Friday, March 31, 2006

Reading awards day, and other stuff!!

Yesterday was the awards ceremony for the Books and Beyond program at Sebastian's school. This program is where we read during the week, document it, and if we accomplish a minimum amount of reading, he gets a medal in addition to his certificate of participation.

This was big stuff around here. He was so excited for the ceremony that the poor kid barely slept a wink the night before. I like the program because it's been a good motivator when getting him to sit down and work on reading.
Here's a picture I took of his entire class after the ceremony as they posed with his teacher.
And this is just after they got their medals.

Last night we signed our papers for our loan. This means that in three days, they'll be mailing us a check. This means one less thing for me to worry about.

Life is funny though. One frustrating factor disappears, and another appears.

We had our inspection on our new place last week, and a couple things popped up that we wanted the seller to address. My idea was to ask for a large amount of things, that way I'd be happy when she counter offered with a small amount of things. Made sense, right?

So we asked that the roof be replaced (it's pretty much shot). We asked that the broken window and the two fogged windows be replaced. Asked that the diverter in the main bath be fixed, the pipes for the tubs cleared for better drainage, and that the 17 year old hot water tank be replaced.

She countered back, offering to fix one window. ONE window. She has an all cash buyer walking in, paying her full asking price, who is willing to close in a time frame that is convenient for her, and she's willing to fix ONE window?

I dunno. I found that pretty insulting. I guess that she would rather deal with a buyer whose purchase is contingent on getting a loan from a lender who is going to walk in and be a lot more critical than I am, because there are repairs that need to be done that most lenders would REQUIRE she do prior to granting a loan on the place.

We're like, the dream buyers. All cash. Full price. No muss, no fuss, just credit us for the roof and windows and we're good to go. So what are they trying to accomplish by jerking us around?

I mean, what on earth is someone like that thinking? I am pretty sure that I recognize the agent name from when I worked at Stewart Title, so it's not like he's inexperienced, so I can't really figure this thing out. Did they not offer credit at closing because he's worried about his commission? Do they see a cash buyer and assume that we're made of money and that we'd be happy to pay for a new roof? Has she decided not to sell? I guess we'll have better answers after we get their response from our counter offer.

See at this rate, Phil and I have pretty much talked about this and talked about this and well, we've beaten it with a stick a few times too, and the end result is that Phil says no matter what she thinks she's doing, we're buying the place.

And I like the place so that's cool and all, but my point is that the less we have to eat out of our own pockets going in on a transaction where we're paying full price and all cash, the happier about it I am.

Anyway, more later. My packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper are here. I'm going to go wrap something. Just because I can!


lkmanitou said...

Yargh, what a nightmare! My fam's dealt with ridiculous sellers before and that's what it sounds like you guys have on your hands. Be patient and firm, (I know that's hard to do!) and it will get worked out. Even if you do need to /slap the seller :)

Nicole said...

She's a little old lady who I guess is a nervous wreck. I guess when the inspector was there, she followed him around and hyperventilated everytime he wrote something down on his clip board.

Hopefully she'll accept our current counter offer.

Annie said...

Wow, I can't believe she's not bending over backwards to make you happy. I'm glad you'll still be buying the place though! I was worried you'd change your mind! Btw, my offer of any errand-running still stands.

Nicole said...

Yah, I thought she'd be more accomodating, but I guess she doesn't realize what kind of transaction she could have instead of us.

And yah, regardless of what happens, we want to buy the place anyway. I'm just trying to minimize how much vaseline we're gonna need to pack :)

And I will definitely need help with getting things done like cable, power, delivery of the fridge and washer dryer etc, but first I just wanna get through this whole purchase and sale crap.

I mean, ffs. Take my money and get the fuck out of my house!! lol.