Monday, May 01, 2006

Long post inc!!

Long time no post!

It turns out that ripping up our house is more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.

On top of that, the usual expected hold ups have taken place. I mean, it would be silly of us to expect everything to go on without any problems, right?

Basically we send Sebastian off to school in the morning, and we get to work. The only room that has not been taken apart is the room I'm posting from, the computer room. And see, this is the most important room in our house to us, so chances are, we'll be waiting til the last possible second to take this room apart.

Somehow, I've managed to knit. I'm on a sock knitting binge. Mostly because I managed to pack all but two pairs of my regular socks by accident and I'm not sure what box they're in or where the Hell they're at, so I'm furiously knitting every night.

The picture above is the current pair I'm working on. I absolutely love them. I'm using Trekking XXL in color 100, and I just have to say that this stuff knits up really nice-into a really nice thick and really soft sock. I think these will be my favorite socks ever.

The picture below is a pair I finished the other day in Knitpicks "Dancing". I dunno why, but I love this yarn, too. I think it's because it has a nice stretch to it, which really makes for a comfy sock. That, and the colors are terrific. Can't beat that!!

Anyway, I'm not sure how I've managed to get any knitting done, to be honest. It's really been just one big comedy of errors around here.

Starting with our Pods. You remember that idea right? How we figured that we were so clever for deciding to load all our crap into Pods, storing it so we can get work done on the house, and then finally having them transported to the new house in Washington? Yah well. It was such a good idea. Right up til the Pod guy got here and refused to drop the Pod because our driveway is elevated and because he didn't think he'd have enough room.

So that was on April 20th. And we ended up having to really scramble to get a reservation in with a regular moving company. Which means that, instead of having all of our boxes being stored in some Pod somewhere, that they are now stacked up in our tiled room, which is where they will sit until June 2 when the moving company shows up. In turn, the few pieces of furniture that we plan on bringing, now sits on our back deck covered by tarps, because there's no where else for it to go.

We have ripped up all of our downstairs carpeting. All that's left is the bedroom carpeting. Once we get the house painted, we'll have the new carpeting put in. Until then, the cats run across the living room floor and it sounds like a herd of elephants in tap shoes.

The bird cages arrived at my dad's house. We'll be shipping the birds to him ahead of time, so I went ahead and had both cages shipped to him. Sadly, one cage arrived all squished and beat up, and we're waiting for a replacement to arrive. Obviously I can't ship the birds until both their cages arrive, but it's getting warmer out and the more that happens the worse it is for shipping animals...especially birds.

He did get the big cage put together, though. And trust me, as someone who has spent many nights cussing and throwing shit as I've put cages together, this is a great accomplishment heh. And then he sent me an e-mail with a picture of the cage. Amazingly enough this is actually bigger than the cage that Bumbles currently has. When we originally got him, he was still a baby, and at the time his current cage was appropriate for him but now that he has grown a bit I wanted to give him a bit more space, even though he usually spends more time OUT of his cage than in it.

Overall, I think that we are way ahead of the game as far as getting stuff into boxes and stacked up. Phil has been replacing/fixing the little odds and ends around the house that needs to be done. Slowly, we're getting there. So we're looking at 32 days until the moving company gets here, and about 50 days until we're actually on an airplane and out of here. It seems like a long time, but it's going to fly as we work to get things done.

Not only that, but this month is busier than hell for some reason. This past week or so I had Sebastian's parent teacher conference. Then Phil and I went to the Roundtable event for the game we play, Dark Age of Camelot. It was a lot of fun to hang out with other people who don't look at me funny when I tell them I play online video games, because they're just as, maybe even more into it than I am.

Then I've had various dentist appointments to follow up on my root canal with one more to go. Seb's had a couple dentist appointments. Coming up is Sebastian's spring concert at school. Then there's the field trip to Space Farms that I'll be helping to chaperone. Then on the 25th is an "Author" party at school, where the kids read stories that they've written, edited and published. That same night is the retirement party for Phil's mom.

All of it is stuff I look forward to, but I find myself frantically clutching my calendar and double checking it each time I end up adding things, because I'm not used to having so many things I have to do, and then when you add that to the crap that we have to get done prior to moving, like vet appointments for health certificates for flying, a trip to VW to have my car check up and oil change, getting my car transported, etc etc etc and then that makes it even more ... interesting.

All of this, and I'm still not smoking. I hardly ever think about it anymore, unless I am around someone else who is smoking. Phil still smoking has made things a little difficult for me from time to time...and I find that chomping on a good ole piece of sugar free gum really helps. Only on one side though, because apparently it was my gum chewing that contributed to cracking my root canal tooth.

The only drawback to not smoking is that I've managed to gain a bit of weight. I'm not sure what happened because I was doing okay until the last month or so, and now all of a sudden I'm having a hard time squeezing into my jeans. I think that a lot of it is that I've been living off pasta because of my dental work, and most of all, when I smoked, I wasn't ever hungry until dinner time and now I wake up hungry and basically shove food in my face all day.

This has resulted in my having to me more aware of what I'm eating for the first time in my life so I can get back into my jeans which is a pretty odd experience for me. My goal is to lose all that weight before I get on an airplane. Which means that the late night trips down to the kitchen to inhale an entire box of pringles are over.

Well, today our bed is being taken apart, and we're switching to a luxurious aerobed. So I'm off to find an airpump or something.


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lkmanitou said...

Such beautiful Trekking socks! Hope your packing goes more smoothly :)