Monday, February 06, 2006

I just ran across this site and laughed so hard that I snorted coffee all over my keyboard.

Sebastian has been really into drawing on the computer lately so I thought I'd share one of his more recent masterpieces that he did of a tornado.

He's still taking his antibiotics but he's doing great, and went back to school today. I'm feeling a LOT better, but now it seems that Phil has a bit of a cold. When will it ever end, lol.

We had a fairly quiet weekend. I had plenty of time to knit, and lots of ambition to, but it seemed that no matter what I would do, I'd get distracted and end up ripping back whatever I had accomplished which was kind of weird, but also really irritating. Going to put some time aside later on today before Seb comes home and breaks the silence, and get some knitting done.

I registered for my first knitting class from the NU site. Pretty excited about that, but it doesn't start for just a bit. I've decided to just stick to one class at a time, and I want to make sure that I start the class on the first day so I don't put myself in so late that I am pressured to go fast or accomplish anything before the class ends. It seems that they have the start dates on most of the classes staggered a bit so most folks can have one class going at any time, which is a really good thing since I see a lot of classes I hope to take. I think it will be terrific. I can get up, send Seb off to school, grab my coffee, and get into the class without distraction. I hope. :)

I really did slack a lot this weekend after I had planned on getting so much done. I was really pretty much a lazy bum. I think I only got maybe 2 loads of laundry done this weekend, and that's about it unless you count my making dinner last night. Oh...and I watered the plants and went grocery shopping. Heheh. Aside from that, I played DAoC, watched some movies, and watched the Superbowl, which really pissed me off because I think the Seahawks had some pretty craptastic calls made against them.

Took Sebastian to Staples this weekend to get the report folders with the binder that slides up the side. He's been into drawing pictures and wanting to organize them into books with stables and paperclips and such, so I thought that this was a much better way because it looks so much more like a book. He was pretty excited about it. I was going to take a picture of the book to post but it seems that the little booger took it to school. He does a pretty good job. I hope to eventually get him past making picture books, and hopefully we can have him writing epic novels by the time he starts second grade. ;)

Anyway, I picked up one of these folders for myself, I'm going to write some stories for Sebastian and put them in a folder for him to read. I'm hoping that maybe if the stories involve him and things he's interested in, then perhaps he'll be more interested in sitting down to read them. It's worth a shot, anyway.

Well, I'm off. If I don't get anything done then I'll feel too guilty to sit down and knit later on. :)

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