Friday, June 02, 2006

What a week!!!! 17 more days!!!

Here is a picture of, well, pretty much everything we own, crammed into a truck.

Oh. I think I see my finger, too. So much for my photography skills!! Really it's just my camera phone, since my camera is packed away somewhere. Not sure where, except that it's in some box with Andrea's Ipod. Heh.

So, this week has been busy.

Tuesday we closed on our new house. Two days earlier than we had expected, but oh well, it didn't matter either way to us. I did feel bad for the seller though, who apparently counted on those extra two days to get out, because when my dad got our keys and drove by, she still had boxes outside. Two extra days make a lot of difference when you're packing, so I hope she got her stuff out okay, and I hope that she had some extra time to do a bit of cleaning up too.

Wednesday, Sal and Phil took our parrots to the airport to fly them out to my dad's. This didn't go over well with Bumbles or Darwin, but it seems that Darwin is adjusting better out there than Bumbles is. Darwin is hamming it up, Bumbles is sitting in a corner pouting and refusing to look at anyone. I think that, with time and once their toys get there, Bumbles will relax a bit more. He's pretty bonded to me, so it's a hard adjustment for him.

That same day, my car got put on an 82' truck bound for home. It was pretty weird handing my keys and my car to some strange guy, and watching him drive the car onto the trailer. He waved goodbye to us and drove off, and I was standing there wondering if I'd lost my mind.

To be honest, I've wondered that a few times during this moving process. About once a day, I decide that Phil and I must be absolutely freaking crazy to be doing this.

Then today, it took 4 guys approximately 5 hours to put everything we own on a truck, minus the things we've set aside for our remaining days here. It's kind of weird to think that everything we own is on some truck somewhere. As the truck drove away today, all I could really think was that I hoped to see our crap again someday. Heh.

So here we sit. Our house echoes when we talk. Downstairs we have a coffee table. Upstairs we have air mattresses, a couple small TV's, Sebastian's PS2 and books I've set aside to read with him, Phil's video games, and this laptop. Then our clothes, and my sock yarn, and that's all she wrote.

It seems that the only one enjoying herself is our blind cat, who didn't take long at all to discover that there were no longer obstacles in her way downstairs, and has transformed into "Superkitty", and is taking advantage of the open space by running from one end of the house to the other. She just goes until she hits a wall, then she skids around, and heads the other direction. For added entertainment, I shut the french doors halfway through her race track.

This wasn't for her entertainment, but it was for my own. :)

Sunday was my one year "Blogaversary", meaning I've been blogging with Blogger for a year here's to another interesting year of things to bore folks with.

I'm assuming that the next 17 days or so will be uneventful (knocks furiously on wood) so I have some things saved up to write about, including my mother-in-law's terrific retirement party, and some baby chicks that Sebastian has brought home to babysit for the weekend.

We're down to one laptop here, and that means Phil and I will have to share, which also means that my posts will continue to be few until we're settled in to the new place, or at least have all of our systems back up, which I'm betting Phil will do the first night.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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