Friday, March 17, 2006

Master bedroom

Here's the master bedroom. My dad says it's pretty big. Believe it or not, this lady has a lot of stuff in her room. Way more than Phil and I have. Our biggest concern for this room was that our bed would fit in here. Our bed is kind of weird. The headboard and nightstands are all one unit, with cupboards and shelves, and we really really like our set and wanted to keep it. I mean, right now in our room, it's currently against a wall and blocking a window. Was the only wall it would fit against, and we were quite hopeful that we could find a place that it would fit into without blocking a window or something, and this will work out beautifully.

Not to mention that we really don't have much else as far as bedroom furniture goes. We have a chest of drawers, a dresser, another dresser that belonged to Phil's grandparents (that will actually fit in the closet if need be) and a rocking chair that I'm attatched to simply because it was in Sebastian's nursery when he was a baby.

The other thing I like about this room, aside from the master bathroom, is the walk in closet. You'll see it in the videos that my dad and Tammi took, but I'm pretty sure the thing is bigger than my bedroom in my first apartment. It has shelves and racks and it will be a dream come true for Phil and I, who have lived with two dinky closets for all this time.

At least two of the three bedrooms have sliding glass doors, including the one that Sebastian already picked out for himself. I like them because they really brighten up a room, but as far as Seb having one in his room, well not sure I like that much and we'll have to come up with creative ways to keep it locked so he doesn't sneak out in the middle of the night to toiletpaper the neighbors houses. Not that I know anything about that, nor would I know anything about a rash of TPing that might have occurred in the late 80's in the Silver Lake area. Nothing at all.

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