Friday, March 17, 2006

Outside pictures...

What's ironic about this house is that it is a manufactured home. The irony plays in to the fact that this house has a lot more to offer than the house we have now. It's newer, more storage, more bells and whistles, and someplace we'd be more comfortable calling home.

Our original plan when we started looking, was basically to get into one of these on a temporary basis, because we can buy one outright so we're secure with a roof over our heads when we get there, and have a little cushion for getting jobs and settled. Then once our house in NJ sold, the plan was to sell the first place and get a second place, maybe by going through the foreclosed properties route.

If this goes through though, there's a high chance that I might not be opposed to staying in this place and banking the proceeds from our NJ house into investments or something. I dunno. We'll have options. Which is a lot more than we have right now.

Here's an outside picture of the front of the house. omg, it's landscaped!!

Here's the outside of the house, it's a side view. The deck wraps around the house and seems to be pretty big, and the yard is fenced. The other side of the house is still more yard, and a shed for all of Phils manly tools. I really like the idea of a fenced yard and Sebastian took one look at it and almost peed himself. Our lot is actually up on a hill, which means that I can lay in the sun in my bathing suit without people peeking in on me and getting extremely ill at the sight of me. And, if this goes through, I plan on planting colorful flowery things in those flower beds.

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