Monday, June 12, 2006

One week....

Today Sebastian started his last full week of school. Today is also my 5 month mark of not smoking.

This time next week will be our last full day in New Jersey. Kinda weird, huh?

That makes for a busy week for us. Tomorrow is the first grade picnic at the park.
Both cats and the dog go to the vet on Wednesday for their flight certifications. I think George knows it, too, because the ole boy is already giving me the "evil eye" look.

I'm starting to get nervous about the plane ride. Mind you, I'm not a very gracious flyer to begin with, but this will be my first flight since 9/11 and I'm pretty sick to my stomach over it. I think that, after all this moving business, the flight is the one thing I've dreaded the most. I've got the whole first seasons of Desperate Housewives, Lost and Weeds crammed onto my Ipod, and knowing that Sebastian will be hogging the PSP for the entire flight, we planned ahead and got an extra battery pack for that, and I've also put the DS aside, because on a six hour flight, the biggest problem is boredom, especially when you have a 7 year old in tow.

With any luck, he'll sleep. Hell. With any luck, *I'll* sleep. Because once the flight is over, and our feet are firmly planted on the ground again, our day is merely beginning---that's when the unpacking begins, and that should suck ass, but hopefully not as much as packing it did.

I ordered the new fridge yesterday, so hopefully they'll be calling me to set up something for delivery. I'm kind of excited about that, because we ordered one with a water and ice dispenser--something we would have never done on our current craptastic well water. My dad says that the fridge area is already set up for a fridge like ours, so I figured what the heck, can't hurt anything.

I still haven't heard anything from the carpet guy, but I'm assuming that our carpet hasn't arrived yet. It's really cutting it tight, because we need the carpet in before the moving truck gets there, because there's no way they'll get the carpet in with all those boxes in the way. In retrospect, we should have tried to get in to measure before the house closed, but I never really thought about it. The Home Depot has this next day installation thing going on which kinda screwed us up. We didn't know that it only applied to a crappy construction grade carpeting that's only available in 5 colors.

My car was in Oregon the last time I heard. Bob the transport guy called my dad to touch base with him, it's my understanding that my bug should be in Everett sometime tomorrow.

Which is pretty weird, heh.

Well, I'm off to go clean something.

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vegas_andi said...

I know I havent said it enough, and I'm sorry.... BUT CONGRATS on the not smoking!!! I'm very proud of you!!! see now we don't need to spray ourselves down w/ aqua net before we hug my Mom!!!!
love you!!