Friday, February 03, 2006

So what the Hell do I know?

Well, we took Sebastian to the doctor last night, and he does have Strep throat AND an ear infection. No fever, no yucky white spots on his throat, no complaints about his ear bugging him-- all he complained about was that he had a sore throat. Otherwise, he was bouncing around like nothing was wrong which was definitely NOT the way I acted when I was a kid with that crap.

I guess I've lost my Mother of the Year award for making him wait a whole day before taking him to the doctor, but in all fairness, even the doctor seemed a bit suprised.

Three prescriptions later, we were raiding the grocery store for ice cream, much to his glee.

My bookshelf has become a mini pharmacy between the three of us. If you ever get a cold, bronchitis, walking pneumonia, strep throat, a headache requiring industrial sized motrin (read: horse pills) or decide you want to quit smoking, come on by, we'll hook you up!!

So, he got to stay home today and watch cartoons and eat ice cream. What a horrible rough life.

I'm feeling a lot better...still a bit stuffed up but I'm quite happy that this current crud hasn't hit my chest. /knocks furiously on wood. I'm taking my vitamins and drinking my juice like a good girl, and I'm still scouring Ebay for a plastic bubble to live in.

I'm still not smoking, and it seems to get easier as each day passes. I can now have a whole cup of coffee without breaking into a sweat and biting all my fingernails off thinking I need a smoke, and I've been able to sit at the computer for quite a while at one time without twitching all too much. Things are looking up!

I got Sebs report card yesterday, and he really did outstanding. The only thing he was low on was reading, which I expected because his teacher called me a week ago and mentioned that although he was progressing that she felt maybe a low grade might catch the eye of the principal and the reading recovery teams eye, and get him into the reading recovery program, which is a half hour every day instead of a half hour every Friday like he's in, now. Anything that can expand on what is being done in the classroom and what I'm doing at home can only do good things, and if it doesn't then I'll be looking for a tutor after the next marking period.

So my macaw, he learned a new word. All day today, I've been subjected to hearing him scream "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" over and over again. He does it in his normal voice, and then he does it in this ridiculously high cartoonish voice that makes me want to cry.

Have a good weekend, guys.

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