Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm an evil rotten mom.

Three cheers for having a kid that's such a good sport.

It's seriously very hot...and even warmer in the house. Let's just put it this way...the fan and air-conditioning aisle in Target tonight was completely empty. Nothing at all.

Despite that, I bribed my son into modeling the hat I made him. Yes. I'm knitting hats in the middle of summer! Actually I have a couple pretty involved projects going / planned so I whipped up this hat mostly because it was a quick knit-it gave me a sense of accomplishment without having to invest a lot of time into it. Most important though, is that he loves the hat. LOVES it. And he looks adorable in it.

Thought I'd put a picture of Cassie up, since some folks have been asking for Cassie pictures. She's a really small dog...about 6 pounds. Just to put that into perspective, my cat George, the car bed thief, is 13 pounds. Twice her size. I adore her though, and she, for some insane reason, seems to like me a lot too, and there's not much that I can do or anything that goes on around here that she doesn't stick her nose into.

She's handled the move and the new house like a champ. She's never more than a foot away from me for the most part, except for when she's trying hard to be a cat and chasing the kitties around. Like they're gonna fall for that. But it's sweet to see her want to play with them. It's not like those cats couldn't kick her ass or anything. I don't think she really cares about that. She just follows them around, anxiously wagging her tail with this pitiful "like me" look on her face.

We found a stand alone basketball hoop at a garage sale our neighbors were having the other day. I was pretty excited about that, because Sebastian seems to really enjoy hoop shooting, but the only hoop we've had is the one over his bedroom door. Gotta love garage sales!

Andrea was by yesterday, and managed to magically transform my blond hair back to a color that's closer to my natural one. I was astounded at how well the color turned out, because the last time I attempted something like that, I ended up with Elvira hair. That's why it's best once in a while to trust someone that's a professional with half a clue, instead of attempting stupid things with your own hair. She also cut it for me, so it's short again, which to be honest, I've kind of missed. And with the heat wave we've had, it couldn't have better timing. Then with a new haircut, I had to have new earrings. I mean, that's a law somewhere, right? And Andrea is like one stop shopping, because she was kind enough to bring me her Cookie Lee jewelry to roll around in and drool over. MAN is there EVER some cute stuff, and I think I need all of it. If anyone out there needs a haircut, color, or cute jewelry, lemme know and I'll hook you up. :)

Well, I'm going to cut this short tonight. We had Annie and Adrian over tonight, grilled burgers and hot dogs, and let all the kids loose on the slip-n-slide and the little pool in hopes that they'd be worn out enough to all go to bed at a decent hour. I think that this evil plan has backfired in our faces, because tonight, it is the parents who are yawning and crawling to the coffee pot, and the kids looked like they could have gone another few hours.

Pictures to come tomorrow. Have a good night!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My cat is gay.

So, I wanted to get my dog something really cool. She's a prissy little thing, and I thought that the pink volkswagen bed I found for her would be right up her alley.

Finally the dog gone thing arrived. Picked it up at the post office, got it home, laid it out, let Phil roll his eyes at me as I made a big to-do about putting Cassie into the bed. And she liked it! She got in and rooted around and rolled around on her back and wiggled around in diva dog happiness.

And then my cat George noticed the bed. I'm pretty sure I saw him smile and clasp his paws together in glee as he skipped across the room.

This is a pic I took approximately five minutes after my cat noticed this new, pink bed and beat the crap out of my dog until she not only ditched the bed but cowered in another room, which is when he made his big ole behind right at home, in her bed.

After lengthy discussing and debating, it's widely believed that George, aka Piggy, is gay.

My dog probably has a few other colorful adjectives to use about him, too.


On another note, it's hot out there!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sebastian and the Space Needle...

What good is living so close to Seattle when you don't head down there to check stuff out? Especially when you have a son who has been begging to go there since the plane landed, and you want quite desperately to shut him up? :)

Seriously though, he HAS been begging to go to Seattle, but only because he's a fan of major landmarks, and he's been talking about the Space Needle now for a long time.

So, we stopped by and grabbed Grandpa, and headed in to Seattle. First stop was the Space Needle, and I think we all really enjoyed that. From the top, you can see every angle of Seattle, and it didn't hurt that yesterday was a nice day with very little wind, which made it even more nice.

After the Space Needle, we stopped in to the Science Center.

When I was a kid, I remember this being one of my favorite places in Seattle to go to.

Yesterday though, was a bit disappointing to me. We paid admission for the Center and for an Imax film on the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and the price for the combined ticket was about $15 a piece for the adults. Then we got in to the Science Center itself, only to find that there were other exhibits that we had to pay more money to get in to if we wanted to see them. Just didn't seem quite right to me. I think the Science Center is a very important thing, and I believe firmly in supporting it, but there are times when I step back and look at things like that and kind of shake my head.

Sebastian though, didn't mind that sort of stuff, and overall I think he enjoyed the Science Center, although I think he was too hyped up to really concentrate on a lot that it had to offer. He enjoyed the bug exhibit and the dinosaurs a lot, and since his big thing right now is space, he really enjoyed some of the things in the space section, too. I think he'll get more out of the other sections as he gets older, because I'm sure that there will be field trips galore to there as school goes on.

I do have to give kudos to them for their butterfly garden. I think that was my most favorite part about the whole place.

After the science center, we hit the center and let Sebastian go on some rides which was more up his alley. Today, he and Phil are going to put together the paper model they got of the Space Needle, and then we'll continue to dig through the remaining boxes and work on Mount Laundry.

And somewhere in all of that, I'm going to knit. :)

Have a good day...

Monday, July 10, 2006

We made it!! (And our stuff eventually did, too!)

Sebastian and my Dad at the beach in Mukilteo

Well, we made it.

It's been a long and bizarre month, but we're finally getting to where we're almost functional around here.

Our first week here was more like a "Camping-in-your-livingroom" adventure because our truck was a week late, and that kind of sucked ass. It's really disappointing to plan ahead, pack your stuff up, get it on a truck and sleep on a floor and live out of a suitcase three weeks before you move because you think it will be worth it because your stuff will be there waiting for you, only to actually get to the new house and have to wait another week, only for it to finally arrive, but at 11:30 at night, with only two guys unloading. Woo.

Those rat bastards.

Today we went out and about with my Dad. We were supposed to hit the new kids science museum in Everett but they close on Mondays, so instead we headed out to the Mukilteo beach, a place I used to basically live at during the summers as a kid. It was kind of weird seeing my own kid somewhere I used to be at his age, and before that, my dad spent his childhood there. We went to see the lighthouse, headed over to the ferry terminal, and then back to the beach where Sebastian gleefully caught and released jelly fish. Our apologies to the jelly fish family whose member might be coming home tonight with injuries. Our son didn't mean to poke a hole in him. :(

Anyway, he decided early on that the beach was a pretty cool place, and the best part is that it's not far away at all.

Sebastian hanging out on a log at the beach in Mukilteo.

We're all really enjoying our new place. It's the little things that make us happy. Like, no well water for example. One load of laundry convinced me that I needed to wash pretty much everything we owned, because the clothes came out softer and smelled nicer. My hair is loving not being washed in hard water. Our first night here, I ran the dishwasher just because I had one.

Sebastian really likes his new room. It was really the first room we made a point to get squared away...there's very little that needs to be done in there. His curtains need to be hung in place of the blinds that are there, and his closet doors need to be cut down (they don't fit because of the new carpeting) and re-hung. He has plenty of room now, and more privacy, and enjoys not having to go through our room to get anywhere. He's adjusting very well, he's making friends, and comments daily about how much he likes it here. He likes the yard, and he's completely enthralled by the mountains.

It's amazing how much of the beauty that I took for granted when I lived here. It's not until I came back after being gone for so long that I realized how beautiful it is here, and seeing my son enjoy these things for the first time really helped me see that.

Phil is adjusting well, too. I was kind of worried about that. One thing he constantly mentions is that everything seems to move slower out here. I suppose he's right...people do seem to be more relaxed out here and the pace out on the East coast is definitely a lot more frenzied. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it just takes some getting used to.

It's been nice to be with friends again. Andrea and her husband Steve were over the other day...Steve and Phil hung out while she and I hooked her laptop up to our network and hacked in to the pink Ipod that she bought from me, so we could get all the songs off it and on to her computer. Mission accomplished!! She also managed to get me addicted to the new season of Big Brother after only one episode. I'm totally thinking both the blond bimbos need to be booted first. Totally!!

Annie and I are partners-in-crime reunited, hitting garage sales and candle parties, and hosting barbeques at eachother's houses. Our kids get along well, our hubbies get along well, and our evil plan is to eventually get them all outside, lock the door, and knit.

Starbucks is a block away. I love Starbucks. A lot. Especially their Venti Banana Mocha Frap. To counteract this, Annie and I have located a "Curves" which is another block away that we're going to join together. This will not only help me with my Starbucks calories, but also with some luck, it will help me with some of the weight I've put on since I quit smoking.

Anyway, this is just the first post of many, I have a lot of things to post about that I can't possibly fit into one entry, so check in often for more updates!!