Monday, March 06, 2006

Clowing around

Holy jeez, another weekend gone. And it was a good one.

My birthday was Saturday, but Phil and Sebastian gave me my present on Friday, so we got to spend the entire weekend drinking coffee from my new coffee maker. It's pretty cool--it grinds the beans right before it makes the coffee. I think my favorite part about it is that it scares the crap out of the dogs every time it goes off. That, and it makes good coffee. :)

My mom sent Sebastian and I our "Everything" box. This is the box that my mom has aside for us during the year that she puts stuff in, and when it gets full she mails it out. It's kind of like Christmas, and there was just too much stuff in there to list out. I did make sure though, that I ate all the chocolate, first thing. Then, I had my picture taken while I was wearing the new shirt she sent, just so she could see it. I used it to update my profile picture.

My dad sent me a gift certificate for yarn. I will now have an excuse to break my yarn diet. They sent a catalog with the certificate so the last couple days I have been sifting through it, trying to decide what I want (I want everything, I think !!) He also managed to get his hands on a knitting machine from the 60's I think, and I don't know a darned thing about the machines but it seems that this one is in perfect shape. On top of that, there are also patterns that the original owner had, and it's pretty cool to see the styles from back in...I might scan a couple and post them here just for people to see, because I think a lot of folks would get a kick out of em.

My dentist called today, and moved my appointment that was originally planned for Saturday morning, up to tomorrow evening. I took the appointment for tomorrow just because I didn't want to have to be at a dentists office at 8:00 on a Saturday, but now I'm starting to panic a little bit with the realization that I don't have a few more days to prepare myself for the rest of my root canal. ugh. They're really nice over there...the dentist is just terrific. Doesn't help me one single bit though. A trip to the dentist scares the shit out of me, and I don't think that there are any drugs in the world that can make me happy about going. And by this time tomorrow, I should have myself worked up pretty good about the whole thing.

Went to the bookstore this weekend to pick up the recent Knit.1 magazine. I signed up for a subscription for it quite recently and I'm not sure if it's kicked in or not in time for me to get a copy, so I decided I'd better pick one up just in case. I always cruise by the knitting section, because there are just so many cool books. This time though, I didn't buy anything from there. The one book I really wanted was $30 which I wasn't about to pay. I ended up finding it on Ebay later on for $4, which is much more my speed.

Noticed too that the author of "Stitch and Bitch" put out a crochet book called "The Happy Hooker" and I will be definitely picking it up since crochet is next on my list of things to do. The Stitch and Bitch book has been such a great tool for me in my knitting, especially when I first started to learn, that I have high hopes for the crochet book. I think that learning to crochet will give me more options for my knitting, and vice versa.

Well, I have a hot date today with my bathroom floor and a mop, so I'm gonna boogie.

Have a great day :)

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