Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Laughing out loud, and other stuff.

Well, according to the Camelot Herald, a website for the game I play, 450 dumbshits managed to get themselves banned for cheating. Thats a lot of really stupid people.

I've played Dark Age of Camelot since beta. And from time to time, there have been things that have gone on or that have been put into the game that ticked me off, but nothing more than the frustration of playing with or against people who cheat.

When they find cheaters, they ban them. This means that the players account, with their loved toons that the player has dumped so much time into, is gone. This is the silly thing about cheating. For four + years, they have been told over and over that what they are doing is wrong, and they have also seen people banned left and right...but their need to cheat is so bad, that they're willing to risk their accounts.

It has to be difficult for a company to basically tell 450 customers to piss off. That's a lot of money, and some might even go as far as to say that it's a gamble to ban so many people just for the sake of fair play. The thing people don't really seem to realize is that a large amount of banned players either buy accounts from someone else, or they re-level toons. They come back. And a lot of them will cheat again, and they'll get banned again. Rinse, repeat.

Anyway, I read about the bannings yesterday and I was happy to see Mythic take such an aggressive action against the radar users, and I hope that they do this more often on a consistant basis, so the fact that they won't tolerate radar is constantly being conveyed to the players.

I have another cold. I guess you're like, falling over in shock over that. I kind of expected this though, because the other day the nurse told me that I was running a low grade temperature and to watch for another bug, so I was stocked up on herbal crap and Zicam and vitamins ahead of time.

Yesterday, I got a notice from Sebastian's school letting me know that yet another kid from his class has come down with Strep throat, so this morning, when Sebastian got out of bed with a sore throat I decided it was a good idea to keep him home, just to keep an eye on him in case he needed to hit the doctor. And it's even report card day!

Had to go to the mall last night to have my new glasses fixed. Not sure why, but I had a screw pop right out of the frame, and my lense just popped out and disappeared into the void. I had never touched the screw, but the screw was stripped so bad that it wouldn't hold the frame closed.

I looked everywhere for the lense. The bad thing though, was that the lense that I lost was the lense I really need in order to see anything beyond like a foot in front of my face. It's really horrible to be blind as a bat, trying to find a small clear plastic lense.

I found the stupid thing, but not until the next day, and only because I stepped on it. And when I stepped on it, I scratched the shit out of it. So I ended up going in and telling them that I lost the lense anyway.

The guy at the eye place looked carefully at my frames. "It looks like the screw was PULLED out." Yah right, buddy. I came in here, bought glasses from you three weeks ago because I can't see, and then I got the darned things home, and decided to pull out the screws, just for fun. Sure.

Fortunately they replaced the lense for me without giving me any grief, but I was kind of irritated by the whole thing.

Nothing really new to report today. I'm feeling a bit under the weather anyway so I'm gonna go hang out and watch Martha. :)

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