Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIP, Dana Reeve

I was moved to tears this morning when I heard that Dana Reeve had passed away from lung cancer.

She was 44, and never smoked.

Most folks know her as the wife of Christopher Reeve, who played Superman and was later paralyzed. They started a foundation together focusing on spinal injuries, and no matter what happened, she was always by his side with their son.

I always thought of her as an extraordinary woman filled with optimism and she was a perfect example of how to live life with grace, even when it wasn't being kind. My family is no stranger to spinal cord injuries, so because of that, I respected and admired her that much more.

When she announced last August that she had lung cancer, I was just sure that she would find a way to beat it. After everything that her family has endured, this was the last thing anyone ever expected them to have to face.

After today when I think of her, it will be a reminder that life is not fair.

This is proof of that.

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