Saturday, July 22, 2006

My cat is gay.

So, I wanted to get my dog something really cool. She's a prissy little thing, and I thought that the pink volkswagen bed I found for her would be right up her alley.

Finally the dog gone thing arrived. Picked it up at the post office, got it home, laid it out, let Phil roll his eyes at me as I made a big to-do about putting Cassie into the bed. And she liked it! She got in and rooted around and rolled around on her back and wiggled around in diva dog happiness.

And then my cat George noticed the bed. I'm pretty sure I saw him smile and clasp his paws together in glee as he skipped across the room.

This is a pic I took approximately five minutes after my cat noticed this new, pink bed and beat the crap out of my dog until she not only ditched the bed but cowered in another room, which is when he made his big ole behind right at home, in her bed.

After lengthy discussing and debating, it's widely believed that George, aka Piggy, is gay.

My dog probably has a few other colorful adjectives to use about him, too.


On another note, it's hot out there!

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