Friday, March 03, 2006


I thought I'd be old and senile by the time these pictures loaded. Sheesh!

Well, this morning while I was having my coffee and hanging out with our macaw Bumbles, I decided to see how he would do with the camera. Usually the camera scares him, but today, he was in a good mood, and I was able to get a short movie of him playing. I'm suprised that he hung out long enough for me to get anything remotely interesting, and it was a great way to put off having to do the huge load of laundry I have stacked up for just a little longer.

He likes to play "peek a boo", where you cover your eyes and he yells "peek a boo!" and then when I poke him in his tummy he yells "poke a belly!" He'll also play "tickle tickle" with his feet.

He's a big guy, and he's pretty sweet, but when he plays, he plays rough, and he is just starting to learn his limits. In fact, in the movie, you'll see him grab my finger and then instantly say "OW!" hehe. Because of his size and strength, finding toys that last longer than a day with this bird of doom has proven to be a challenge. I stumbled across a new place last week though, called Grey Feather Toys, and I found some really cool stainless steel toys for him, a brand new bell for Darwin, our grey, and a couple other toys to keep them both busy. People owned by bored destructive birds should head on over and check them out. They sent free toys too, some wooden toys for Bumbles, and a foot toy for Darwin which of course Darwin the Chickenshit is terrified of.

As I type this, I sit in my computer room, quiet as a mouse and tiptoeing around so I don't disturb anything or anger any computer equipment. Because if one more dog gone freaking thing computerwise bites the dust this week, I swear I'll scream.

I already bitched about my video card excitement. We'd gotten the new card, screwed around with it and no matter what we did I still had we took that new card, put it aside in the "in case of emergency" pile, and got a new one, which so far is working like a champ.

Then yesterday, our router croaked. And of course, it did it in the morning, while I was trying to figure out whether or not we had school since it had just started to snow, and we had a storm forecasted...and I couldn't get online to check the school or the news website without having to dive into the awful maze of wires to bypass the router.

And I'm such an internet priss that the idea of sitting in front of a TV for a half hour waiting to see if your school district scrolls by in the long endless list of school just sucks ass. Heheh.

Then, there's some fan in Phil's main system that is squeaking. Well, it's chirping really. And my cat George is convinced that there is a bird in that computer case. So much so, that I was forced to turn the thing off today because my poor old cat was throwing himself against the case to try and knock it open. I love my cat, really...I do. He's been my best friend since I was like, 16 or 17. But he's old, and I'm pretty sure he's going a little batty. hehe.

Yesterday, I was thinking about when I was a kid, and all the Kool Aid I consumed. It never really concerned me before, but when you realize that you can DYE YARN with Kool Aid, it kinda puts an interesting spin on things. Anyway, after I finish the current pair of socks I'm making, I am going to Kool Aid dye the yarn for the next pair. Should be interesting and I hope that it doesn't make me swear a lot.

I am almost done with my second swatch for my cables class, and I am a whopping four rows into the shawl. I know, I know. Not much progress at all!!

I got a little distracted though. My yarn lady in Denmark sent me some really yummy yarn, and some chocolate, to boot....I opened the package, ate the chocolate, and cast on. It's Opal cotton, and I'm thinking that this stuff would make a really nice sock for summertime or for someone who lives where it's always warm, because it just seems light and airy to me.

Tomorrow is my birthday. When Sebastian asked how old I was going to be, I was joking around when I told him that I was turning 25. He was devastated to hear that, gasped in shock and was horrified at how OLD I was.

Jesus, after that display, there ain't NO WAY I'm telling that poor kid how old I'm REALLY going to be.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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