coast is definitely a lot more frenzied. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it just takes some getting used to.

It's been nice to be with friends again. Andrea and her husband Steve were over the other day...Steve and Phil hung out while she and I hooked her laptop up to our network and hacked in to the pink Ipod that she bought from me, so we could get all the songs off it and on to her computer. Mission accomplished!! She also managed to get me addicted to the new season of Big Brother after only one episode. I'm totally thinking both the blond bimbos need to be booted first. Totally!!

Annie and I are partners-in-crime reunited, hitting garage sales and candle parties, and hosting barbeques at eachother's houses. Our kids get along well, our hubbies get along well, and our evil plan is to eventually get them all outside, lock the door, and knit.

Starbucks is a block away. I love Starbucks. A lot. Especially their Venti Banana Mocha Frap. To counteract this, Annie and I have located a "Curves" which is another block away that we're going to join together. This will not only help me with my Starbucks calories, but also with some luck, it will help me with some of the weight I've put on since I quit smoking.

Anyway, this is just the first post of many, I have a lot of things to post about that I can't possibly fit into one entry, so check in often for more updates!!

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lkmanitou said...

Glad to hear that you and your stuff moved out west safely; sounds like you have a pretty ideal living situation :) Oh, and can I just add that I'm completely jealous over the beaches being so close? Stupid landlocked Indiana...