Friday, March 31, 2006

Reading awards day, and other stuff!!

Yesterday was the awards ceremony for the Books and Beyond program at Sebastian's school. This program is where we read during the week, document it, and if we accomplish a minimum amount of reading, he gets a medal in addition to his certificate of participation.

This was big stuff around here. He was so excited for the ceremony that the poor kid barely slept a wink the night before. I like the program because it's been a good motivator when getting him to sit down and work on reading.
Here's a picture I took of his entire class after the ceremony as they posed with his teacher.
And this is just after they got their medals.

Last night we signed our papers for our loan. This means that in three days, they'll be mailing us a check. This means one less thing for me to worry about.

Life is funny though. One frustrating factor disappears, and another appears.

We had our inspection on our new place last week, and a couple things popped up that we wanted the seller to address. My idea was to ask for a large amount of things, that way I'd be happy when she counter offered with a small amount of things. Made sense, right?

So we asked that the roof be replaced (it's pretty much shot). We asked that the broken window and the two fogged windows be replaced. Asked that the diverter in the main bath be fixed, the pipes for the tubs cleared for better drainage, and that the 17 year old hot water tank be replaced.

She countered back, offering to fix one window. ONE window. She has an all cash buyer walking in, paying her full asking price, who is willing to close in a time frame that is convenient for her, and she's willing to fix ONE window?

I dunno. I found that pretty insulting. I guess that she would rather deal with a buyer whose purchase is contingent on getting a loan from a lender who is going to walk in and be a lot more critical than I am, because there are repairs that need to be done that most lenders would REQUIRE she do prior to granting a loan on the place.

We're like, the dream buyers. All cash. Full price. No muss, no fuss, just credit us for the roof and windows and we're good to go. So what are they trying to accomplish by jerking us around?

I mean, what on earth is someone like that thinking? I am pretty sure that I recognize the agent name from when I worked at Stewart Title, so it's not like he's inexperienced, so I can't really figure this thing out. Did they not offer credit at closing because he's worried about his commission? Do they see a cash buyer and assume that we're made of money and that we'd be happy to pay for a new roof? Has she decided not to sell? I guess we'll have better answers after we get their response from our counter offer.

See at this rate, Phil and I have pretty much talked about this and talked about this and well, we've beaten it with a stick a few times too, and the end result is that Phil says no matter what she thinks she's doing, we're buying the place.

And I like the place so that's cool and all, but my point is that the less we have to eat out of our own pockets going in on a transaction where we're paying full price and all cash, the happier about it I am.

Anyway, more later. My packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper are here. I'm going to go wrap something. Just because I can!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Still alive!

I got this picture in an e-mail the other day from a guy Phil and I play DAoC with. The e-mail mentioned that if you see something like this, that it's often a sign that it's going to be a bad day.

I got a kick out of it.

So Thursday, our loan guy comes over so we can sign papers for our loan. I'm quite excited to have that all over and done with, so I can concentrate on the bigger stuff. Like packing and cleaning and throwing things out that we're not going to need.

It seems like such a long ways off, I just want to skip over the months and have it be here already. I have a tentative leave date in mind of June 20th, and I suppose that could change depending on what goes on. I would love to leave earlier but the school district calendar shows the last day of school as the 15th, and I think we have a couple of snow days to add on to that. I don't really want to have to take Seb out of school until it's over if I can help it, but we'll see.

As far as the new place goes, we had the inspection done, and we've sent over an inspection notice to the seller in hopes that she will be willing to repair or help us out with some of the things in the place that need some love. A few windows need to be replaced. The hot water tank is almost as old as dirt and I would like to have it replaced so I don't have to worry about it...the roof could use some love, etc.

Not sure what she will think about all of the stuff but I guess we'll see. Hopefully she doesn't come back with a "screw you guys" because although I really want some of these things taken care of, I don't want her taking her ball and going home either. It's a pretty fine line, I guess.

I was able to track down Annie, who is my partner in crime from high school. Turns out, they're looking to move to the same area we are, at pretty much the same exact time. When I found that out, the hair on my arms stood straight up, hehe.

This means we'll be within blocks of one another so we can get together and knit. To be honest, it seemed that all either of us really gave a shit about was that we would be a block away from an espresso stand. With the two of us, give us coffee and everything else will just fall into place.

Our kids will be able to play together. I think about this and I realize that this could be a good thing or a very bad thing. lol.

So I've tracked down Andrea and Annie so far. Haven't found Bill or Herbie yet, but I figure that they'll show up eventually. They always manage to, somehow.

I'm recovering from a bit of a cold. Think I might actually have a sinus infection. I'm not too terribly concerned because I'm too busy being happy about the fact that this is the first cold in like, 15 years, that didn't go to my chest first thing. In fact, it never hit my chest at all. Amazing what happens when you quit smoking!

Well, I'm outta here. I have some mental packing to do (packing boxes aren't here, yet) and Seb has a dentist appt tonight.

Catch ya later!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh, happy day!!

Well, barring any last minute weirdness, it appears that we have been approved for our loan.

Our loan officer is faxing over a paper for someone in Phil's office to sign just verifying that he's an independent contractor there, and then it has to be faxed back. So far it seems that this paper is the only remaining requirement for the loan.

I'd post more but I have a bit of a cold and I'm in a bit of a medicated stupor, so I'm going to crawl into bed and watch my hero, Judge Judy.

It appears that so far, everything is going as we have hoped.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Hump day...

I drop Sebastian off at school early every Wednesday so he can do some extra reading with his teacher. It's really nice of her to go out of her way to give him this help. It's frustrating to admit, but as his mom, I can only get so far when it comes to sitting down and working with him. There's a comfort level kids have with their parents that brings out the brat in them when you try to tutor them, that they don't have with a teacher, so she's really been nice about it. I'm trying to think of something we can do for her towards the end of the year to show our appreciation, because she really doesn't have to do it, and these days, it's hard to find someone who is willing to spend their time this way, so I want to make sure she understands what a great thing she is doing for him.

Aside from that, I'm still having my first cup of coffee. We should hear something today about the loan and to be honest I really don't know what to expect. At first I was worried about just the appraisal...but yesterday when our taxes arrived from our accountant, I looked at our taxes from a different perspective than I usually do, and I'm not sure how the underwriter is going to perceive them.

Since Phil is an independent contractor, his taxes are a lot different. His accountant is very...creative when it comes to write offs and such, and I am kind of concerned that it might bite us in the ass. We'll have to see. I'm on pins and needles, though, because on one hand, I don't like paying a shitload of taxes. On the other hand, using an accountant who cooks the books is really not something you think about as a bad thing until you go applying for a loan.

Took Sebastian to the dentist last night. After going in and having my tooth fixed, I knew that these people were just perfect to deal with Sebastian. I really want to make sure that he has the most positive experience possible, because the last thing I want is for him to be fearful, because that leads to being in my boat, where you are overwhelmed by a lot of work needing to be done.

He did have two cavities. I knew about these, they're being filled next week. What I did not expect though, was what I saw when we went over his panoramic x-ray. Our son has a ton of teeth trying to come in but there is just not enough room for them. He's going to have to get to an orthodontist as soon as we get settled in WA. It was pretty overwhelming for me to see, and my first instinct was to make an ass of myself and cry, but that would have been a really stupid thing to do with Sebastiano sitting right there. I didn't want to scare him but I'm really upset at the long road he faces while we get this taken care of for him. It's just not something anyone wants their kid to have to go through...pulled teeth, plates with screws to expand the jaw, braces...etc. I'm pretty depressed about that, because that's a lot of stuff for a little kid to deal with. It's just easier right now to not say much of anything and just take it one step at a time for him.

I'm pretty sure that this is something he probably got from my side of the family. I never had braces but I recall my sister having very similar problems. That, and she sucked her thumb for a long time which resulted in a really severe overbite. My husband is adopted though, so since we know nothing about his biological medical history, I'm just going to make myself feel better by blaming it on people we don't know.

You do what you have to do for your kids. I expect that once we sell our NJ house that we will have a nice cushion for investments out of our proceeds, and I consider his teeth to be an investment, and I plan on finding the best orthodontist I can to make sure that this is not only handled but also that it's done in a way where our son doesn't end up with a bad impression or a bad taste in his mouth over dentistry. Pardon the pun.

I started the Conwy sock with my "Tuscany" yarn yesterday. I had a hard time adjusting to the chart, I found it pretty confusing at first...but it went well once I got the hang of it. The thing was though, at least to me, was that the yarn colors are so busy that you could barely see the detail of the cabling which really disappointed me. This is a beautiful pattern but I think it's one more appropriate for a yarn with fewer colors to take away from the detail.

I ripped back, and sat around for a while trying to decide what to do with this yarn, because it really is pretty. The only thing that I kept thinking over and over was that this yarn wanted to be Jaywalker socks. I know it's not very creative of me to go right back to my favorite sock, but I'm pretty convinced that these colors will make a beautious Jaywalker. So, I cast on late last night, and I'm working on the ribbing for the first sock. I'll put some pictures up later this week as I make progress on it.

Anyway, I'm off to pace and worry. I hope that I'm just worrying about nothing, but when you want something to work out as bad as we want this to work out, there are always just too many factors involved to make it go smoothe.

See ya'll later.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yes, I am a total geek.

You guys are all probably pretty tired about hearing about our house and our loan such, right?

You probably cringe when you click on my blog, expecting to be bombarded by pictures of a house that you really don't care about anymore, or caffeine induced babble which seems to be about absolutely nothing at all.

Time to change the subject for a bit then!

I'm pretty excited! Look what I picked up the other day! Yah, I know. You're probably scratching your head and saying "okay, looks like a pair of clogs to me?" and you're starting to wonder if maybe all this house business has contributed to the early demise of my sanity. And while I might be losing it a little bit over this house and moving business, I did manage to sleep a bit better last night, and my stomach is still upset but I'm able to keep food down a bit today, I will have you know that these clogs are in no way an indication that I've gone off the deep end.

If anything, they're a sign of what a dork I am.

These are CLEAR clogs. Now, I haven't worn a clear shoe since back when I was a kid when the jelly shoes were all the rage. Someone else better remember those shoes, because otherwise, I'm really getting old!

Anyway, I have like, the ugliest feet in the world, so these shoes aren't going to show off my feet. They're going to show off....SOCKS!! Told you I was a dork!

I put a sock that I recently finished for Sebastian into one of these shoes to show you what I mean. Mind you, you could probably see a bit better if there was a foot in the sock at the time the picture was taken. But, you'll get the idea. See, it's no fun to make funky socks and put them on only for absolutely no one to see or admire. To me, anyway. If I make a really cool sock, I want to be able to show it off a bit.

This allows me to make bright, horribly obnoxious socks, and wear them with these shoes so I can perhaps blind and offend others. Or maybe strike up a conversation with a fellow knitter. Either way, I don't think hand knit socks belong hidden in a sneaker or a boot!

Anyway, if you make, wear or enjoy hand knitted socks, or if you ever anticipate getting a cool pair of socks from me that will require showing off, then head on over to Knitter's Dream and pick yourself up a pair. They also have lace up boots, too...but they're not really my style. And just so you know, these are very well made...they're sturdy and they're comfortable, and they should last forever.

Sebastian's socks are finally done. With all this house business and my nerves all on edge, I had a good week there where I didn't knit a single stitch. My poor son, he gave up on asking about his socks. Now, all I need to do is weave in the last end, and he's good to go. Providing that he hasn't grown since the last time I measured his foot, because I'm really thinking that these probably won't last him too long at the rate he's growing. He just loves these because his favorite color is blue and green, and these....well, they have blue and green. Fortunately for him, I have extra skeins of this yarn so when he does outgrown them, it won't be the end of the world. I just don't know if I could stomach working with these colors again, but for him, I probably would.

Before I do though, I'm going to make myself a pair of socks. For my new clogs, you know. :)

I'll be making the Conwy socks from the book "Knitting on the Road" by Nancy Bush. I have some Lorna's Laces in a color called Tuscany, and I think it's a beautiful color.

Then after those are done, I'm going to make Phil a pair of socks. I found a really cool pattern for guys with Monster sized feet (he's a 13.5 clogs for him!)

I have a lot of other projects that I would like to get started on...I still have the cozy to finish, too...but with a move like the one we have planned coming up, it really doesn't make much sense to get into some huge project. I will probably stash the cozy in a bag to keep with me, and have a few patterns and yarn stashed with me for socks with some dpns, and just concentrate on keeping it simple between now and getting settled.

It's actually a really pretty day today. It's a good day for laundry and knitting. :)

See you all later.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Operation: Survive the Appraisal = Success!

Well, the appraiser has been here and gone. Of course, we won't know anything for a day or two, which is frustrating, but the point is, it's done. I can stop pacing around the house with worry, scrubbing the shit out of things over and over again. Now, I'll just pace. Heh.

The only things that happened when he was here that weren't in our favor were pet related. Our blind cat...the one with no eyeballs, heard a new voice and went to investigate. There she was, on the arm of the couch, waving her paw in the air trying to find him, when he looked down at her. The look of horror and disgust on his face when he realized that she really had no eyeballs was priceless. Then, he walked past the birds and mentioned that they were really cool. This was when Darwin waddled across his cage, looked the guy in the eyes, and said "Fuck You!" I swear, I almost died right there.

This, after I put the dogs outside because I was convinced that THEY would do something to embarrass me. Sigh.

I tried to get some kind of idea how it was going to turn out. He told me that he couldn't guarantee numbers but said "don't worry about it" a couple times. To me, this means one of two things- either we're truly okay, or he took one look at me, saw some blond chick, and assumed I was stupid and was just brushing me off. Who knows, but it's all over but the crying now. All we need is our accountant to get off his butt and send us our tax info, and everything on our end will be completed.

I tell you what though. This has been the single most stressful, pain in the ass experience ever. I have not thrown up this much since I was pregnant with Sebastian, only this time, it's all raw nerves. I haven't chewed my nails since I met Phil, but I've managed to chew them back down to where they've bled. Today is my 2 month anniversary of not smoking. And I want a cigarette so bad I can't even tell you.

We want out of here. I can't even tell you how bad.

I know that yesterday you were all devastated that I couldn't post pictures of the guest bathroom. Fear not! Last night I was able to get pictures to upload so I threw some in real quick and saved them as a draft post, just in case Blogspot went tits up again today before I could post.

You know what I like about this bathroom? And you're going to think I'm a nut, but I like how the counter extends over the back of the toilet. I never know what to do with that part of the toilet. I usually end up buying some dorky fuzzy rug thing from Walmart to go over it, and I always hate that. My bathroom right now, I took an anti-fuzzy toilet thing stance and just covered it with baskets and soaps. Won't have to do that in this one. This bathroom by the way, looks to be the same size as the bathroom we currently have in our master bathroom. Only the new one is way cooler.

And since I don't know if I'll be able to post more pictures today, I figured I'd go ahead and post pictures of the 2 other bedrooms. The one above is what we think will be the spare room, also dubbed as the "Grandma" room. Sebastian thinks he's going to decorate this for Grandma visits. Only catch is I don't know if anyone brave enough to stay in that room will be able to stomach the Spiderman/X-men theme that my son is planning.

I think that it's the smallest of the bedrooms, but to be totally honest, it looks like this one is about twice of what even Sebastian's room is. That, and this room has a ton of light, so it will be a cheerful place too.

This room, well Sebastian is pretty sure that this is going to be his. I like the window at the top. The current owner has blue glass bottles in it, and I kind of like that idea. I would like to do either that, or find hanging stained glass things to go into those windows to catch the light. There's at least one more of these in the house-it's in the Bird room.

This room is MUCH bigger than the room he has now. In fact, his train table and all of his little boy things that have spread themselves through out my house, they will ALL fit in here with tons of room to spare...especially with his new bedroom set, which we haven't put together because of anticipation of this move. In his room now, there's just enough space for his bed and dresser, it barely leaves him any play space.

All of the bedrooms have closets, which will be great since Sebastian has never had one. This means (hopefully) a cleaner room, and with any luck better organizing of clothes. Yah. I should know better than to say that about a little boy's room, right?

Anyway, all I'm going to do for the rest of today is knit. I haven't been able to pick up my needles in almost a week now and I'm going absolutely crazy. So today, I promised myself that I will take sometime to sit down and knit. I'm sure that I'll still have plenty of time left over to pace around and worry, too.

Starting now. :) Have a good day, guys.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dear Blogspot,

Dear Blogspot,

Please go read the "help" boards and you will find that a bunch of us cannot post pictures today.

Please fix this. I know that there are people who are literally dying to see pictures of our new guest bathroom and spare bedrooms, and I cannot post these pictures for these poor people.

It was very kind of you to send me an automatically generated e-mail telling me how to upload pictures when I wrote to inform you of this issue, but all it did was make me angry.

Fix it now. You rat bastards.

Hugs and kisses,


Die, Blogspot

Well Blogspot is being difficult and it's not letting me post pictures today. The good news is that a bunch of other people are all bent out of shape about it too.

This is disappointing because I know you're all flocking to my blog today because you're anxious to see pictures of the guest bathroom. I know it. Don't deny it.

Tomorrow is the appraisal, and Phil and I are just sick about it. Everything hinges on this one thing, and we desperately need it to go well. Phil works so hard to take care of his family, and he needs this. We deserve this one thing to go our way.

We each handle stress and fear and worry differently, and usually Phil handles it much better than I do, but I think in this case he's in worse shape than I am nerves wise. I've never seen him so stressed and freaked out over anything, and I'm literally sick over it, and all weekend we've been feeding off eachother. Sebastian has been laying low-he even cleaned his bedroom! I think that Phil's excited and wants this all to work out so we can move more than I do. Go figure!! I just can't wait for this appraisal to be over, and I hope that the loan comes through because if it doesn't, I don't know what he'll do.

I read last night on our town boards that they had to eliminate the librarian position at the school Sebastian is supposed to attend next year. What kind of crap is that? At first I got really angry about this, because these are the years when a kid can really learn a lot about the library system, and who better to teach it than the librarian? Then I realized that with luck, we'll be able to get our son out of this school district next year. To me, it almost discourages the joys of reading, and to be quite honest, I don't understand why our school district has to keep cutting jobs and teachers and programs just because our town can't get it's shit together. It's not fair to our kids because they're the ones that suffer, and they keep taking things away, one at a time.

It's so frustrating. But it really erases any doubt or fears I had about moving. To me, reading about the librarian was just another sign that we are doing the right thing for our son.

As much as it makes me sick to leave her, Phil's mom is the only thing that keeps us here. And you know, I adore her-she's the neatest lady you could ever meet, but in the end, we have to do what's best for our family, and this is it.

And you know, Phil and I spend a lot of time in our lives setting Sebastian as our number one priority above all else. And it's supposed to be that way. But I think that sometimes as parents, we need to realize that doing things that also benefit us will affect him positively too.

But I think about it and I realize that this move will be good for US, too. I was talking to my mom yesterday and she mentioned that in the whole time we've lived here, that I've never once mentioned having friends over or going out with friends or going shopping or to lunch or sewing etc with a girlfriend. And you know what? She's right. Phil and I, our only friends are our online friends. For like, eight years now, we have had no "real life" friends. We don't know anyone to invite over for a barbeque, I don't have any girlfriends to go shopping with, and you know, we barely leave the house as it is. We're like hermits. This all seems okay to me but if I step back and look at us from the outside, I have to admit that it's pretty unhealthy.

Moving will change all that. My best friend, Andi, well, you gotta knock us out and pry us apart with a crowbar. And her husband is a doll-in a lot of ways, he's a lot like Phil, and I know that they'll get along just fine. Andi and I have decided that tough shit, they have no choice, anyway. :)

Well, blogger is still broken, so I guess I will post this for now, and write more later.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Offer accepted!

So, Tammi called last night to let us know that our offer had been accepted. The only change that was being made to the contract was the Escrow/closing company.

I guess the seller even liked the closing date, which we set for June 1st, which is great because Sebastian is out of school around June 15th. I say "around", because our school district does not allow for school days when they do the calendar. I don't know why, I guess they're just hopeful that some miracle will happen and it won't snow here.

So our offer has been accepted but I'm still in knots. The appraiser for our mortgage company comes on Monday, and we really need that to turn out well to get the loan that will make this all work out the best.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that this is the best thing that we could be doing for our family. When you weigh them out, the pros for moving SO outweigh the pros for staying in NJ. I've been doing a lot of snooping around as far as the school district is concerned. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I've actually been able to track down parents who have kids in that school district, and I've been really pleased with what they've had to say, because I figure that parents are going to be the most picky and critical about a school system.

We really need this to work out, more than we've ever needed anything before. And I guess that's why I've just made myself sick over this whole thing.

I know I promised some videos and I haven't forgotten to do that. I'll get to it, maybe later on today, but in the mean time I figured I'd put a couple pictures of the utility room in, just to entertain you. The first one is a picture of my dad taking video. What I like about this room, aside from the fact that it's bright, is that it's in it's own room, with a door, and the washing machine and dryer aren't right there in the midst of your living space. And there are more cupboards and a closet, and the back door. I like the desk, too. Kind of a cool idea, especially for us, because I could use this as a sewing room or a place to finally work on my dollhouse, or, we could even turn it into our computer area if space permits.

Anyway, I have a lot to get done this weekend. A lot of it is stuff I probably don't have to do but if I don't, I'm going to drive myself wacko or make myself more sick than I already have.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Gulps...guess what we did?


This morning, Phil and I faxed in a purchase and sale agreement on a house.

In Washington State.

To be honest, I really never thought I'd see the day where we would be able to move back to where I've always called "home". So imagine my suprise when Phil recently brought up the subject of moving. In fact, at first, I didn't think he was serious. And I didn't take him serious. But then he started looking at property and I was like whoa. And I still didn't really think he was serious until he applied for a mortgage for our current house, to fix up, sell, and put down on a new place.

I tell you what, my stomach has been in knots for like 2 weeks straight now. And now that we've signed papers on it and faxed it all out there, it's even worse. It's a big move, which is why I never expected to make it. But, in the end, it's the best possible thing that we can do for our family.

Our house to me, is dark and depressing. We've never liked it, but when we moved in to it, I was about to deliver Sebastian so we were kind of in a hurry. It was up the road from our old house so that was convenient. We moved in and rented it. Then the lady we rented from decided to stop paying her mortgage and her bank started foreclosure on this place, and it was convenient for us at the time to just buy it in lieu of foreclosure and be done with it, because we own it free and clear.

We never really liked it, really never got to go through the process of taking the time to pick it out for ourselves, and I guess because of that we always had a really hard time making it "ours" if that makes any sense?

The school district here,'s not the best in my opinion. It's not the school district I want my son to continue in. And yes, I know that every district in every state has problems, but ours...well don't get me fired up.

The cost of living here is awful. We're kind of at that paycheck to paycheck point and when you're like that you just can't do anything to get ahead. Our taxes are freaking ridiculous. More than freaking ridiculous. We could make much less out west and live like kings compared to here.

And personally, I don't like this state. I mean, I've never pressured Phil to leave, and would have stayed here just for the sake of being with my family, but to be really honest, aside from Phil, the only good thing about this place is his mother and her husband, and it's a damned shame that we can't take them with us.

So many other things factored into it. Bottom line, our standard of living out there will be much better, it will be like a totally new life with a brighter outlook for all of us, especially Sebastian.

So, we put in an offer on a new place. Here are a couple pictures, and later on today I'll add even more pictures, and even some video that my dad and Tammi took:

This is the kitchen. Isn't it something else? Look at all the cupboards! And what is that? Is that...a dishwasher? There are also two skylights in the kitchen area, making it a bright sunny place, which is much better than the one piddley window we have in the dungeon we currently call the kitchen. I don't know why, but to me, the kitchen is the most important room in a house. I've always wanted a larger kitchen because it's kind of like a focal point or gathering point to me for a family, and this goes well beyond any expectations I ever had of accomplishing that.

Please note that the personal belongings in this place are not mine. This includes the many pictures of Jesus you might see splattered along the walls. Just so you know. :)

Off the kitchen is this room. From where this picture is taken, you can see the little eat in bar so you know this picture was taken from inside the kitchen. If all goes well, this sunny room will likely be our bird room. Darwin and Bumbles will love the sun and cheer in here. I haven't decided what else we'd do with this room because obviously it's a fairly decent size and can handle a lot more than 2 bird cages and a bird playpen. I'm thinking a lot of plants like the current owner has, but then maybe just leaving it at that so not to crowd the room would be the right thing to do. This room also has a skylight in it.

The lady that owns it right now has taken really good care of it. She's kept it clean and no one smokes inside. I can't believe that I would ever see the day that I would care about that, but it was one of the first things I asked my dad after he walked through it yesterday lol.

Master bedroom

Here's the master bedroom. My dad says it's pretty big. Believe it or not, this lady has a lot of stuff in her room. Way more than Phil and I have. Our biggest concern for this room was that our bed would fit in here. Our bed is kind of weird. The headboard and nightstands are all one unit, with cupboards and shelves, and we really really like our set and wanted to keep it. I mean, right now in our room, it's currently against a wall and blocking a window. Was the only wall it would fit against, and we were quite hopeful that we could find a place that it would fit into without blocking a window or something, and this will work out beautifully.

Not to mention that we really don't have much else as far as bedroom furniture goes. We have a chest of drawers, a dresser, another dresser that belonged to Phil's grandparents (that will actually fit in the closet if need be) and a rocking chair that I'm attatched to simply because it was in Sebastian's nursery when he was a baby.

The other thing I like about this room, aside from the master bathroom, is the walk in closet. You'll see it in the videos that my dad and Tammi took, but I'm pretty sure the thing is bigger than my bedroom in my first apartment. It has shelves and racks and it will be a dream come true for Phil and I, who have lived with two dinky closets for all this time.

At least two of the three bedrooms have sliding glass doors, including the one that Sebastian already picked out for himself. I like them because they really brighten up a room, but as far as Seb having one in his room, well not sure I like that much and we'll have to come up with creative ways to keep it locked so he doesn't sneak out in the middle of the night to toiletpaper the neighbors houses. Not that I know anything about that, nor would I know anything about a rash of TPing that might have occurred in the late 80's in the Silver Lake area. Nothing at all.

Master bathroom

Here's the master bathroom. It's right off the master bedroom, and we love it, too. It has his and hers sinks on the wrap-around counter. It's also bright and cheerful, and holy jeez look at the cupboards and drawers, woot! It has a step in tub, and then a seperate shower with a glass door.

Look at that tub! Calgon, take me away!

Outside pictures...

What's ironic about this house is that it is a manufactured home. The irony plays in to the fact that this house has a lot more to offer than the house we have now. It's newer, more storage, more bells and whistles, and someplace we'd be more comfortable calling home.

Our original plan when we started looking, was basically to get into one of these on a temporary basis, because we can buy one outright so we're secure with a roof over our heads when we get there, and have a little cushion for getting jobs and settled. Then once our house in NJ sold, the plan was to sell the first place and get a second place, maybe by going through the foreclosed properties route.

If this goes through though, there's a high chance that I might not be opposed to staying in this place and banking the proceeds from our NJ house into investments or something. I dunno. We'll have options. Which is a lot more than we have right now.

Here's an outside picture of the front of the house. omg, it's landscaped!!

Here's the outside of the house, it's a side view. The deck wraps around the house and seems to be pretty big, and the yard is fenced. The other side of the house is still more yard, and a shed for all of Phils manly tools. I really like the idea of a fenced yard and Sebastian took one look at it and almost peed himself. Our lot is actually up on a hill, which means that I can lay in the sun in my bathing suit without people peeking in on me and getting extremely ill at the sight of me. And, if this goes through, I plan on planting colorful flowery things in those flower beds.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Really, I have no business blogging today.

We have an appraiser coming to look at our house on Monday and I have a lot of things I'd like to get done before hand. More about all of that in a week or so.

The picture I'm posting today is one my dad sent me, and it's pretty cool. Can you imagine walking into a room like that? Especially after a few cocktails? hehe.

You'll probably (or probably won't hehe) notice a new button on the side. Over there! ------------------------------------------------>

I found this on my fellow knitter/gamer's blog and I decided what the hell, I can NEVER have enough crap on the side of my blog. Anyway it's kind of cool, it tracks your friends on a big map. So if you visit my blog, go HERE put yourself on my map. I'd love to see where everyone who visits my blog is from. And, if you want to check out my friends blog, then I highly recommend it:

Allessia's Blog

And yah, that's not her real name, and yah, she has a real name, but I've known her in game as Allessia for so dang long that I feel really weird referring to her as anything else. So there.

Anyway, sorry to cut this short but I have a busy few days ahead of me. Hell, I think I have a busy few months coming up.

Have a good day...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Blue and green make....

Sebastian socks!!

I finished sock #1 this weekend out of the blue and green yarn. I find this yarn a tad on the hideous side, but since blue and green are my son's favorite colors, he's quite pleased with my choice of colors.

He doesn't realize it, but he paid me the biggest compliment, too. I finished the sock, closed the toe and finished up my ends and called him in and had him try it on, and he got upset when I made him take it off. He thought he was going to march around the house all weekend with one new sock on and one old white sock. When he discovered that this was not to be, his eyes welled up with tears.

Then, after I promised him (I was pressured!) that I could probably get the mate done in time for him to wear on Wednesday (shoot me. shoot me, now.) he began to hover over me, and question me every time I put the knitting needles down. When he left for school today, he made it clear that he expected to see a lot of progress made on his second sock. In fact, he informed me that "Daddy said" that I was to have the sock completed for him. Of course, daddy has no recollection of ever saying this, and got a nice chuckle out of it when he heard it.

The best part was that he declared the sock the most comfortable sock in the world.

There are just these little things in life that make me smile, and that was one of 'em.

The worst part was that I made the sock so it would fit him up to about a size three. I figured that would leave him a little room to grow. Then we went out to the mall where we picked him up a pair of Converse, and ended up walking out of there with a size 3.5. I swear, he was a size two just over a month ago, and now, no lie, I can wear his shoes...and he's only seven years old.

Holy jeez!

I'm really not too terribly worried about the sock size to be honest. I did measure his foot. One growth spurt like the one he apparently had recently though, and those socks are toast. It's a good thing I have extra skeins of yarn in that color, because I'll probably be making a larger pair in the near future, especially since my son has decided that he doesn't want any socks unless they're in this ...lovely color.

I've switched to aluminum double points for my socks, for a couple reasons. The first one is that the bamboo needles are just too flexible for me. I knit so tight that by the time I'm done with a sock, the needles have been warped into miniature boomerangs which I find really freaking irritating. So, I picked up a pair of aluminum needles, and they're much more my speed-and the stitches glide nicely across them. I do plan on trying socks with circulars before too long, but until then, these needles will be much better.

While we were at the mall this weekend, we stopped by Starbucks and picked up some beans for the coffee maker that Phil got me for my birthday. I think these beans are a lot nicer than what we've found at our regular grocery store, and the coffee smells terrific after it's been ground. We only picked up a couple flavors just to try them, and I have a couple others that I want to try the next time around.

To me, freshly ground coffee is one of the best smells in the world. I don't know why, really. Maybe it's from when I served espresso back home, but I tell ya, coffee rates right up there with a couple of my other favorite smells in the world: a box of new crayons, and Play-Doh. Yes. I know I'm weird, but the first thing I do when I open a box of crayons for my son is stick my nose into the box. I guess that's not really saying much, because I also loved the smell of gasoline when I was a kid. It smells different now, though.

The weather here has actually been nice for two whole days in a row. I actually got to wear a tank top today and it doesn't have a sweater over it. This is my favorite time of the year...well, not counting the 1.5 days in fall where the leaves are bright colors. When spring starts, it's not too hot and it's not too cold, and it's just right. It's not enough to make me like this state, though, and it's not enough to keep me from being so home sick all the time, but it's enough to pick me up a bit out of the darkness that is winter here. It's been nice to open up the windows and get the fresh air into the house, and I'm sure that there's going to be a trip to the park this week.

Well, I have a sock to knit like my life depends on it.

You guys have a good day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIP, Dana Reeve

I was moved to tears this morning when I heard that Dana Reeve had passed away from lung cancer.

She was 44, and never smoked.

Most folks know her as the wife of Christopher Reeve, who played Superman and was later paralyzed. They started a foundation together focusing on spinal injuries, and no matter what happened, she was always by his side with their son.

I always thought of her as an extraordinary woman filled with optimism and she was a perfect example of how to live life with grace, even when it wasn't being kind. My family is no stranger to spinal cord injuries, so because of that, I respected and admired her that much more.

When she announced last August that she had lung cancer, I was just sure that she would find a way to beat it. After everything that her family has endured, this was the last thing anyone ever expected them to have to face.

After today when I think of her, it will be a reminder that life is not fair.

This is proof of that.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Clowing around

Holy jeez, another weekend gone. And it was a good one.

My birthday was Saturday, but Phil and Sebastian gave me my present on Friday, so we got to spend the entire weekend drinking coffee from my new coffee maker. It's pretty cool--it grinds the beans right before it makes the coffee. I think my favorite part about it is that it scares the crap out of the dogs every time it goes off. That, and it makes good coffee. :)

My mom sent Sebastian and I our "Everything" box. This is the box that my mom has aside for us during the year that she puts stuff in, and when it gets full she mails it out. It's kind of like Christmas, and there was just too much stuff in there to list out. I did make sure though, that I ate all the chocolate, first thing. Then, I had my picture taken while I was wearing the new shirt she sent, just so she could see it. I used it to update my profile picture.

My dad sent me a gift certificate for yarn. I will now have an excuse to break my yarn diet. They sent a catalog with the certificate so the last couple days I have been sifting through it, trying to decide what I want (I want everything, I think !!) He also managed to get his hands on a knitting machine from the 60's I think, and I don't know a darned thing about the machines but it seems that this one is in perfect shape. On top of that, there are also patterns that the original owner had, and it's pretty cool to see the styles from back in...I might scan a couple and post them here just for people to see, because I think a lot of folks would get a kick out of em.

My dentist called today, and moved my appointment that was originally planned for Saturday morning, up to tomorrow evening. I took the appointment for tomorrow just because I didn't want to have to be at a dentists office at 8:00 on a Saturday, but now I'm starting to panic a little bit with the realization that I don't have a few more days to prepare myself for the rest of my root canal. ugh. They're really nice over there...the dentist is just terrific. Doesn't help me one single bit though. A trip to the dentist scares the shit out of me, and I don't think that there are any drugs in the world that can make me happy about going. And by this time tomorrow, I should have myself worked up pretty good about the whole thing.

Went to the bookstore this weekend to pick up the recent Knit.1 magazine. I signed up for a subscription for it quite recently and I'm not sure if it's kicked in or not in time for me to get a copy, so I decided I'd better pick one up just in case. I always cruise by the knitting section, because there are just so many cool books. This time though, I didn't buy anything from there. The one book I really wanted was $30 which I wasn't about to pay. I ended up finding it on Ebay later on for $4, which is much more my speed.

Noticed too that the author of "Stitch and Bitch" put out a crochet book called "The Happy Hooker" and I will be definitely picking it up since crochet is next on my list of things to do. The Stitch and Bitch book has been such a great tool for me in my knitting, especially when I first started to learn, that I have high hopes for the crochet book. I think that learning to crochet will give me more options for my knitting, and vice versa.

Well, I have a hot date today with my bathroom floor and a mop, so I'm gonna boogie.

Have a great day :)

Friday, March 03, 2006


I thought I'd be old and senile by the time these pictures loaded. Sheesh!

Well, this morning while I was having my coffee and hanging out with our macaw Bumbles, I decided to see how he would do with the camera. Usually the camera scares him, but today, he was in a good mood, and I was able to get a short movie of him playing. I'm suprised that he hung out long enough for me to get anything remotely interesting, and it was a great way to put off having to do the huge load of laundry I have stacked up for just a little longer.

He likes to play "peek a boo", where you cover your eyes and he yells "peek a boo!" and then when I poke him in his tummy he yells "poke a belly!" He'll also play "tickle tickle" with his feet.

He's a big guy, and he's pretty sweet, but when he plays, he plays rough, and he is just starting to learn his limits. In fact, in the movie, you'll see him grab my finger and then instantly say "OW!" hehe. Because of his size and strength, finding toys that last longer than a day with this bird of doom has proven to be a challenge. I stumbled across a new place last week though, called Grey Feather Toys, and I found some really cool stainless steel toys for him, a brand new bell for Darwin, our grey, and a couple other toys to keep them both busy. People owned by bored destructive birds should head on over and check them out. They sent free toys too, some wooden toys for Bumbles, and a foot toy for Darwin which of course Darwin the Chickenshit is terrified of.

As I type this, I sit in my computer room, quiet as a mouse and tiptoeing around so I don't disturb anything or anger any computer equipment. Because if one more dog gone freaking thing computerwise bites the dust this week, I swear I'll scream.

I already bitched about my video card excitement. We'd gotten the new card, screwed around with it and no matter what we did I still had we took that new card, put it aside in the "in case of emergency" pile, and got a new one, which so far is working like a champ.

Then yesterday, our router croaked. And of course, it did it in the morning, while I was trying to figure out whether or not we had school since it had just started to snow, and we had a storm forecasted...and I couldn't get online to check the school or the news website without having to dive into the awful maze of wires to bypass the router.

And I'm such an internet priss that the idea of sitting in front of a TV for a half hour waiting to see if your school district scrolls by in the long endless list of school just sucks ass. Heheh.

Then, there's some fan in Phil's main system that is squeaking. Well, it's chirping really. And my cat George is convinced that there is a bird in that computer case. So much so, that I was forced to turn the thing off today because my poor old cat was throwing himself against the case to try and knock it open. I love my cat, really...I do. He's been my best friend since I was like, 16 or 17. But he's old, and I'm pretty sure he's going a little batty. hehe.

Yesterday, I was thinking about when I was a kid, and all the Kool Aid I consumed. It never really concerned me before, but when you realize that you can DYE YARN with Kool Aid, it kinda puts an interesting spin on things. Anyway, after I finish the current pair of socks I'm making, I am going to Kool Aid dye the yarn for the next pair. Should be interesting and I hope that it doesn't make me swear a lot.

I am almost done with my second swatch for my cables class, and I am a whopping four rows into the shawl. I know, I know. Not much progress at all!!

I got a little distracted though. My yarn lady in Denmark sent me some really yummy yarn, and some chocolate, to boot....I opened the package, ate the chocolate, and cast on. It's Opal cotton, and I'm thinking that this stuff would make a really nice sock for summertime or for someone who lives where it's always warm, because it just seems light and airy to me.

Tomorrow is my birthday. When Sebastian asked how old I was going to be, I was joking around when I told him that I was turning 25. He was devastated to hear that, gasped in shock and was horrified at how OLD I was.

Jesus, after that display, there ain't NO WAY I'm telling that poor kid how old I'm REALLY going to be.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!