Friday, March 17, 2006

Gulps...guess what we did?


This morning, Phil and I faxed in a purchase and sale agreement on a house.

In Washington State.

To be honest, I really never thought I'd see the day where we would be able to move back to where I've always called "home". So imagine my suprise when Phil recently brought up the subject of moving. In fact, at first, I didn't think he was serious. And I didn't take him serious. But then he started looking at property and I was like whoa. And I still didn't really think he was serious until he applied for a mortgage for our current house, to fix up, sell, and put down on a new place.

I tell you what, my stomach has been in knots for like 2 weeks straight now. And now that we've signed papers on it and faxed it all out there, it's even worse. It's a big move, which is why I never expected to make it. But, in the end, it's the best possible thing that we can do for our family.

Our house to me, is dark and depressing. We've never liked it, but when we moved in to it, I was about to deliver Sebastian so we were kind of in a hurry. It was up the road from our old house so that was convenient. We moved in and rented it. Then the lady we rented from decided to stop paying her mortgage and her bank started foreclosure on this place, and it was convenient for us at the time to just buy it in lieu of foreclosure and be done with it, because we own it free and clear.

We never really liked it, really never got to go through the process of taking the time to pick it out for ourselves, and I guess because of that we always had a really hard time making it "ours" if that makes any sense?

The school district here,'s not the best in my opinion. It's not the school district I want my son to continue in. And yes, I know that every district in every state has problems, but ours...well don't get me fired up.

The cost of living here is awful. We're kind of at that paycheck to paycheck point and when you're like that you just can't do anything to get ahead. Our taxes are freaking ridiculous. More than freaking ridiculous. We could make much less out west and live like kings compared to here.

And personally, I don't like this state. I mean, I've never pressured Phil to leave, and would have stayed here just for the sake of being with my family, but to be really honest, aside from Phil, the only good thing about this place is his mother and her husband, and it's a damned shame that we can't take them with us.

So many other things factored into it. Bottom line, our standard of living out there will be much better, it will be like a totally new life with a brighter outlook for all of us, especially Sebastian.

So, we put in an offer on a new place. Here are a couple pictures, and later on today I'll add even more pictures, and even some video that my dad and Tammi took:

This is the kitchen. Isn't it something else? Look at all the cupboards! And what is that? Is that...a dishwasher? There are also two skylights in the kitchen area, making it a bright sunny place, which is much better than the one piddley window we have in the dungeon we currently call the kitchen. I don't know why, but to me, the kitchen is the most important room in a house. I've always wanted a larger kitchen because it's kind of like a focal point or gathering point to me for a family, and this goes well beyond any expectations I ever had of accomplishing that.

Please note that the personal belongings in this place are not mine. This includes the many pictures of Jesus you might see splattered along the walls. Just so you know. :)

Off the kitchen is this room. From where this picture is taken, you can see the little eat in bar so you know this picture was taken from inside the kitchen. If all goes well, this sunny room will likely be our bird room. Darwin and Bumbles will love the sun and cheer in here. I haven't decided what else we'd do with this room because obviously it's a fairly decent size and can handle a lot more than 2 bird cages and a bird playpen. I'm thinking a lot of plants like the current owner has, but then maybe just leaving it at that so not to crowd the room would be the right thing to do. This room also has a skylight in it.

The lady that owns it right now has taken really good care of it. She's kept it clean and no one smokes inside. I can't believe that I would ever see the day that I would care about that, but it was one of the first things I asked my dad after he walked through it yesterday lol.


lkmanitou said...

Congrats on the new house; it looks awesome!!

Nicole said...

Thanks :) We're not counting all our ducks yet, because life happens and it wouldn't be life unless something managed to try to screw us up, but we're getting there and I'm getting excited. :)

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omg. Hi2U, Las! <3 wuwu!!