Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How romantic.

So. I spent my Valentine's Day evening having a root canal done. That was great fun.

Got out of the shower yesterday and started having fiery shooting pain in my back molar, and ended up calling the dentist.

When I pick up a phone, and actually call and make an appointment with a dentist, you know shit is bad.

I'm the weenie of the world when it comes to the dentist. I hate dentists. I can't really think of anything more in life that scares the shit out of me more than the thought of going to a dentist. It's really just the whole thing. The smell of the office, the sound of the drills, people with their fingers in your mouth, and for me especially, it's the fear of feeling pain.

The last dentist I went to may quite possibly have a scar from me because I reached up and scratched him in the face when I tried to communicate that I could feel what he was doing and he told me "Just one more minute." If kicking your feet and flailing your arms wildly in the air doesn't get the point across, a couple fingernails across their nose will. Anyway, I never felt the same about going to the dentist after that. I don't know what he was thinking. I mean, he had to prescribe me valium just to get me into the chair as it was, so doing that just kinda sealed the deal in regards to dental hate from me. :)

I lucked out last night though, I ended up with a really cool dentist. And I'll be honest, I called them because their website says they specialize with adults who are chicken shits. He was genuinely a nice guy, and he split the procedure up into two trips for me which really helped I think. I might even go back as I can afford to have all the work done that I really need to have done, and I might even consider trimming my fingernails before I go. :)

And the root canal wasn't bad. The horror stories had me pretty worked up, but I was expecting a lot worse. Of course, I still have to go back and have more work done but I'm pretty sure that the worst part is over. I think. I hope.

So anyway, I haven't posted many knitting pictures lately, so I thought I'd put a couple up today. The top picture is of a couple socks I have going, and also the yarn for the next ones I'll be working on. I like having socks on the needles while I have other projects going. It helps me to take a break from a big project and work on something else for a while, and there's nothing better for that than a good ole sock.
Here is my attempt at a close up shot of the Cozy I'm working on. I wanted something real close up so the pattern was clear, but I'm not sure it worked out too well. I haven't had very much time to knit this past week, but when I do, I'm working on this. On my screen the yarn isn't as dark as it really's a slate grey which is quite pretty, but I think this pattern would look better with a different color. It's a pretty straight forward pattern that's really easy to mess up if I'm not paying attention or if I get distracted, but the end result is nice and the feeling of accomplishment is even better.

I really wanted to get into lace projects this year, and this is a good start, I think. I also signed up for a lace shawl class online, which will really help me when it comes to the diamond shawl that I am a bit nervous about starting.

Well, I have more dishes and laundry calling my name today, so off I go.


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