Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yay for the one month mark!

Well, over the holiday weekend, I hit the official one month mark of not smoking.

I'm quite pleased with my progress, and I really do hope that as more time goes by, that it only becomes easier. The one huge thing I've noticed is that, even with my sinuses being a mess lately, my sense of smell is amazing. I can walk by people in a store, and I can tell right away if they smoke or not smoke. Before I quit, I could have never told you the difference.

Sebastian got four days off for the holiday, which was really nice, but the little booger didn't want to go back today. I'm so paranoid that he's going to end up making up some illness and trying to come home mid-day that I actually told him that I wouldn't have my car today. Yes, I'm awful. But we've already established that I'm no Mother of the Year, right?

He also had a birthday party to go to this weekend, at a big gymnastics place. He really seemed to enjoy himself, and Phil and I were able to sneak off and get sandwiches at Quiznos while he was there, and since I'm on this huge Quiznos kick right now, I enjoyed myself too.

Phil and I sat Sebastian down and watched the original Willy Wonka movie this weekend-the one with Gene Wilder...and he got a real kick out of it. Then the next night, we watched Ghostbusters with him, which he dug, too. It's fun to watch these with him because I loved them as I was growing up, and it's cool to see his reaction.

And you know, I can't think of anything else productive that I managed to get done over the weekend? I mean, I did a couple loads of laundry and got most of the kitchen floor scrubbed...but I really can't think of anything exciting that I accomplished.

I got very little done on my Cozy project this weekend. In fact, the more I think about it, I would say that after ripping back last night, that I probably didn't get anything done on it, haha.
Both of the classes I signed up for start this week, and I am really anxious to get started on them. I know I'll enjoy them and I know that each one will teach me things that I'll be able to carry into most projects I do.

Well, lots to do today, starting with figuring out what's wrong with the hosting company that does the IC site. This is the second time this week they've had issues. Rats. :(

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lkmanitou said...

Congrats on making it to the one month mark!