Sunday, June 18, 2006

One more day!!

Wow, it's been a crazy week.

Even crazier is the thought that this very well could be my last entry while in New Jersey.

This week was the final "get all our ducks in a row" week.

Both cats and our dog visted the vet to get their health certificates so they could fly. George, my persian, picked a great week to start having seizures, but they checked his bloodwork and said it looked fine, and that it's very possible that it could be from epilepsy or from a tumor of some sort.

Regardless of what it is, as long as he's not in pain (and he doesn't experience any during the seizures) I've decided to not pursue treatment for him above medication. I just don't see the point or even the respect in putting him through lab rat testing or surgeries. As much as the selfish part of me wants to do everything I can to keep him with me, the sensible side knows that he's nearing his 17th year, and after everything he's been through with me, I owe him more than to make him miserable.

Then Cassie, our dog who is more of a wannabe cat, had to have a bunch of teeth extracted, so we decided to just get that done too, so it was over and done with. She was pretty miserable yesterday, but a bit more like herself today, but just the same, I took her with us to Phil's moms so I could keep an eye on her. The fact that she's so small and was under for so long, as well as the fact that she's on pain meds, was enough to make me think twice about leaving her alone.

She did pretty well, actually. She's a papillon, so she's a really small dog, but she thinks she's a Rotweiler or something, and she's very protective of me and pretty timid around other people, but she's a really good dog and didn't make a nuisance of herself really, so we were able to enjoy a nice dinner and a great visit with Phil's mom and Sal and his daughter Dawn.

The weather today pretty much sucked the wind right out of me. It was miserably hot and humid--everything is sticky and disgusting. Yuck.

Last week was also Sebastian's last full week of school. Phil and I went to his first grade picnic at the park, which is right by our house. Our camera is in a box on a truck somewhere, but thanks to the handy dandy convenience of a camera phone, we were able to take a picture of Sebastian after they all made visors. It was a perfect day for it, not too hot or humid, and the kids had a great time. It was also fun for Phil because he doesn't usually get to go to the school activities because of work, and it was great for Sebastian, who was proudly pointing his daddy out to his buddies. I think it was weird for Phil to have teachers and parents call him "Mr." while I've gone to enough school events and field trips that I'm pretty used to kids chasing me down yelling "Mrs. 'Gala!!! Mrs. 'Gala!" Not one of them can say my last name right, lols.

We went to our attorney's office on Thursday to sign the papers for the sale of our NJ house. Our buyers should be signing Monday (tomorrow) around 9:30, so with a little luck, all of that should go well, and we should have our proceeds in our account before we go. If not, I'll be a tad pissy, because we really just want to get everything settled and done before we get on the plane.

Tomorrow is Seb's last day of school, and he has a half day. Then we have a box that we need to mail out to ourselves, and then we come home and start throwing anything out that we've been using this past week that we're not taking with us, and filling suitcases. Then we leave for the airport about 5am on Tuesday morning. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to sleep, but I'm already so nervous about climbing on an airplane that I'd be lucky if I can even sleep tonight, let alone tomorrow night.

After that, it will be the 22nd before we have internet access, so please, no death threats or nasty phone calls from people who expect updates /glares at her mother.

Monday, June 12, 2006

One week....

Today Sebastian started his last full week of school. Today is also my 5 month mark of not smoking.

This time next week will be our last full day in New Jersey. Kinda weird, huh?

That makes for a busy week for us. Tomorrow is the first grade picnic at the park.
Both cats and the dog go to the vet on Wednesday for their flight certifications. I think George knows it, too, because the ole boy is already giving me the "evil eye" look.

I'm starting to get nervous about the plane ride. Mind you, I'm not a very gracious flyer to begin with, but this will be my first flight since 9/11 and I'm pretty sick to my stomach over it. I think that, after all this moving business, the flight is the one thing I've dreaded the most. I've got the whole first seasons of Desperate Housewives, Lost and Weeds crammed onto my Ipod, and knowing that Sebastian will be hogging the PSP for the entire flight, we planned ahead and got an extra battery pack for that, and I've also put the DS aside, because on a six hour flight, the biggest problem is boredom, especially when you have a 7 year old in tow.

With any luck, he'll sleep. Hell. With any luck, *I'll* sleep. Because once the flight is over, and our feet are firmly planted on the ground again, our day is merely beginning---that's when the unpacking begins, and that should suck ass, but hopefully not as much as packing it did.

I ordered the new fridge yesterday, so hopefully they'll be calling me to set up something for delivery. I'm kind of excited about that, because we ordered one with a water and ice dispenser--something we would have never done on our current craptastic well water. My dad says that the fridge area is already set up for a fridge like ours, so I figured what the heck, can't hurt anything.

I still haven't heard anything from the carpet guy, but I'm assuming that our carpet hasn't arrived yet. It's really cutting it tight, because we need the carpet in before the moving truck gets there, because there's no way they'll get the carpet in with all those boxes in the way. In retrospect, we should have tried to get in to measure before the house closed, but I never really thought about it. The Home Depot has this next day installation thing going on which kinda screwed us up. We didn't know that it only applied to a crappy construction grade carpeting that's only available in 5 colors.

My car was in Oregon the last time I heard. Bob the transport guy called my dad to touch base with him, it's my understanding that my bug should be in Everett sometime tomorrow.

Which is pretty weird, heh.

Well, I'm off to go clean something.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Saturday! 9 days to go!!

There are these little things we take for granted until we don't have them. Like my photo editing software, for example. It's on my main system, which is, well, not really sure at the moment, but with any luck it's on a truck nearing our new place.

This means that our photo of Sebastian with one of the chicks we babysat last weekend is badly done. This really means that I don't know jack shit about how to use the program that's on the laptop, and I've decided I'm not even going to delve into it to learn about it when I will be reuinited with the good one in about 9 days.

So there.

It has been a relatively busy week which has been nice because it's helped make time pass a bit faster. Being in limbo is hard, because we're half here and half there. Fortunately not much has changed upstairs. While it's true that we are now sleeping on blow up aerobeds, we still have the laptop for the internet. Phil has the X-box, and Sebastian has his playstation. It will be worth trying to figure out how to cram these suckers into our suitcases, because they've allowed us some sense of "normal". I also have a bunch of Junie books to read to Sebastian, and a bunch of yarn I stashed away. I think I was a bit over ambitious when planning out how many pairs of socks I was going to turn out once our stuff left on the truck...I'm only on my second pair, which means that there will be a nice chunk of yarn that I will be shipping home.

We also ordered new carpet for our new place. Right now it's kind of a contest as to what will get there first...our moving truck or our carpet...and we're hoping the carpet is done first.

It kind of stings to buy all new carpet, but I guess the carpet in there now is the original carpet, and it's in pretty bad shape. I'm kind of weird about carpeting, because when we moved into the house we're at now, the carpet was awful, yucky and moldy, and no matter how many times we steam cleaned it, it just never seemed right, and I remember never wanting to put Sebastian down on it after he was born.

We didn't want to go down that road again. We decided that new carpet would eliminate most of the headaches we've had here right off the bat, so I think it will be worth every penny. Especially since we found a carpet color we both agreed on (whoa!) and so much so, that we went out of our way to be sure that it was a color name that translated to the stores on the west coast. (You'd be suprised at how hard that is to do!) I think in the end it's the color we've always talked about getting, and a bit better quality than we originally planned on, so as weird as it sounds, we're pretty ecstatic about that. How sad is that, all excited about carpeting, lols.

Sebastian's school year is winding down. I still think we made the right decision by waiting until his school year was done before leaving. I guess technically we could have left a week ago and it wouldn't have made much of a difference, but I think being able to be there for the last day of school with his buddies is an important thing for him, it's like full closure, which might be just for my peace of mind more than anything, but I do worry about how he will adjust to all the changes.

We have a free pass for Giggles that's good for a year after his birthday party, and a big bag of tokens, so we figured we had better use that before we left, so that's what we're going to do today. Between that and going to see the new X-men movie last night, he should be content enough to stay home and out of our hair tomorrow while Phil and I get some things done around the house, heh.

I'm off. Have a good day.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What a week!!!! 17 more days!!!

Here is a picture of, well, pretty much everything we own, crammed into a truck.

Oh. I think I see my finger, too. So much for my photography skills!! Really it's just my camera phone, since my camera is packed away somewhere. Not sure where, except that it's in some box with Andrea's Ipod. Heh.

So, this week has been busy.

Tuesday we closed on our new house. Two days earlier than we had expected, but oh well, it didn't matter either way to us. I did feel bad for the seller though, who apparently counted on those extra two days to get out, because when my dad got our keys and drove by, she still had boxes outside. Two extra days make a lot of difference when you're packing, so I hope she got her stuff out okay, and I hope that she had some extra time to do a bit of cleaning up too.

Wednesday, Sal and Phil took our parrots to the airport to fly them out to my dad's. This didn't go over well with Bumbles or Darwin, but it seems that Darwin is adjusting better out there than Bumbles is. Darwin is hamming it up, Bumbles is sitting in a corner pouting and refusing to look at anyone. I think that, with time and once their toys get there, Bumbles will relax a bit more. He's pretty bonded to me, so it's a hard adjustment for him.

That same day, my car got put on an 82' truck bound for home. It was pretty weird handing my keys and my car to some strange guy, and watching him drive the car onto the trailer. He waved goodbye to us and drove off, and I was standing there wondering if I'd lost my mind.

To be honest, I've wondered that a few times during this moving process. About once a day, I decide that Phil and I must be absolutely freaking crazy to be doing this.

Then today, it took 4 guys approximately 5 hours to put everything we own on a truck, minus the things we've set aside for our remaining days here. It's kind of weird to think that everything we own is on some truck somewhere. As the truck drove away today, all I could really think was that I hoped to see our crap again someday. Heh.

So here we sit. Our house echoes when we talk. Downstairs we have a coffee table. Upstairs we have air mattresses, a couple small TV's, Sebastian's PS2 and books I've set aside to read with him, Phil's video games, and this laptop. Then our clothes, and my sock yarn, and that's all she wrote.

It seems that the only one enjoying herself is our blind cat, who didn't take long at all to discover that there were no longer obstacles in her way downstairs, and has transformed into "Superkitty", and is taking advantage of the open space by running from one end of the house to the other. She just goes until she hits a wall, then she skids around, and heads the other direction. For added entertainment, I shut the french doors halfway through her race track.

This wasn't for her entertainment, but it was for my own. :)

Sunday was my one year "Blogaversary", meaning I've been blogging with Blogger for a year here's to another interesting year of things to bore folks with.

I'm assuming that the next 17 days or so will be uneventful (knocks furiously on wood) so I have some things saved up to write about, including my mother-in-law's terrific retirement party, and some baby chicks that Sebastian has brought home to babysit for the weekend.

We're down to one laptop here, and that means Phil and I will have to share, which also means that my posts will continue to be few until we're settled in to the new place, or at least have all of our systems back up, which I'm betting Phil will do the first night.

Hope everyone is doing well.