Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sebastian and the Space Needle...

What good is living so close to Seattle when you don't head down there to check stuff out? Especially when you have a son who has been begging to go there since the plane landed, and you want quite desperately to shut him up? :)

Seriously though, he HAS been begging to go to Seattle, but only because he's a fan of major landmarks, and he's been talking about the Space Needle now for a long time.

So, we stopped by and grabbed Grandpa, and headed in to Seattle. First stop was the Space Needle, and I think we all really enjoyed that. From the top, you can see every angle of Seattle, and it didn't hurt that yesterday was a nice day with very little wind, which made it even more nice.

After the Space Needle, we stopped in to the Science Center.

When I was a kid, I remember this being one of my favorite places in Seattle to go to.

Yesterday though, was a bit disappointing to me. We paid admission for the Center and for an Imax film on the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and the price for the combined ticket was about $15 a piece for the adults. Then we got in to the Science Center itself, only to find that there were other exhibits that we had to pay more money to get in to if we wanted to see them. Just didn't seem quite right to me. I think the Science Center is a very important thing, and I believe firmly in supporting it, but there are times when I step back and look at things like that and kind of shake my head.

Sebastian though, didn't mind that sort of stuff, and overall I think he enjoyed the Science Center, although I think he was too hyped up to really concentrate on a lot that it had to offer. He enjoyed the bug exhibit and the dinosaurs a lot, and since his big thing right now is space, he really enjoyed some of the things in the space section, too. I think he'll get more out of the other sections as he gets older, because I'm sure that there will be field trips galore to there as school goes on.

I do have to give kudos to them for their butterfly garden. I think that was my most favorite part about the whole place.

After the science center, we hit the center and let Sebastian go on some rides which was more up his alley. Today, he and Phil are going to put together the paper model they got of the Space Needle, and then we'll continue to dig through the remaining boxes and work on Mount Laundry.

And somewhere in all of that, I'm going to knit. :)

Have a good day...

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Annie said...

We loved the butterfly exhibit as well. Abby freaked when they landed on her though.