Saturday, May 20, 2006

The official ONE MONTH mark arrives....

Well, today is the 20th of May. And we're out of here on a plane on the 20th of June. So the one month mark has hit. I haven't started to panic yet. I probably should be, but right now I'm more concerned about house closings than I am about getting shit into boxes. We need our house here to close so we don't have it hanging over our head when we get out to Washington. And of course we need our house there to close so we're not camped out on my dad's doorstep.

And the funny thing is, that I went an entire year without having too much going on, and then all of a sudden May comes and my calendar is jam packed with things I have to do and places I need to be, and this isn't counting moving related stuff.

Like last week, I went with Sebastian's class to Space Farms. Kind of a cool place, and I had never been there before, so it was fun to experience it with Seb. I got a lot of cool pictures, but instead of bogging you down with a screen full of ring tailed lemurs (my favorite!) and groundhogs, I am just going to share my favorite one of Seb, his buddy Stephen, and one big ole bear. Was a lot of fun, and it was a fun break from all of the rest of the things that are going on. Right up until I got home and learned that we need to redo our septic before we can close on our house here in NJ. /sigh.

We broke down my computer desk the other day, and I now type from a keyboard that is balanced on a TV dinner tray. LOL. I couldn't pack up my printer or the fax machine because we'll need to print/fax papers to close our house out in WA, so they will be the last things on the truck I think, since we're supposed to close on the 1st and our truck comes on the 2nd.

Motorola/Verizon Wireless Pink Razr.

It's cute, it's pink. It's a cute pink piece of crap.

So, a couple weeks ago, we went to Verizon Wireless to get Phil a new phone. His was looking pretty sad, the top of it was coming off of it's hinge, so it was time. We got in there, verified that he was due a new phone, and went looking.

From across the room I saw it. A pink phone. I figured that this was a sign, since Andrea is taking over my pink Ipod, this was to be my pink gadget replacement. And if we bought one of these, then we got some other phone for free. Awesome.

Got this phone home and it didn't take long to realize that I hated it's guts. In the game section, this phone listed Pac-Man and Tetris as available games to play, but it wouldn't let me play either of them, it kept telling me that the license was not found, and asking me to insert the card I installed them from, which ummm, didn't come with the phone. Eventually I got pissed. I decided to remove them altogether. It wouldn't let me delete them without prompting me once again for the card I installed them from. Then I decided to just re-download them. I needed the installation card to do that, too.

So I called Motorola. The guy I talked to was stumped. He couldn't figure out why they were there when all that was supposed to come with the phone was "Bejewelled". He told me to take it back to Verizon.

Went back to Verizon. They decided that they were just going to swap it out, and give me a new phone. Very cool. They transferred my contact list over to the new phone, and sent me on my way. I left, got out to the parking lot, and realized that Pac-Man and Tetris were still on my fricking phone.

Went back in, and they took my phone and told me that they were going to have a tech look at it, and asked me to come pick it up in a half hour. One hour, 45 minutes go by, and the techs at Verizon were left scratching their heads, on the phone with some national service line, and basically telling me that I was pretty much out of luck and that I couldn't get another Razr, because it turns out that ALL of their pink razrs were messed up like mine. They told me that I could either keep it and wait for Motorola to update their software, or pick out a totally different phone. At this point, I'd been there going on three hours, so I just left.

I went home, stewed about it during the weekend, and realized that I really hated the phone. It seemed like the volume wasn't loud enough...I really had to press the dang thing up to my ear to hear anyone, and that was just not right to me. And then the battery...well both my first razr and the replacement phone drained their batteries like whoa. I realized that the fact that this phone was pink was just not enough to hide the fact that it sucked ass, and I told Phil that I just wanted to take the phone back, which made things messy since his phone was the "get one free" on the deal. Turned out that we'd both have to take back our phones. I felt bad about that, but the bottom line is that I need a phone that *works* above all else.

Back we went. Turns out they were having a special on a different phone, another buy one get one free deal, but this time around, I made sure to test it by making calls on it and making sure that it wasn't buggy. A little bit bulkier than the razr and even my old phone, but I liked that it flipped open to reveal a keyboard and screen if I wanted, which meant that there might be hope for my craptastic text messaging skills! The bonus was that it had just enough gadgety geek crap to entertain us, and both Phil and I liked the phones....AND I could still use the bluetooth ear thingy that was pretty much the only thing about my Razr that I liked.

The V phone. I don't know what it's real name

is, but who cares. It works.

That was really the first time I'd ever had a bad experience with a cell phone. The bottom line for me is that I use my cell phone as my primary phone. I only keep the house phone hooked up in case the end of the world arrives and wipes out the cell towers. :) I need something that works...cute just doesn't cut it.

So. If you're in the market for a pink Razr, or any Razr for that matter, make sure that it doesn't list those two games in it's menu. Make sure that you have battery chargers galore, and that you don't mind not hearing anyone who calls you.

I'm off to knit and think about how I should be putting shit into boxes.

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