Monday, March 20, 2006

Operation: Survive the Appraisal = Success!

Well, the appraiser has been here and gone. Of course, we won't know anything for a day or two, which is frustrating, but the point is, it's done. I can stop pacing around the house with worry, scrubbing the shit out of things over and over again. Now, I'll just pace. Heh.

The only things that happened when he was here that weren't in our favor were pet related. Our blind cat...the one with no eyeballs, heard a new voice and went to investigate. There she was, on the arm of the couch, waving her paw in the air trying to find him, when he looked down at her. The look of horror and disgust on his face when he realized that she really had no eyeballs was priceless. Then, he walked past the birds and mentioned that they were really cool. This was when Darwin waddled across his cage, looked the guy in the eyes, and said "Fuck You!" I swear, I almost died right there.

This, after I put the dogs outside because I was convinced that THEY would do something to embarrass me. Sigh.

I tried to get some kind of idea how it was going to turn out. He told me that he couldn't guarantee numbers but said "don't worry about it" a couple times. To me, this means one of two things- either we're truly okay, or he took one look at me, saw some blond chick, and assumed I was stupid and was just brushing me off. Who knows, but it's all over but the crying now. All we need is our accountant to get off his butt and send us our tax info, and everything on our end will be completed.

I tell you what though. This has been the single most stressful, pain in the ass experience ever. I have not thrown up this much since I was pregnant with Sebastian, only this time, it's all raw nerves. I haven't chewed my nails since I met Phil, but I've managed to chew them back down to where they've bled. Today is my 2 month anniversary of not smoking. And I want a cigarette so bad I can't even tell you.

We want out of here. I can't even tell you how bad.

I know that yesterday you were all devastated that I couldn't post pictures of the guest bathroom. Fear not! Last night I was able to get pictures to upload so I threw some in real quick and saved them as a draft post, just in case Blogspot went tits up again today before I could post.

You know what I like about this bathroom? And you're going to think I'm a nut, but I like how the counter extends over the back of the toilet. I never know what to do with that part of the toilet. I usually end up buying some dorky fuzzy rug thing from Walmart to go over it, and I always hate that. My bathroom right now, I took an anti-fuzzy toilet thing stance and just covered it with baskets and soaps. Won't have to do that in this one. This bathroom by the way, looks to be the same size as the bathroom we currently have in our master bathroom. Only the new one is way cooler.

And since I don't know if I'll be able to post more pictures today, I figured I'd go ahead and post pictures of the 2 other bedrooms. The one above is what we think will be the spare room, also dubbed as the "Grandma" room. Sebastian thinks he's going to decorate this for Grandma visits. Only catch is I don't know if anyone brave enough to stay in that room will be able to stomach the Spiderman/X-men theme that my son is planning.

I think that it's the smallest of the bedrooms, but to be totally honest, it looks like this one is about twice of what even Sebastian's room is. That, and this room has a ton of light, so it will be a cheerful place too.

This room, well Sebastian is pretty sure that this is going to be his. I like the window at the top. The current owner has blue glass bottles in it, and I kind of like that idea. I would like to do either that, or find hanging stained glass things to go into those windows to catch the light. There's at least one more of these in the house-it's in the Bird room.

This room is MUCH bigger than the room he has now. In fact, his train table and all of his little boy things that have spread themselves through out my house, they will ALL fit in here with tons of room to spare...especially with his new bedroom set, which we haven't put together because of anticipation of this move. In his room now, there's just enough space for his bed and dresser, it barely leaves him any play space.

All of the bedrooms have closets, which will be great since Sebastian has never had one. This means (hopefully) a cleaner room, and with any luck better organizing of clothes. Yah. I should know better than to say that about a little boy's room, right?

Anyway, all I'm going to do for the rest of today is knit. I haven't been able to pick up my needles in almost a week now and I'm going absolutely crazy. So today, I promised myself that I will take sometime to sit down and knit. I'm sure that I'll still have plenty of time left over to pace around and worry, too.

Starting now. :) Have a good day, guys.


lkmanitou said...

OMG...ya'll have me laughing out loud in my cube with the Darwin comment. I doubt he'll take any off the appraisal for a surly bird :D

Nicole said...

If we don't get our loan because of our bird, I swear, the bird is toast!! hehe.