Thursday, April 06, 2006


So yah, it's like.. April and stuff. Despite that, it snowed yesterday. Big poofy flakes. It didn't stick around for too long, but it was still annoying, especially for my neighbor who you can see scraping off his car. lols, poor guy. For me it was kind of a "wtf" kind of thing to see snow on the ground and more falling from the sky. It was good motivation for packing my shit, to be honest. hah.

So I've been slacking on posts this week, but not slacking in real life.

We finalized all that inspection stuff on our new place, and we and the seller were finally able to agree on a somewhat satisfactory agreement. So that's done.

Then yesterday, UPS delivered a skinny envelope from our mortgage company which had our check. I made Phil put that sucker in the bank fast before the mortgage company could change their minds lols.

I have begun packing. Let me just say that this is the first time in my entire life that I have ever packed things into actual boxes during a move. Every other time I've moved, I've thrown my stuff into garbage bags and made the most of it. The art of neatly stacking things into boxes and labelling the boxes is pretty bizarre to me, but with a move like this, I want to have some sense of organization. I don't want that feeling of panic that I've somehow managed to associate with moving to pop up because I'm quite sure that this whole process will be overwhelming as it is.

Turns out that we have a lot of shit. I keep packing boxes but I feel like I'm not getting anywhere hehe. I haven't even touched Phil's grandmother's china, because I'm a bit worried as to how to pack all of that without getting any of it broken. I keep walking by it and looking at it, and then I go pack DVDs or something.

Anyway, I'm off to my boxes and sharpies.

Have a good day.


Annie said...

My only suggestion for your moving and packing and organizing is to write on the box every single thing that is in there. I did stupid stuff like label boxes "Misc. Kitchen stuff" which didn't really help when I was looking for a particlar item. Next time I will make sure all of my boxes have some kind of detailed inventory so that when I'm looking for something in particular I can find it again. I keep telling Adrian, "I can't wait for Nikki to get here! I can't wait for June!"

Nicole said...

Yah, I try to put at least ONE item name on the box. Problem is, I label the box before I pack it, so I always end up throwing extra shit in there, but at least I'm putting what room each box goes into.

See, with plastic bags, you don't have to label anything. Just use the big clear bags and you just have to LOOK to see where each bag goes.


Trying to figure out why I have like 20 boxes of shit packed and you can't even tell. That's not good, is it?